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Mani2312 Jun 12, 2020

Yes comment

Bugger Jan 05, 2017

No comment

Cres Aug 29, 2016


Fooly Cooly Aug 25, 2009

yes, he'll lightin your ignorancy.

Money Aug 25, 2009

trance, take your faggot ass bullshit somewhere else

TranceTunes Aug 24, 2009

"trance pew pew pew allaho akbar boom.." ..yea, not middle eastern OR muslim. very odd that you think that based on: my statements against israeli policy and/or my skin colour..shows a lot about how your current mindset must be.

lady starlight Aug 21, 2009

i wasnt flirting with ur bf. lol

hungrywolf Aug 20, 2009

wb zena

Mobey Aug 19, 2009


PH Aug 18, 2009


ZenaBee Aug 18, 2009

trance pew pew pew allaho akbar boom, thx audrey :D, infrared lmao :"O

infrared Aug 18, 2009

sick of seeing fat girls on here thank you THANK YOU

Audrey Aug 17, 2009

Welcome back Zenaaaaaaa

TranceTunes Aug 17, 2009

end israeli apartheid. viva palestine!

weed master.. Aug 17, 2009

haha singing some eminem lol. how u been??? and what happened. one day i got on here and u had no pics nothin. i was like WHAT! zena left. bitch,,, she never said bye or nothin lol :P glad to see your back

chars! Aug 17, 2009

I could put my tomahawk inside ur insraeli house

weed master.. Aug 17, 2009

haha WOOOOOOT zena is back how u doin girl? i want a round 2 from the other days duel :P

ZenaBee Aug 17, 2009

:"O I'm Back

SnallTrippin Aug 17, 2009

Got to love the flag.

ZypheN Aug 17, 2009

Just couldn't stay away could you.

SISQO Jul 04, 2009

she's my dudette hug*

ZenaBee Jul 04, 2009

LOL prim :P

Primary Jul 03, 2009

omg ur KILLING him all he wanted was some israeli wheat snacks T_T

ZenaBee Jul 01, 2009

he's not being squashed, he's hairy :P hardly have meat to be squashed LOL :"O my hammy mammy had to put him on his back for a sec i was like smile choke choke smile :O lol jk not even close to choking him.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 30, 2009

rekall took the words out of my mouth LOL..don't squeeze it too death..now!

ReKall Jun 30, 2009

poor little guy...

Weak Jun 30, 2009

what bout me!? share :(

Weak Jun 29, 2009

nice rats!

KuleniKs Jun 29, 2009

Lol cute little guy you got there.

Suppression Jun 29, 2009

your like killing the damn ting lol

Scrotal Jun 29, 2009

I used to own hamsters as a kid. I had a pair that I never let breed. I regretted not letting my little guy (Beasley) get it on; so the next pair I owned, I let my fat male hamster (Bowzer) go to town on the female. It was educational.

Exalt Jun 29, 2009


ReKall Jun 28, 2009

Rats arent cute

getting pwned Jun 28, 2009

I want it even more now! Cute nails too.

Audrey Jun 28, 2009

Pretty nails!! =P

Rasaq Jun 28, 2009

How cute...is it a transgender?

R.I.P Jun 28, 2009

omg thats SO cute!(:

NO <3 Jun 28, 2009

the hamsters are still cuter than whats her face -_-

Guero Jun 25, 2009

is a fake hamster :O!!!! haha

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

how about pen-pal. Write me a hammy ^_^

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

Email? O.o yea that sounds convenient! If not then you can just send them via UPS! =)

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

Haha, they nerd raged. XD, well i hope they dont start nerd raging at your &quot;Hammy&quot; :D

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

I had 2 hamsters, hey both lasted 3 years. 1 died, then the other one died like 3 days after :(

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

Why did you choose to remove them?

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

i said lol cuz i didnt expect to have a hamster in my face when i clicked your name. :)

Exile- Jun 24, 2009


reability Jun 24, 2009

lool !! :P cool hamster.. wondering how he tastes.. mhh

NO <3 Jun 24, 2009

wth... i thought i accidently got directed to pwnd's page until look closer and saw that it was actually a hamster.

