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MITB Mar 04, 2010

sup hoopstar! if u lived in MN i'd recruit u to play in some tourny's wit me...you can be my center

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

trunk cant hit hard, its full of weed LOL

TieDie Feb 05, 2010

smoke weed everyday

plompy Dec 04, 2009

The guy in the blue shirt in the last pic pulls off that judgement pose well :O

pappa Sep 09, 2009

LOL yea I have but I've never seen it anywhere else before. nice pic

pappa Sep 03, 2009

are you makin those girls double dutch in the second pic

Audrey Aug 31, 2009

lol sup :o

KuleniKs Aug 04, 2009

The second picture looks extremely awkward lol.

Mage+ Jul 31, 2009


Hunt Jul 31, 2009

u cryin brah?

Jolly Fat Man Jul 30, 2009

You do have a black guy on your team. Hell, you wouldn't have to shoot anyway. :P

Ohmalee Jul 28, 2009

who says i hang out with asians?

Jolly Fat Man Jul 28, 2009

It depends.. did you make your shot?

Ohmalee Jul 27, 2009

LOOOL! Is a insecure telling a black guy he doesnt have swagg? How is that even possible...and plus that "hair on ur balls" comment. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! come on now! you can't be serious.

ReKall Jul 27, 2009

To much Nerdy Ohmalee on my Gallery. Kid doesnt even know what Swagg is, holler at your boy whenever you grow a little hair on ur balls and Ill show you the way to Swag Surfin son. :)

Ohmalee Jul 22, 2009

arent a bit to short to play basketball?

Audrey Jul 21, 2009


golden duck Jul 21, 2009

Hi Cousin

Kid Kaos Jul 21, 2009


sweetie.pie Jul 20, 2009

what r you talkin about halo is the shiznit :)

Weak Jul 19, 2009

love the braves $

audit Jul 18, 2009

Haha you know how I do bro

Sandie Jul 18, 2009


Lenny Jul 18, 2009

Naw We did it for shits and gigs and people believe it, haha.

Audrey Jul 18, 2009


PH Jul 17, 2009

first pic = sword fight

golden duck Jul 16, 2009

Haha I try

Kid Kaos Jul 16, 2009

Hah yo man the shit I smoke out here in the yay is some super de duuper purple and all you need is a tensack to the dome to get blasted son. haha.

wicket666 Jul 15, 2009


sweetie.pie Jul 13, 2009

hello 2 you too :)

infrared Jul 11, 2009

htf that's the gayest thing i've ever seen on gallery

Exalt Jul 11, 2009

haha it looks popped! and fuck you lol I dont pop my collar, im not a complete "abercrombie" guy u fuck.

Exalt Jul 09, 2009

nice popped collar u fag

Hate The Fake Jul 07, 2009

Beer pong is almost as epic as that white girl :P

Democrat Jul 07, 2009

yeah that scarf is hot yo

pee pee sock Jul 07, 2009

r u china man or black man? look like a mixture. nice nice. keep it in the family bro.

Nixi Jul 07, 2009


Democrat Jul 06, 2009

LOL i know hes so easy a caveman could beat him

F22 Raptor Jul 06, 2009

Thumbs up

Nixi Jul 06, 2009

Get your appreciating in while you can, they certainly won't last for long!

R.I.P Jul 05, 2009

thanks i'm trying to grow it though (:

ReKall Jul 03, 2009

Lol Snall...Theres the Full Black The White, The half Pacific Islander, and the Half Black..all we need now is the Ginger :)

Democrat Jul 03, 2009

u playin beer pong with jb inc?

R.I.P Jul 03, 2009

Bottom pic is the oldest there, i had long hair

SnallTrippin Jul 02, 2009

Got to love the pic with all the races. ...well all the MAJOR ones..give me a break.

whispus Jun 30, 2009

haa no way, i've got more maybe i'll throw some up just to embarrass yours ;)

SoJa Jun 29, 2009

I'm straight from da streets of nyc with a lil ghetto lovin

Exalt Jun 29, 2009

hey twista is from chicago bro, chitown is where its at, but ya you fucking look like him a lot, except your not fat ahaha

ReKall Jun 18, 2009


Scrotal Jun 18, 2009

Total Rekall owns

Dark*Star360 Jun 08, 2009

or that guy in the floaties rubbing his wang LOL

Dark*Star360 Jun 08, 2009

pee pee will own u if he challenged u at the game "pingy-pongy" lol the score would be 7-99 gg pee pee wins ahahahaha he'll still win if he used his toes up side down! GG i fuck u ass hole :P

Dark*Star360 Jun 08, 2009

me dont play pingy-pongy lol i see u guys drunk ahahahaha. lol who's the guy in the floaties? he pretending hes in the cup drowning lol and nice gf's u got there i wanna get laid by1 of them

Weak Jun 06, 2009

lol I guess thats true, haha I could wreck em in beer pong, im a fucken beast at it lol

Desirous Jun 05, 2009


Weak Jun 05, 2009

watup bro, likin the beer pong $ but wtf is that dude on the left doing.. looks like hes bout to take a dump

Desirous Jun 04, 2009

hahah, i got a girlfriend, we are engaged. so pls stfu

PWND Jun 01, 2009

Beer pong ftw $

pee pee sock May 27, 2009

id knock u out with my lefty

Ohmalee May 26, 2009

those pictures are a year old. i dont hang out with that many asians. and i always have my swagg on even in my sleep bruh. xD

Rubi May 26, 2009

Hahaha ty ty.

Pandagirl! May 26, 2009

I'm glad you clarified that but I'm still not sure it's a compliment lol

ReKall May 26, 2009

First of all you should know Which one I am by now, 2nd of all I ball on any table Exalt and those are called umm floatie things lol fuck i forgot too and Finally twistas my dawg and no one is as sexy as me Rasaq

Rasaq May 21, 2009

LOLOL...please tell me you and Flew don't look alike.

Exalt May 21, 2009

you look like twista dude

danyell!! May 21, 2009

oh wow carburetor is obsessed with me. =o

Exalt May 21, 2009

I dont think that tables regulation size dude. Little wide haha. Is that dude on the left with the shades put put golfing or someshit? And whys he wearing those kiddie pool floatie things (forget what they are called)

carburetor May 21, 2009

2nd one from the right, goddess. its danyell on crack, err, more crack?

Goddess May 21, 2009

Which one are you?