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District Aug 22, 2010

LMAO u ok there?

audit Apr 01, 2010

haha that's good to hear man. Site's done, I don't have time for it anymore so we sold off the source code and shut down the server :\

audit Mar 29, 2010

what up Shan long time no see. Still busy getting grievously injured as much as humanly possible?

Channabis Mar 26, 2010


Display Mar 11, 2010

u ok?

Goddess Feb 08, 2010

ok wtf where do you live thats so rough lol

Schfifty-Five Jan 24, 2010

You bleed a lot, I'm sorry.

lag killer Jan 20, 2010

I'm the Asian version of Louis Armstrong

Airship Jan 18, 2010

so this is the guy hunting me in ?go mario o/ allo

lag killer Jan 06, 2010

my caucASIAN brother for life!

lady starlight Dec 28, 2009

rectal bleeding?

Healt Nov 11, 2009


lag killer Nov 10, 2009

haha, happy birthday brotha!! stop fighting, spread peace!

tupla i Oct 07, 2009

hyviä hommia

tupla i Oct 07, 2009


Gripe Sep 29, 2009

hey guy why you try to put a bottle there?

Gripe Sep 20, 2009

hey guy wha happen your face? u ok?

soupero Aug 31, 2009

Was that when you got stabbed in your leg?

chars! Aug 30, 2009

find a safe job

Tabo Aug 27, 2009

Biv wack is like camping, they usually bivwack in rotc. everyones cammoed thats why i said boot camp

Tabo Aug 27, 2009

Bivwack? or boot camp

danyell!! Aug 26, 2009

looks like that was a fun night....

Keith Aug 02, 2009

Lol Shan, The guy on the right has his arm around your girl wtf lev him

soupero Jul 26, 2009

what the hell did you do

Nemon Jun 28, 2009

haha :D mitä muuta? liity hydraan <3

Nemon Jun 28, 2009

haha, kysyn samaa, eli mitä vittua? :D

Shadowmere Jun 22, 2009

Mitä vittua sä oot taas sekoillu?

Ohmalee Jun 17, 2009

omfg i didnt know when i juked you in elim i broke not only your fingers but your HEAD!? IM SORRY!

Dreamwin Jun 13, 2009


Ignite Jun 11, 2009

You miss me, Nikke.

Goddess Jun 06, 2009

I hope you gave them a lot more back! Flippin jerks.

PWND Jun 06, 2009

Sorry =(

Goddess Jun 06, 2009

harsh... what happened

Ignite Jun 06, 2009

This is what I did to Shan after he lost me TWLJ.

PWND Jun 05, 2009

I hit him. That's why he's bleeding.

jord Jun 05, 2009

1st pic is siamese twins. 2nd pic is after the operation

pee pee sock Jun 05, 2009

nice blood pic. beer bottle? looks like me when i got smashed wit a bottle on the face tho. gg kid

L3MU3L Jun 05, 2009

plz tell me you and your homeboy tag teamed that whore

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

lol is the 2nd pic from when those 17 year old girls beat you up for trying to steal their beer?!

PWND Jun 02, 2009


Weak Jun 01, 2009

oh nice hehe

pee pee sock May 30, 2009

ur ripped

Skyn May 30, 2009

I didn't know Africa had trees. :B

Weak May 24, 2009

yo bro sup, where is this pic at ?

Weak May 23, 2009

sex me

Ignite May 04, 2009

Someone farted in his face.