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danyell!! Apr 10, 2010

You are suffering from autoerotic asphyxiation!!!!

Wicked Chick Dec 20, 2009

I don't really do phones, I'm afraid, but green text set against a starscape usually works ^.^

wicket666 Dec 19, 2009

Yo new pics nice

FemalePersuasion Dec 17, 2009

Omg I know your other name. Hey old old friend. :) :)

Missa Dec 01, 2009

your baby is pretty!

R.I.P Jul 26, 2009

aw thanks, i do play sometimes (:

Weak Jun 29, 2009

love me.

wicket666 Jun 25, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 15, 2009

LOL I love my fake teeth!

Money Jun 11, 2009


NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

pwnd just mad cuz the only reason people run from her is bc she's ugly.

PWND Jun 11, 2009


ZenaBee Jun 11, 2009

:D welcome to da club

Goddess Jun 11, 2009

You're a sheep for doing that pic.

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

Dayuuuum you ran from T0MA so hard you got knocked out cooooold yo!

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Audrey Jun 11, 2009

hahaha niiiiiiiice

Exalt Jun 08, 2009

lol fred durst grew up

Raazi Jun 07, 2009

Im jealous of that baby, i want some of that menthol love.

PWND Jun 03, 2009

You a Juggalo?

pee pee sock Jun 01, 2009

nice fox hat. me love fox.

Bware Jun 01, 2009

for sure.

rattatter May 30, 2009

you know whats embarrassing? carburator's gallery pics

carburetor May 29, 2009

you think a kid is something to show off? well, for my age it isnt, i have money to invest in a thing called condoms, keeps me std and kid free (you should try it). bad hair? thats cause you have no sense. over sized body? are you trying to say im fat? erm ok, thanks for your opinion, i only accpet them from people woh matter and thats not 300 pound male failures.

carburetor May 28, 2009

quit talking shit when you have nothing to show off in life.

carburetor May 28, 2009

i bet you do wish u could fuck atleast one of my ex's so you would think some of my futuristic advances would rub off on your rediculously inverted penis.

carburetor May 26, 2009

i bet you fuck imaginary things, i dont have a sister. mushrooms are bad for you, when you wake up (in your parents basement) youll realize that your a failure and incomprehendable to english and therefore wont realize that you have no nonfutile life.

s.i.k. May 24, 2009

lol@still living with their mom!

carburetor May 24, 2009

you can say that if you want, all i will say is: it explains why your a dropout and still living with your mom.

Gripe May 22, 2009

I came into this world as a reject Look into these eyes Then you'll see the size of these flames Dwellin on the past Its burnin' up my brain Everyone that burns has to learn from the pain Hey I think about the day My girlie ran away with my pay When fellas come to play No she stuck with my homeez that she fucked And I'm just a sucker with a lump in my throat Hey, like a chump Should I be feelin' bad? No Should I be feelin good? No Its kinda sad I'm the laughin' stock of the neighborhood You would think that I'd be movin' on But I'm a sucker like I said Fucked up in the head, not!! Maybe she just made a mistake I should give her a break My heart will ache either way Hey, what the hell Watcha want me to say I wont lie that I cant deny [Chorus] I did it all for the nookie C'mon The nookie C'mon So you can take that cookie And stick it up your, yeah!! Stick it up your, yeah!! Stick it up your, yeah!! Why did it take so long? Why did I wait so long, huh To figure it out? but I did it And I'm the only one underneath the sun who didn't get it I cant believe that I can be deceived By my so called girl, but in reality Had hidden agenda She put my tender heart in a blender And still I surrendered Hey, like a chump [chorus] I'm only human Its so easy for your friends to give you their advice They tell you to let it go But its easier said then done I appreciate it I do, but just leave me alone Leave me alone Just leave me alone!! Just leave me alone! Aint nothin' gonna change If you can go away Im just gonna stay here and always be the same Aint nothin' gonna change If you can go away Im just gonna stay here and always be the same Aint nothin' gonna change If you can go away Im just gonna stay here and always be the same

danyell!! May 21, 2009

carb can suck a root and die =) its okay. lol

Pandagirl! May 21, 2009

Haha no sorry not giving out her number :x

Ignite May 05, 2009

You should teach the women at the top left to warbird too, or use her as your 'roommate' to double squad and get twice the DD's in daily.