ZenaBee Jun 24, 2009

the mama hamster saw me and she was trying to jump out to play :D

ZenaBee Jun 24, 2009

lol thx :) thats one of my hamsters :D

Kahlan Jun 23, 2009

That's pretty cute, I have to admit. I have my heart set on getting a raccoon when I come back to the States, though.

getting pwned Jun 23, 2009

Aw! I want it!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 23, 2009

Cute Mouse!

weed master.. Jun 23, 2009

lmao!!! haha i guess so HE BETTER KEEP RUNNIN THEN!!

weed master.. Jun 22, 2009

haha nahhh no shark A-10 WARTHOG BABY!!! damn thing is gonna save my life in iraq, just payin my respects :P

weed master.. Jun 22, 2009

hey zena!!! xD

ZenaBee Jun 19, 2009

leave ma chair alone :P

Guero Jun 18, 2009

Everything I do is because my captain ignite top #1 wallet !Hail Ignite! and i think the chair behind is fake :P

ZenaBee Jun 18, 2009

:/ raazi r u 4 real? guero sorry but u have to wake up from this dream, not sure if u trying to help or not but no need to lie (unless ignite paid u 2 do it :P)

Guero Jun 17, 2009

haha yeah shes zenabee i talk to her the other day on msn... she put the cam on... is the same.. AND U ALL KEEP THE most hated I RUN FROM TOMA!

Raazi Jun 17, 2009

Hey Zenabee, are you real? Is that card real? is that laptop real? no, it cant be, the person your hiding behind just happens to play ss, FAKE FAKE! I have an idea, u can post nude pics of no &lt;3 written all over your body, yeah that will convince everyone.

Ri$e Again$t Jun 16, 2009

Sup ZenaBee Goddess: So are you a iraqi or an israeli ?

Its-katness Jun 14, 2009

how can she be fake.. unless shes like wax or something... :s im so confused she looks pretty damn real to me.

ZenaBee Jun 14, 2009

obviously everyone that keeps asking cares :P

Hunt Jun 14, 2009

who fucking cares if shes real or fake

NO <3 Jun 13, 2009


Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

Are you in Tel-Aviv?

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

I live in Orlando, FL....not Australian...I'm of French, Scottish, Irish decent...places where the sun doesnt shine much. :)

Mango. Jun 13, 2009

obviously shopped that laptop in there

Audrey Jun 13, 2009

i think she just pretty much owned the &quot;SHE'S A FAKE WOMAN&quot;! hahahaha good job Zena!

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

Do you live in Israel? I'm pro-Israel; my woman's family is from Israel. Check out my Jerusalem photos...I even ventured to Palestinian territory cuz I'm just bad to the bone like that.

Century Jun 13, 2009

ur boyfreind has a small cock

ShinBet Jun 12, 2009


Guero Jun 11, 2009

Noooooooo Omg u guys and no &lt;3 got it bad.. should be &quot;TOMA running for his life!&quot; or &quot;TOMA hiding when his scared&quot; of course with my perfect English

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL pwnd your stupid her picture is taken off a webcam thats why its blurry like mine stfu and sit the fuck down your face picture is more blurry than anyones but im not complaining since i dont ever want to see a close up of your face. gg.

ZenaBee Jun 11, 2009

another one with pwnd name on it: Boy Clown : You remind me of the sea. Girl Clown : Because I'm wild, romantic and exciting? Boy Clown : NO, because you make me sick.

ZenaBee Jun 11, 2009

Girl Clown : John says I'm pretty. Andy says I'm ugly. What do you think? ,Boy Clown : I agree with both. You're pretty ugly.

PWND Jun 11, 2009

Zenabee's fake. Her sign that says I &lt;3 No &lt;3 is photoshopped and it's blurred a bit so it looks like it's written on there. Make a sign with 2 fingers up and you tongue out. Then I'll believe you're not fake. YOU RAN FROM TOMA CAUSE YOU SUCK.

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

lol bu thats a very detailed explanation of how ignorant goddess is. btw goddess why would zena talk to anyone on ss when she is mine? dont worry about anyone else hearing her voice or being able to see her when she is already taken gg.

ZenaBee Jun 11, 2009

Ignorance is the state in which a person lacks knowledge, is unaware of something or chooses to subjectively ignore information. The word &quot;Ignorant&quot; is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware. The term may be used specifically (e.g. &quot;One can be an expert in math, and totally ignorant of history.&quot;) or generally (e.g. &quot;an ignorant person.&quot;), u dont need any help to guess which one u r ;)

Goddess Jun 11, 2009

fake... anyone living in israel is going to be able to speak jewish or arabic at least a little. When you cant answe a simple question in either language ur a fake. Hmmmmm has anyoen besides no &lt;3 ever heard its voice?

