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About Me

Age 34
Location Ohio
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found Elim. twdd, tourny
More about me Music is pretty much my life.

Things I Like 
Books Green eggs and ham.
Movies Anchorman, Zombieland, All of The Pokemon Movies, Clerks 2, Mall Rats.
Musics Emo, Punk, Pop-Punk, Techno, Ambient, Hardcore, Screamo, Acoustic
Songs Walls- Emery


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Missa Sep 25, 2015

Goin' schfifty-five in a schfifty zone

Secret Shadow Aug 03, 2015

yo! where you at dude?!

Missa <ZH> Sep 20, 2014


fakiiri Jul 15, 2014

Pika pika! Wow thats a large one, how much that cost in usa? :D

Missa Jul 19, 2010


detartrateD Apr 14, 2010

Utley hit two homers tonight! For Prez!

TagMor Feb 19, 2010

you have humped that pickachu.

MoNo. Feb 02, 2010

I wish they had pokemon costumes...

MoNo. Jan 28, 2010

LOLOL My favourite of all time is Squirtl :D

Zazu Jan 28, 2010

Yup it's a Vespa.

NoNameBrand Jan 28, 2010

lol yeah, it's always right beside my monitor.

NoNameBrand Jan 28, 2010

Still gots my pokeball with the gold plated pikachu FUCK YEAH!!!

Royce Jan 27, 2010

tear that ass up in smash bros ALL DAY

Shan Jan 25, 2010


Sail by the Stars Jan 25, 2010

What.. How did I scare him? :[

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 25, 2010

Heya Schifty! How's its hanging?

Gripe Jan 25, 2010

How long do I get with your foot?

Gripe Jan 25, 2010

Ok then give me ur gf instead, i'll only need 5 minutes.

Gripe Jan 24, 2010

I want to spend 20 minutes alone with your giant pikachu. NOW

Sail by the Stars Jan 13, 2010

Okai, well I shall be waiting by mai mailbox tomorrow morning =O

Sail by the Stars Jan 11, 2010

YES! When do I recieve my bundle of joy?

Hustla Bebe Jan 11, 2010

why do i have lots pics? mhmm lets see cause the camra loves mee

Sail by the Stars Jan 10, 2010

But 8 hours is sleeping time.. Dx 12 minutes isn't even a nap o.O

Sail by the Stars Jan 09, 2010

Umm.. I believe that 3 1/2 minutes won't feed mai needs of that pillow... How about 8 hours? =O

oops Jan 09, 2010

ur a faggot irl

Sail by the Stars Jan 08, 2010

Hrmm, may I &quot;borrow&quot; that pillow.. &amp; NEVER return it?..

miskrit Jan 08, 2010

I didn't realize Pikachu became your uh.. main. Ha. Sup foo.

Postman Pat! Jan 08, 2010

HEY SCH55!! you look alot like roxor loops lol sick beatboxer

Sail by the Stars Jan 07, 2010

May I have yo pikachu pillow.. ? ! xD

NoNameBrand Dec 28, 2009

Pretty good, just hating winter up here. You?

NoNameBrand Dec 26, 2009

was AtomicBliss23, and hadn't played for like a year i think, then made this new alias like a month ago.

NoNameBrand Dec 12, 2009

dude, you and lenny need to come to the darkside.

detartrateD Nov 08, 2009

Phillies was rob'd! Dam Yanks and their 27th bought title...

detartrateD Oct 31, 2009

umm.. just wanted to say go phillies. NJ's comments got me totally scratching my head, that one of his emo songs? I guess he's a yanks or mets fan...

declension Oct 15, 2009

is one of the people in the top picture a guy?

Gripe Sep 26, 2009


FemalePersuasion Sep 01, 2009

Oh man, I lived somewhere without the internet for nearly a year...but obviously I have it now. SWEET!

FemalePersuasion Aug 25, 2009

I know. :D I'm going to be back around for some time, though, so WUD UP.

New Jersey Aug 21, 2009

im fucking dead, me and my friends one day got so high we thought we were invinceable and he shot me in the buttocks and i had a blood clot and i completely flipped out because im lactose intolerant and they wanted me to eat ice cream so i decided to go to ohio steal your car and drive it into a wall and now im dead but its 9 am the sun wont rise 3 more hours pacific time and she said LETS RUNNNNNNNNN AWAY

miskrit Aug 12, 2009

Werd up.

danyell!! Aug 07, 2009

Nah man... its just the grass. haha

danyell!! Aug 07, 2009

like awesomeness. :)

infrared Jul 28, 2009

so to sum ur pics up ur gay? or what. ps: CAW

Punx Jul 26, 2009

When there's a keg involved, he can't stop smiling. Every tap is like he lost his virginity.

Sandie Jul 25, 2009


FarScape Jul 25, 2009

you should eat more ;p

Sandie Jul 23, 2009

i mirror some pics...dont ask why, its dumb :p

Missa Jul 09, 2009

&lt;3 PS if I ever go up there, me, you, VI, MLL &amp; weak are going to have some fun times.

PWND Jul 07, 2009

dude i like stopped playing but ive been online on brawl every night so check your friend roster sometime lol...im usually on between 8 and 10 or later.

