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Schfifty-Five Apr 16, 2010

Oh damn, Utley went on a tear!

Avero Nov 17, 2009


Schfifty-Five Nov 08, 2009

Yeah, that was unfortunate. Salary caps ftw.

Schfifty-Five Nov 03, 2009

I'm rooting for the Phillies too. Utley for president!

lady starlight Nov 02, 2009

thanks!.. but I say fuck the Yankees and fuck the Phillies!

Goddess Oct 31, 2009

y u hating on me :/

lady starlight Oct 30, 2009

LMAO, everyone hates on pwnd cuz she insults everyone first. She just strives for that wrong kind of attention.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 29, 2009

Gl in life Yo!

AznBabiGurl Oct 28, 2009

hi det!

PWND Oct 28, 2009

Haha, true story.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 27, 2009

Common Cold H1N1 You'll survive!

PWND Oct 27, 2009

Everyone hates on me cause I'm a pretty big asshole haha but thanks guy. props man!

Mobey Oct 13, 2009

sup det!

detartrateD Oct 11, 2009

Some resort in Japan, but that's a snowboard in pic. No idea 'bout the cat oat

Oat Oct 11, 2009

wtf is wrong with the cat's tail?

Goddess Oct 10, 2009

wow thats kinda weird your backyard looks exactly like mine lol... where are u skiing at in the pics?