Kittah Monster Jun 10, 2009

Hi My Lovely!!!! :D! I once told another girl on this game that she was the most purtyfullest girl on here buttt.......i changed my mind lol :P YOU ARE! even though you dont seem to believe me -.-. your hair is awesome in the second picture $$$$. anyways ttyl &lt;3 ~^.^~

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

to be a part of the T0MA fan club please refer to this. hey theres a cool new club going around come join the party, check out this link for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

BarkingMAD Jun 10, 2009


ABustedCondom Jun 10, 2009

mmmm nom nom nom

Nixi Jun 09, 2009

You guys are far too cute a couple, it should be illegal

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

dont bite me!!! mnommnom! -_-

L3MU3L Jun 08, 2009

Zena in my opinion your the sexiest person in tw, something about your long hair and those sexy eyes...goddamn I love you baby!

Growing Jun 08, 2009

mmm u look sanklyDelicious too bad you talk alot of trash for how good you are...still your always welcome to give me some elim head :)

wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

very pretty

ZenaBee Jun 05, 2009

rubi since when fish drowns?

Rubi Jun 05, 2009

Ill buy you some more!

ReKall Jun 05, 2009

hi love.

Havok Jun 05, 2009

all i have to say is religion cripples society.

NO <3 Jun 04, 2009

y so serious? -_-

Rubi Jun 03, 2009

Ayy Zena =) Hows the goldfihes I bought you?

L3MU3L Jun 01, 2009

Very Sexy!

Primary May 31, 2009


Lenny May 31, 2009

This cell blows, haha.

Lenny May 31, 2009

Nice chair in the background?

A I May 31, 2009

It's good to see you are not ashamed to say you are a Christian and proud of it ZenaBee! Alot of people need the Hope that we have!

pee pee sock May 29, 2009

mail me a piece of ur hair pls

Skyn May 29, 2009


Sirius May 29, 2009

Definitely many Russians there. Ah well, thanks for entertaining me with your little phrase, though

ZenaBee May 28, 2009

sure sakura ;O WINK WINK

Sakura May 28, 2009

no &lt;3. sorry but, since you stole my man i'm stealing your woman. right Zena? :D

ZenaBee May 28, 2009

:D heya valyval hmm zeta is another bee buzzin' around, no &lt;3 is my real love:( buzz buzz.. jolly &lt;3

Jolly Fat Man May 28, 2009


Valentine Rose May 28, 2009

lol. Caracal pretty much said it. so tell me, who is ZetaBee?

ZenaBee May 28, 2009

lmao caracal

Caracal May 28, 2009

man i hate the people in this game, bunch of ugly ass nerds, the more they talk shit the more you know they need the goddamn attention. Exalt, ward etc, stfu guys if your cool then why the fuck you so emo all over everyone? lead by example like me and stop fuckin talkin smack -jesus-. only reason i took the time to say this is cuz i feel bad that i made no &lt;3 cheat on you zena D= gtfo he's mine =P

NO <3 May 28, 2009

lol @ a lot of makeup she barely wears any nube. thanks for the compliment, eyeliner=too much makeup

ZenaBee May 28, 2009

Toma what do u know about make up when ur wives look like ninja with that covers? :p aha thought so

pee pee sock May 27, 2009

right on toma, right on

t0ma May 27, 2009

Bitch plz, perm ignore slut. You're ugly as fuck! You have waaaaaay to much fucking make-up on

ReKall May 26, 2009

Dam girl...lets make baby's

pee pee sock May 23, 2009

ur boobs r fake, u remind me of nixi, GG

NO <3 May 23, 2009

lol bu, told you these nerds are buncha fags... sorry for making you play :o

Flew May 23, 2009

how much? i'll pay u more than no &lt;3 does.

Ward May 21, 2009

LOOOL I also dont understand why you're going out with that short stubby dwarf. That guy is probably like 3/5th of my height. I'm sure you want a taller, better looking guy. You're pretty hot but idk.. every1 looks good on webcam pics

ZenaBee May 21, 2009

all i can say is :/ dont talk to me ur a weirdo, stop talking shit to each other over nothing, I dont have time for this shit and childish games comments, CYA.

Exalt May 21, 2009

I'm not gay, but your boyfriend has to be with how much he stalks my page. He even photoshops me in pics. I just tell the truth. I don't need to make up lies to bash him back. I realize he craves attention from subspace players, but seriously he does it the wrong way. Guy is almost as bad as carberator, who I'm surprised hasn't called you a bunch of names yet.

