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2pacZ Nov 05, 2013

yo cuz ima be back on the 17th so better get me back on squad cause ima own these niggas

Cres Mar 07, 2011


Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

sorry i'm not gay...XD then how do you act...

Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

Pfft..and whys that.

Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

HAHA yeah ok

Kin Killer Mar 06, 2011

Where are you pics? too ugly? probs

Schfifty-Five Mar 31, 2010

I saw you visited me, twice, in 2 days. Soo.... I miss you too!

Goddess Feb 07, 2010

Pats Jealous of that swagga

Cres Jan 27, 2010

y everyone hating on the shades and cane?

Postman Pat! Jan 27, 2010

why u ask why i happy? why you not happy?

Rasaq Jan 27, 2010

You pretty much lost the match before you even though about challenging me. TRY AGAIN, KID.

Postman Pat! Jan 27, 2010

LOOOL cres look like a blind nig

Cres Jan 27, 2010

ye i top 5 personality in tw

Goddess Jan 25, 2010

Yeah there's just something about that last pic eh petal :P

Petal Jan 25, 2010

LOL @ last picture. It's that boy Amar.

Goddess Jan 24, 2010

Why are you standing in front of a statue of my Uncle Harlan talking to him lol (yes he really is my uncle)

Rati Jan 24, 2010

Whats up brother?

Cres Jan 24, 2010


Raazi Jan 23, 2010

ye its him

war_bringer Jan 23, 2010

is that kernel sanders?

Airship Jan 23, 2010


Ariana Jan 23, 2010

You hot. Digits?

wicket666 Jan 23, 2010

message from pic is youll all ez cause hes blind

Goddess Jan 23, 2010

Wow i wonder how he got to be so hot... :P

Cres Jan 23, 2010


Cres Jan 23, 2010

LOOOOOOOOOOOL, y u so hot?

Rasaq Jan 23, 2010

By the looks of it...I can pretty much manhandle you in a game of bowling.

Money Jan 23, 2010

r u blind?

Petal Dec 27, 2009

Number please.

Flew Nov 30, 2009

raazi, no picture here cuz u look like Madhu Singh

Weak Nov 29, 2009

wut the fuk

killah Jul 20, 2009

LOL!! laughed irl

Menthol Jul 03, 2009

sandles with socks.. lookin like ignite and shit.. do a stop and smell the flowers pic! :D

Weak Jun 29, 2009

toma will catch u ! lol

Dameon Angell Jun 28, 2009

Looooooooooooool raazi

ZenaBee Jun 28, 2009

LOL :P good one Raazi

NO <3 Jun 28, 2009

lol raazi thats sum good shit bro

Ohmalee Jun 28, 2009

Raazi wit da swagg!

Audrey Jun 28, 2009

Hai squadmate =P

NO <3 Jun 28, 2009

lol black and mexican my ass you guys buncha liars -_-

KuleniKs Jun 28, 2009

Wich one of those cool looking guys might you be?

Cres Jun 28, 2009

anal cancer

NO <3 Jun 24, 2009

no you weren't -_-

Goddess Jun 23, 2009


ZenaBee Jun 23, 2009

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :o r u scared now?

Broly Jun 21, 2009

i actually didn't silence you :P

Ohmalee Jun 17, 2009