PWND Jul 05, 2009


Lenny Jul 05, 2009

Remember when -- we never had to remember when times were better When times were better than this We never had to remember when times were better When times were better than this

PWND Jul 05, 2009

probably not lol..ive been playing mk more. :p

PWND Jul 04, 2009

to tell you the truth ive been practicing with marth. ive been whooping people online lol

PWND Jul 03, 2009

yeah i have been practicing :p aaaaaand i bought MK!!! wooo :]

Friction Jul 02, 2009

d-d-d-d-disc golf!!! (frisbee golf) lotsa fun and plenty of woods to &quot;chill&quot; in. oh and it's free at most disc golf courses. it's a win win for hippies and emo kids alike!

Weak Jul 02, 2009

thanks michael :) im only lookin out for u. :]

PWND Jul 02, 2009


Weak Jul 01, 2009

u kno i love you dude, lol u can come to cedar point with me, jus no more gay pics plz..

Weak Jul 01, 2009

still dude lol think of what was gonna be said.. but yeh.. idk if i wanna let u come to cedar pt anymore lol

Weak Jul 01, 2009

ok michael... um.. thing is ... wtf dude lol, thought u knew better than to post pics like ur first two... sigh fail

Ward Jun 25, 2009

That red thing is a floating matress. You take a girl on it, float far from the shore into the deep dark ocean at night, and do your thing. You might get stung by jellyfish a few times but its still worth it.

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

oh gosh! WOW!......

L3MU3L Jun 22, 2009


Goddess Jun 22, 2009

k so who's the bish in the relationship :D

PWND Jun 21, 2009

Truth spoken. That was a good game.

PWND Jun 21, 2009

worst+pwnds coords = jukage

Weak Jun 19, 2009


Hate The Fake Jun 16, 2009


Fuss Jun 15, 2009


Raazi Jun 08, 2009

Why you look so sad? Cres do anything to paxin lately?

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

i wanna lick ur nipples til you giggle silly

wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

didnt i just see under m1ke

New Jersey Jun 06, 2009

you drive me crazy girl you flip my whole world upside down

New Jersey Jun 06, 2009

its okay i didnt mean to scream i was just surprised

Petal Jun 05, 2009


Lenny May 30, 2009

Who's that kid you're sitting with? He's smexy.

pee pee sock May 30, 2009

wow ur white. nice nice

PWND May 29, 2009

Hey look it's Mikey!

Valentine Rose May 28, 2009


Lenny May 23, 2009

This is my boyfriend.

Dameon Angell May 22, 2009


Imagine May 22, 2009

Woe is me...

Gripe May 22, 2009


KuleniKs May 18, 2009

You look so fucking cool. Lets be friends.

danyell!! May 18, 2009

omgosh i have black square framed glasses and a lip ring too!!! we are twins! lol =)

Bware May 18, 2009

lol you remind me of one of my friends..

NO <3 May 15, 2009

ew thats gross dude you like old bitches lol

NO <3 May 15, 2009

granny style? is that your favorite position? -_-

NO <3 May 15, 2009

ps. you have a wide stance, it looks like you just got a bowling pin up your ass -_- lol

NO <3 May 15, 2009

pew pew you gotta learn how to pick better shots pew pew

Caracal May 14, 2009

and wait lol..why do i see you going around checking out dudes and their haircuts..rofl. all the same.. you wear jean shorts..purple tops..golf shoes.. and you look emo.. lol

Caracal May 14, 2009

lol i wish i could..but the girls wont let me =p but you shouldnt be talking about haircuts cuz you just plain need one lol

Caracal May 14, 2009

LOL wow? not as bad as seepingvag tho..

a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009

hey you wear the same size shirt as my daughter!

MissLeesha May 12, 2009

Schfiftyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy &lt;3333333333

Ohmalee May 10, 2009


Ohmalee May 10, 2009

Sad emo kid?

Jolly Fat Man May 08, 2009


SoJa May 07, 2009

lool emo pictures but ur white so ill let it pass

Nixi May 07, 2009

so Im to be double teamed by a 30's gangster and a scenester. woot.

Ward May 07, 2009

theres something missing.......... A CROWN

Kid Kaos May 01, 2009

TABO RAPS WHAT?????? haha

Tabo Apr 27, 2009

Had a drum stick and my brain quit tickent watch'n xfiles with no lights on We're dans la maison I hope the Smoking Man's in this one Like Harrison Ford I'm gettin frantic Like Sting, I'm tantric Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy Like Kurasswa, I make mad films Okay I dont make films, But if I did, they'd have a Samurai Gonna get a set a' better clubs Gonna find the kind with the tiny nubs, Just so my irons aren't always flying off the back-swing Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes That make me think the wrong thing

Sonic11 Apr 27, 2009

Are those chickens for sale? I want one for dinner tonight.

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

chickity china the chinese chicken... i forget the rest -_-

Huge Eat Apr 24, 2009

seimse twins? which one pushes shift and cntrl and which one does the arrows?

Huge Eat Apr 22, 2009

check out those chicks hahah lame joke of the day

Hadouken! Apr 19, 2009

wth i thought u were a dude lol

pee pee sock Apr 18, 2009

just as i pictured ud look like

L3MU3L Apr 14, 2009

Chicken is finger lickin good.

BobbyLight Apr 14, 2009