ZenaBee May 21, 2009

and stop trying to get my bf attention u fag :/

ZenaBee May 21, 2009

Exalt r u gay? do u check men dicks or something? :P cause trust me its alot more than 2 inch lol, i know ur jealous get over it :D

Exalt May 20, 2009

your 'bebe' has a 2 inch dick and a molestash, u know that right

Kid Kaos May 20, 2009

Hot chicks dont place subspace, you gatta be fake.

Sirius May 20, 2009

Speak Russian ?

Arobas+ May 18, 2009

#1 for best hair with Cadbury

Rasaq May 17, 2009

...on the top!

Rasaq May 17, 2009

That drawing would be so much better without the girl...

ShinBet May 17, 2009

YOU no &lt;3

NO <3 May 17, 2009

whose that sexy guy in that pic? -_-

rattatter May 16, 2009

and i ignored all your cries for attention, if you wanted me just ask, u dont have to follow me in everysquad i join ffs..

pee pee sock May 16, 2009

i wouldnt, so gross

Valentine Rose May 15, 2009

what guero said. (I would)

Guero May 15, 2009

LOL i tough zenabee was a man xD, shinbet see u in arena freq = xxx

DucesWild21 May 14, 2009

nice pic zena

NO <3 May 14, 2009

damnit caracal i knew you couldnt keep secrets you stupid whore

Caracal May 14, 2009

sorry zena..your bf dont want you..he been cheating on you..for me.. sorry i had to tell you this way..

Condom May 12, 2009

Doubt it.

ZenaBee May 10, 2009

LOL shinbet is my bodyguard:D, GO shin GO shin.. fooly, ur more fooly and less cooly.

ShinBet May 10, 2009

pee pee sock: you are real freaky!&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;fooly cooly: you sound like you very jealous of christian' and Israelis, not a reason for suicide.

Fooly Cooly May 10, 2009

israel is a terrorist nation. christianity is idiotic.

ZenaBee May 09, 2009

peepee ur crazy lol... I'm surely not ur sister kesht cause if i were i would be the one shooting u with that gun.

pee pee sock May 08, 2009


Poni May 06, 2009

i think i love you

Jolly Fat Man May 06, 2009

SEXY!! &lt;3 :)

danyell!! May 06, 2009

you have the prettest hair i have ever seen!!!!! &lt;333

ABustedCondom May 06, 2009

Good lawd you a hottie.

TagMor May 04, 2009

lol druzes

ShinBet May 03, 2009


sheep May 03, 2009

o, Beckham. That is actually new one!

ZenaBee May 03, 2009


ShinBet May 03, 2009

Ok, all i can say is that i need another beer.

ZenaBee May 03, 2009

oh yeah and shin u as an israeli that used to live in israel and lives outside of israel ur suposed to know that israel has 4 religions in it :/ well mostly jews then muslims then christians.. then druzes.

ZenaBee May 03, 2009

heya shin, well i told u that I'm a christian like 10 times but u were too drunk to understand that lol, there's alot of christians in here, so i dont get what ur saying, israel is not only for the jews(though its known that its mostly jews and a jew country), and I was born in here as my parents did also, all the respect to the jews, to u and to every other religion, Israel is a smart country, Go israel LOL.

ShinBet May 03, 2009

Dam it!

ShinBet May 03, 2009

wow. did not know you were christian, good to know that. why you live in Israel? weird!

ZenaBee May 02, 2009

renzi ur a jew? :&quot;O actually I'm a christian, but got lots of jew friends in here.

RENZI May 02, 2009

fellow jew!! lol

Jolly Fat Man May 01, 2009

Why hello.

Ignite May 01, 2009

yo nicky, have my babies!!! omg ur so hot!! u make the sun look like the moon!!!

NO <3 May 01, 2009

damn you are already more popular than me :o

NO <3 May 01, 2009

hey bebe, i wonder whose your lucky bf -_- . i'd hit it :o

Nixi May 01, 2009


NO <3 May 01, 2009

wth... i'll keel u

ZenaBee Apr 30, 2009

:&quot;( ig if i'll eat more hummus and pita i'd probly look like u

Rasaq Apr 30, 2009

So this is no &lt;3's G/F...not bad, for a laggot.

Ignite Apr 30, 2009

eat some more hummus and pita

JeezOutLaw Apr 30, 2009

hehehe look who's here CHEESE &lt;3

Ohmalee Apr 30, 2009

woah! i nvr figured u'd be a girl. ur pretty hot :P