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Age 39
Location The Netherlands
Gender Male
Where I can be found Elim


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Kinky-Girl Aug 24, 2015


pappa Aug 19, 2009

What's that cool room you were in?

lady starlight Jun 26, 2009

you would what?

KillerGt Jun 25, 2009

Haha thanks :) Btw that pick "I hide from Toma" is pro, real talk!

Exile- Jun 25, 2009

Ha! nice one, btw the 6th picture is cute :)

Its-katness Jun 18, 2009


Its-katness Jun 18, 2009


a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 17, 2009


PWND Jun 17, 2009

Meh, I wasn't trying.

Goddess Jun 12, 2009

U mean like how they're telling u what to do and ur going along with it like a sheep without a brain of your own? ok i wont tell u what to do :)

ZenaBee Jun 12, 2009

:D hahaha val nice pics of "i ran from toma" and the "i hide from toma" LOL :D gg

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

you cant say THAT unless you post a pic to officially join the fan club mr -_-

Valentine Rose Jun 11, 2009

Henceforth be known as FFVincent

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Its-katness Jun 06, 2009

haha thanks for the comments :)

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

kids so emo in the game

Quart Jun 02, 2009

haha ik vind mijn naam vetter dan die van hem. ik heb wel beteren namen maar ik wil nu niet meer veranderen

Quart Jun 01, 2009

i love how all the people calling him gay are the biggest rednecks ive seen. talk shit about him yet he gets more pussy than all of you... fkin mogolen die amerikaanen :/

carburetor Jun 01, 2009

seriously? best you can do? maybe you should see a psychiatrist about your fruedian insecurities. i dont have my degree yet :(

carburetor May 31, 2009

pic #4, if its not a bandana its a scarf, but then again, thats even worse.

ISRAELI F15-I ACE May 30, 2009

OMG a gay hippy . with his euro-teen porn bitch . cool . have a good day from the israeli terrorist .

NO <3 May 30, 2009

you should know you visit her gallery enough times

PWND May 29, 2009

omg you're adorable =)

Schfifty-Five May 29, 2009


carburetor May 28, 2009

dude, look at your pictures... and now, whos emo? your wearing a fucking bandana for gods sake.

Skyn May 28, 2009

LOl that was my daughter when she was like 3 months old or something hahahaha

Lenny May 28, 2009

Hell yeah it does, brings all the ladies, haha.

carburetor May 26, 2009

yep, stare in amazment, it can be done!

Weak May 25, 2009

coo thx

Weak May 24, 2009

oh nice, if I come to Europe u gotta show me around tho!

Democrat May 24, 2009

Your girlfriend has an elite rack.

Weak May 24, 2009

that top pic is pro man, where is it at?

Weak May 23, 2009

good stuff

TagMor May 23, 2009

Casey Stoner &gt; Valentino Rossi ..jus sayin

pee pee sock May 19, 2009

wow ur a homo. period.

t0ma May 19, 2009

Dude, your girl has bigger arms than you.

Goddess May 19, 2009

wtf val... ur so mean to me but u look like a kewl guy :/ That 3rd pic from top is awesome btw... very poetic. where is the 6th and 7th pics down taken?

Imagine May 19, 2009

Disappointed, thought this was gonna be a girl.

Cadbury May 18, 2009

TY TY and You scarf in fourth pix =]

JeezOutLaw May 16, 2009

you seem cool as well mate :)

Cichlid May 16, 2009

You look like a female in most of your pics, Don't comment on my page when you look like a tool. kthx

Guero May 15, 2009

Whats up Saint valentines day... mmmm ignite did toma load a pic?

Ignite May 15, 2009

T0MA is the one I'm bum rushing with my dick in a box.

danyell!! May 15, 2009

wooo hippy ftw!

Caracal May 14, 2009

I would to.

Tabo May 14, 2009

Really cute. Pics love the sweet gf pic very tasteful ..

Condom May 14, 2009

I would.

Ohmalee May 13, 2009