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Age 35
Location Los Angeles County, California. (West Covina, CA)
Gender Male
Personal website www.thenvgl.com
Where I can be found TW
More about me I'm better than you at everything...including life.

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Books i read pretty much nonstop


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Last Standing Jul 02, 2014

yooo man where you at? coming back to ss soon?

Vida Jan 29, 2011


Shan Apr 06, 2010

I see :/ gonna come visit you and those chicks sometime :DD

Shan Mar 31, 2010

I've calmed down!, how's things with your site?

Shan Mar 19, 2010

Sup Aud!

joemoma Feb 22, 2010

audit got hoes

ZypheN Feb 22, 2010

lol saying she dresses bright makes me a desperate drolling kid? Sound.

Kentaro Feb 15, 2010


Schfifty-Five Jan 09, 2010

What's up

Jinco Jan 07, 2010

sup audit!

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

Did you cherry-pick these pictures or do you deal coke? These are the only logical explanations for you being next to attractive women.

Last Standing Dec 30, 2009

not too much, takin it easy these holidays. Diso comin up soon, get rdy man!

wicket666 Dec 30, 2009

ill take all females,yes even the big one for $5 bucks

Last Standing Dec 29, 2009

ballling. Sup brotha?

danyell!! Dec 29, 2009

Natty is underrated.

Zazu Dec 28, 2009

Can I have the girl in the white top, 8th pic from the top?

Welfare Dec 28, 2009

bud light the way to go homie, and nice tat

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 24, 2009

LOL thank you!

lady starlight Dec 08, 2009

sick tat btw, u getting it filled?

lady starlight Dec 07, 2009

good :D i'm glad!

Missa Dec 06, 2009

Aw. Want me to kick her ass for you? :D

Refer Dec 02, 2009


Missa Dec 02, 2009

That chick with the tattoo on her arm is hot.

Goddess Aug 23, 2009

i visited... to blacklist u :)

Kid Kaos Aug 19, 2009

You dont know how many people I know who were Niners fans when the Raiders were in L.A. and now that they are back in Oaktown they are raiders fans.... shit pisses me off.

Kid Kaos Aug 17, 2009

Yea too bad la dont got a team. suckers. Go watch college football.

Kid Kaos Aug 15, 2009

Yo you can hate on the Raiders all you want as far as im concerned they are still the LA Raiders to me. GO NINERS!!!!

Kid Kaos Aug 12, 2009

Yo, BEAT LA goes for both leagues.

Sandie Aug 06, 2009

aw thanks, you seem like quite the party guy! when do you get time to shoot spaceships?! :p

audit Jul 23, 2009

Nobody from the Royals, I know that much after the past series :)

Kid Kaos Jul 21, 2009

You wanna know who shot the rally monkey? <--

ReKall Jul 18, 2009

Yo if ur drinkin Natty then you Know how true partiers get down! lol

Tabo Jul 17, 2009

agree...yay bud!!! Im going to have sushi and its going to be lovely. Have fun hehe

audit Jul 17, 2009

Sadly, that's the only expression he ever makes in pictures. Poor guy. Although I guess it could be worse, he could make retarded ass expressions like I do!

Kahlan Jul 17, 2009

That dude has the exact same facial expression in the second and third picture. He's awesome.

Tabo Jul 17, 2009

Heyyyy buddy.... whats up with the natty :o)

F22 Raptor Jul 16, 2009

Still partyin' in LA!!

wicket666 Jul 15, 2009

lol not what i accepted

audit Jul 13, 2009

Heh the one next to me is my gf of 3 yrs, the one in white is her homegirl that moved up north now.

Kid Kaos Jul 13, 2009

The two on the right are on hit son. I should go down south more often.

audit Jul 13, 2009

haha that shit's been gone for a while, only kept it on a bet. Once I hit a month that bitch disappeared quick :)

ReKall Jul 13, 2009

That mustache is dirrrrrty lol

Kid Kaos Jul 12, 2009

Thats a funny comments cause honestly I just went to alcatraz island last weekend for the first time ever haha. I got to see where Al Capone was diagnosed with cyphilus on The Rock.... was pretty tight.

Mhz Jul 10, 2009

lookin' g aud.

Exalt Jul 02, 2009


Exalt Jul 02, 2009


audit Jun 02, 2009

Nah. Definitely not stephany

Menthol Jun 01, 2009

is the girl in the second pictures name stephany? she looks.. familiar.

Skyn May 30, 2009

Audit. $

Ohmalee May 19, 2009

Nice drunk chick u found urself. bringing her upstairs? SCORE

Die When Hit!! May 13, 2009

Haha Exalt :)

audit May 01, 2009

Why the fuck would you think I'm asian?

Exalt Apr 30, 2009


pee pee sock Apr 29, 2009

let me fuck ur bitch homes

audit Apr 28, 2009


Kid Kaos Apr 27, 2009