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Display Mar 11, 2012

what did ur dad say when he found out you take it up the ass?

LiL*PiGGy Apr 18, 2011

lol you're the one who talks shit about everyone? LOL.... you shoulda never posted pics my dear.

Hunt Jul 31, 2009

10/10 baby so hot

infrared Jul 27, 2009

so you're gay?

Suppression Jun 25, 2009

dude, your a faggot

Scrotal Jun 18, 2009

lol i've never seen so many comments slanted against a guy on 1 page.

IcY WyteZ Jun 15, 2009

I agree with gripe, all this denial for you must be difficult. Just give in and go shove a plunger up your ass.

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

Carburetor, I'd like to invite you to officially come out of the closest, right here on your very own page. We know it's hard to do but you're not fooling anyone. You have girl piercings and you're wearing rainbow colors around your neck.. The biggest indication to us that you're gay though, is your gay looking face. I just think it might get embarrassing for you if you don't come out soon. We're here to support you <3

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

lol saw this oon your comment to danyell!!! carburetor> ok, you have a dick, thats cool. i can take plenty LOL UGLY FAGGOT

Mango. Jun 01, 2009

fucking ugly faggot

Van jari Jun 01, 2009

i did not. now get lost.

Van jari Jun 01, 2009

Surgery is not spelled surgury : )

Valentine Rose Jun 01, 2009

yeah scarfs are worse in winter. try losing some weight chubby checker

PWND May 30, 2009

msi sucks

Van jari May 30, 2009

seriously? is a fake quota on me the best thing you can come up with? running out of ideas just like God was running out of decent looking bodies when you were shaped.

Growing May 30, 2009

wow oyu got some spam goin on lol that pic u tok of your self is way lame lmao

Primary May 30, 2009

holy SHIT lol still laughing oh fuck gotta get back to the party that was possibly the funniest shit I've EVER heard someone say about someone LOL fucking pig in a blanket LOL

Valentine Rose May 29, 2009

LOOOL. there is no bandana. you should get new glasses.

Sirius May 29, 2009

Cute girl

Menthol May 28, 2009

i got a kid 2 show off more than you'll ever have.. what do you have besides bad hair and an oversided body?

Ardour May 28, 2009

Why thank you kind sir.

Democrat May 28, 2009

ya I'd bang ur slightly undeveloped sister from the top picture. can she keep a secret?

Valentine Rose May 28, 2009

Money> this guy is mad emo True.

Menthol May 28, 2009

and i was talkin about ur sister in the first pic.. that bitch is fine bitches with attitude and she looks like she's got 1

Menthol May 28, 2009

get a life and stop hatin online nerd. done with you and ur trash... Money> this guy is mad emo, he needs a life away from tw gallery. <--- couldn't agree more

IcY WyteZ May 27, 2009

That lower lip ring IS GAY AS FUCK.

Primary May 27, 2009

stop lurking in the men's bathroom with ur camera LAWL buddy are u serious? why would such a pale nerd try to talk smack lol?

Weak May 26, 2009

yeh thats y lol, so dont blame me haha

Van jari May 26, 2009

Whatever... At least I don't need surgery for my problems.

Money May 26, 2009

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this guy is mad emo, he needs a life away from tw gallery

Van jari May 26, 2009

How come you speak of insecurity when every single picture you posted on the gallery not only tell us that you have a very low self image.. It yells it out at everyone who visits. If you wanna know why, ask someone with a 4-years-education within mental health and psychology.. Note: If you're having problems finding someone, go search for Van Jari somewhere on this webpage. So ya, try break me. TY

Menthol May 25, 2009

btw i'd fuck ur sister.. how'd she turn out decent looking?

Menthol May 25, 2009

fat white kids who try 2 be azn need 2 die irl.. so many people have owned you on this gallery you need 2 just end your sad little life.. van owns you danyell owns you.. i dont need 2 even try.. and i own you in every aspect of life.. not even people on this game like you much less real life.. so end it.. fatty.

Valentine Rose May 25, 2009

You have friends outside of continuum? really?

Weak May 24, 2009

well carb cuz at the time I was datin a diff girl.. n I didn't wanan piss her off that I took a pic wit a friend.. she was kinda crazy lol

TagMor May 24, 2009

not even worth it.

Primary May 24, 2009

last night i watched the movie milk, everytime 2 dudes were kissing i thought about you. lOollLlloLlLll STYLED ON

Van jari May 24, 2009

Speaking of no penis.. only your mum knows weather you have a penis or not as the only thing you are holding down is the shampoo while showering with others... And that tongue of yours have never touched anything else than the food that made you such a fat dork. I could post a pic of my penis when it's not frozen to death, but i have no need to prove myself to a silly gang of 2d spacepilots.. Me showing off with icebathpenis is less embarrassing than you walking out your front door showing your ugliness which were created over three bottles of vodka and and the $1 your mother was selling herself for, to the looser you call dad. Get your face out of your sisters vagina and start to behave. TY

danyell!! May 24, 2009

last night I saw a jelly donut and I thought about you. lol

Weak May 24, 2009

i was bein serious, but way to be a jackass.

Van jari May 24, 2009

if you have to tell people that you have friends outside of a stupid 2d spaceship game, you probably don't.

Slaughter May 24, 2009

is that so? heh, then I want that too!

Weak May 23, 2009

nice red vest

Ohmalee May 22, 2009

East Timor :D

Mhz May 22, 2009

nice tongue

Confederate_Flag May 22, 2009

halo sucks tw ftw

infrared May 22, 2009

omfg 10/10 so hot

Goddess May 21, 2009

Blocked... keep your hate in the game son

Kid Kaos May 21, 2009

You look like a complete faggot. Straight up gay man.

Pandagirl! May 21, 2009

Ah makes sense

Pandagirl! May 21, 2009

Well damn from looking at your comments it seems I'm the only person you said something nice to

Slaughter May 21, 2009

close, finnish

Ward May 21, 2009

cos im fly

Goddess May 21, 2009

lolzerz she said nu... o i cant even type that haha danyell so cute :X Btw he's talking smack to you so he can wank to it when u go off on him. So dont give him the satisfaction :D

ReKall May 21, 2009

LOL at the Jack Osbourne lookin faggot ass

Swig May 21, 2009

im going to just say...before ever seeing your pictures and just reading what you wrote...you look and show like literal piece of shit go fuck yourself

danyell!! May 20, 2009

Actually I hadnt wasted time coming to your shitty little tw gallery page, bc unlike you i really dont give a fuck. You are talking shit to me because you are insecure... FYI radiohead fucking blows also, so stfu about music period until you grow some nuthair you fucking savage garden loving dumbass. Go "jump off a mountain and drown in the sea." You are running out of material.. You continue to say im fat... guess what i lost alot of weight im really proud of what i look and nothing you or anyone can say is gonna make me feel bad about myself bc I know I look good... I dont need some jealous faggot on the internet telling me otherwise... and btw I never silenced idk wtf you are talking about... Go ahead "ruin me" Its your turn to talk shit now, right?... Its honesty fucking retarded. and i dont have to seek any "trolls" on you. You are weak, you have a weak mind. Come on man,make me laugh harder next time you reply...If its possible.

MissLeesha May 20, 2009

dude you got nothing on L3MU3L lolz! so shall we state the obvious now? actually no im pretty sure everyone else has already covered it! GG

Lenny May 20, 2009

This kids a doucher.

Exalt May 20, 2009

you know, i dont like no <3 or ignite, but they are right. Lose the hair, lose some weight, get a tan, and quit talking shit to girls until you get on a level where you actually get some. Also, get new fucking clothes. Change everything really, and your shitty attitude toward women. Just cause your in the closet doesn't mean you should talk shit to things you cant get, aka pussy.

danyell!! May 18, 2009

You say that I need to go back to school maybe you should go back and do some proof reading... & im hot, nothing you can say is gonna make me feel bad bc i know your probably just some savage garden listening piece of shit from the internet... & yeah i DID come to you saying bullshit because shes my bestfriend... I have been in a fist fight because of her... i dont care what you say about me. I think its funny honestly,but when you talk shit about her it really pisses me off... You dont know her. You dont know what type of person she is. It's here choice to listen to whatever she wants to and its YOUR choice to have a faggoty ass hair cut bro... thats the way it is. Dont get pissy. You just want some attention. & if you truly believe I have a dick you are dumb.... ill start saying this just for you "SUCK MY DILDO." happy now?

Bware May 18, 2009

honestly dude, the hair isn't that cool...

NO <3 May 18, 2009

i dont like ignite but i have to agree with him on that one with the spiked gel hair like yours. you talk so much shit about asians yet your fuckin hair cut screams azn wannabe fag. i bet you get a kick out of talking shit to everyone thinking your sweet but when its all said and done you take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself? &quot;does anyone really give a fuck about me?&quot; the answer will be NO, bitch NOBODY CARES AT ALL.

danyell!! May 17, 2009

Wow you are sooo cool bc you leave mean comments on fucking tw gallery LMFAO. and i dont care what you say... you cant convince me or anyone else that your not a fag. Its ok to like boys. I like boys too. &amp; you are right. this DID start because of pretty madness... but YOU were the one who started being a douche in the beginning so now you deserve every word. dont dish out shit if you cant take it bc i dont care what you think about me... and yeah I said YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK, and i stand by that statement.

Jolly Fat Man May 17, 2009

Well.. as long as you cried, my mission is accomplished.

PrettyMadness May 17, 2009

haha i dont like emo music, but it looks like you do. and youre attempt to look like a jack osborne, has failed. you look more like a wannabe hardcore emo. the one that was unpopular in school that none of th real &quot;scene&quot; kids (losers as well) wouldnt hang out with. grow up loser.

danyell!! May 17, 2009

1. i lost 40 pounds so suck my dick. 2.im way hotter than any chick you will ever have within a 30 ft radius of you. 3.Im only a bitch to ppl who deserve it. (aka fags like you) 4.i have more friends than i can count so wtf are you talking about?!... you dont know me and you dont know prettymadness so if you would keep your fucking cocksucker closed noone would have a problem. k thanks kiss kiss -danyell (and yeah, that was me being a bitch.)

NO <3 May 17, 2009

i see this is a sad attempt to get attention by trolling since you have no friends in real life. i pitty you kid, i really do.

Nixi May 17, 2009

Sunshine, daisies, and meadows, eh? Not really my bag. I'm curious, remind me again why I'd *want* to have a bunch of horny TW nerds drooling over my pics?

NO <3 May 17, 2009

people like you should not have posted their pics if you are gonna talk shit. also i hope your sister knows you put a picture of her up on a 2d game gallery. afk.

L3MU3L May 16, 2009

just looking at you makes me want to slap your goofy looking ass

Ignite May 16, 2009

Lol at this kid coming onto tw gallery out of nowhere, noone ever heard of him... compensating for his insecurities by criticizing everyone, meanwhile you forgot to take a look in the last toilet bowl you pissed in, to see your fugly reflection.

Ignite May 16, 2009

omfg 10/10 so hot

danyell!! May 16, 2009

Your piercing looks fucking retarded.... ps. Pretty madness is super cute. so stfu. say something nice or dont say anything at all or next ill rag on you about your stupid looking hair and ugly glasses... makes you feel good dosent it...

NO <3 May 16, 2009

u r stupid 1. get a world map 2. you have no penis

Ohmalee May 16, 2009

you win. LOLOL

Ohmalee May 16, 2009

haha, the ugly is tryin to roast?? lol the reason i nvr see u is becuz ur probably a pubtrash nobody..gg

Imagine May 16, 2009


Ohmalee May 15, 2009