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Age 32
Location Atlanta
Gender Not telling you geeks
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Books I like cheeseburgers


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NO <3 Aug 21, 2014

nice, where is that at?

Frightful Nov 26, 2013

Nice graduation picture. What are those in the background, rhododendrons? Can you check with a local botanist and find out? Thanks.

Display Nov 26, 2013

oh my gawd

Quart Oct 22, 2013

haha she is alright

Display Oct 09, 2013

wow u new gf hot..i like her a lot.

lopist Sep 16, 2010


Zazu Mar 27, 2010

Transformed your girl into a dog? Or vice versa?

Xog Mar 17, 2010

ur gf drink all the smirnoff?

Century Feb 15, 2010

da fuck bro ur girl is hot... she shud prolly be around my arm not urs.. im way sexier then you bruhh

Kid Kaos Feb 15, 2010

Cute girl.

SeX PistoL Oct 24, 2009


Starfire Oct 18, 2009

I would like to see t0ma run from your dog

miskrit Oct 02, 2009

Damn, thought for sure u wuz black.

lady starlight Aug 28, 2009

awww that's such a cute prom pic.. if it's prom.. well its a really cute pic in general.

Democrat Jun 24, 2009

It wasn't supposed to be highlighted, it was supposed to be a frost. like 2 streaks. That was like 5 years ago anyway. :p

NO <3 Jun 24, 2009

poor kids always hatin, i feel sorry for you man... now give me some of that money -_- btw check out my new toma pics lol.

Money Jun 24, 2009

damn ur moms hot, what are u like 13?

pee pee sock Jun 23, 2009

ur gf is ginger ginger ginger ginger. nerd ass pubber kid

Quart Jun 20, 2009

LOL sisqo

NO <3 Jun 19, 2009

T0MA&gt; tired you running off and shit

Quart Jun 19, 2009

pee pee you fuck your dog. gross dude. ja cker valentine...maar niet altijd :P. soms is mix drankje wel lekkerder

Valentine Rose Jun 19, 2009

pure vodka is lekkereder :D

pee pee sock Jun 17, 2009

ur gf is ginger. gross dude.

IcY WyteZ Jun 16, 2009

Definitely man

IcY WyteZ Jun 15, 2009

Not by what I can tell lookin at your girl ;)

Democrat Jun 15, 2009

because I'm probably top 3 warbird in TW

Hunt Jun 15, 2009


SoJa Jun 14, 2009

MMmm. I want to suck your tw beef

IcY WyteZ Jun 14, 2009

nah shit went smoother than a babys ass mane

Democrat Jun 14, 2009

TRANNY? wtf?

IcY WyteZ Jun 14, 2009

that was a drug deal at a local water park haha, i have no idea who that bitch even is

F22 Raptor Jun 14, 2009

Hey dude!

Weak Jun 14, 2009

wtf does that mean.. but w/e dude , I still get more girls irl then u , so good luck wit that

Quart Jun 13, 2009

hehehe no &lt;3 you got yourself off the addiction?

NO <3 Jun 13, 2009

yea thats me back in the days when i was a young and wild drunky

Mango. Jun 13, 2009

a lot of dutch people are faggots

ZypheN Jun 13, 2009

whiskey ftw

Quart Jun 13, 2009

Gripe as a matter of fact yes a lot of dutch people do enjoy apple flavored vodka, especially in a mixed drink like the ones i drink...thanks for being so interested.

Gripe Jun 13, 2009

Yes you are a hardcore dutch drinking machine, drinking for many years and tolerance like a bear. And like all hardcore dutch rockstars, your poison of choice i APPLE FLAVORED FUSION VODKA? teenagers are dumb. you put the bottle there so other 15 year olds would think you're cool. pillars, rofl.

infrared Jun 12, 2009

its ok if u sit down 2 pee, i sit down 2 pee becuz i have lymes disease

Quart Jun 12, 2009

she isnt black. but thank you.

Dark*Star360 Jun 12, 2009

nice black chick

pee pee sock Jun 12, 2009

nice ugly ass ginger gf

Quart Jun 12, 2009

lol no &lt;3 i love how the jealousy is just gleaming off of their comments.

Quart Jun 12, 2009

mmm gripe actually im dutch and have been drinking since im 12, but if you wish to think i have a lower tolerance then thats fine. and seeing as how there ARE pillars, meaning that my house IS supported well, how is it badly constructed? just stop talking noob.

NO <3 Jun 12, 2009

woah Quart you got some fans congrats. keep it sexy and they will keep on hatin bro -_-

Gripe Jun 12, 2009

I bet 2 sips of that green apple candy vodka and you're stumbling through your poorly constructed modular home smacking into the unfortunately positioned pillars on your way to the bathroom. bet you sit down to pee, fag.

killah Jun 12, 2009

well w/e she hot and u better be smashin her like u smash kids in tw

Quart Jun 12, 2009

shes indian/english but thanks!

killah Jun 12, 2009

ur arab female or latina female looks good tight work kid

Quart Jun 12, 2009

ja valentine dat heb ik gemerkt. kut wijf. hahaha poor mango. i almost feel sorry for him...

Valentine Rose Jun 12, 2009

Lol mango. is jealous cuz he lives in a box.

Valentine Rose Jun 12, 2009

haha I ran from TOMA! goddess is trouwens wel echt fucking irritant.

Quart Jun 12, 2009

hahaha goddess im not really following, i really dont like t0ma myself. he wastes so much of everyones time in this game. He only gets ganged up because no one likes him and he annoys everyone, not because we are all following someone who dislikes him. And thank you its-katness ^.^ defend me :P

Its-katness Jun 12, 2009

mango, darling shut up please. thanks :) Hey Quart !

Goddess Jun 12, 2009

quart i think you got me wrong... ur not an idiot no &lt;3 is... i think ur cool and i like you. so STOP BEING A SHEEP and following an idiot! Think of what you are doing :/ Did u ever think how u would feel if u were toma? I dont gang up on people and im pretty sure ur better than that too.

Mango. Jun 12, 2009

maybe you should start reading then, you fucking dumbass. ever look in a big ass stadium or auditorium? they dont have fucking pillars in the middle of everything. u shouldve hired a smarter architect or something cuz the location of that pillar is just horrible. and flavored vodka is for highschool girls and faggots

Quart Jun 12, 2009

whats wrong with flavored vodka? i dont get it... and just because i have books doesnt mean i read them...as a matter of fact i never read books so stfu. and gripe maybe if you are ever lucky enough to stand in a house as big as mine you will find out why you need pillars in a big room. its called support you fucking dumbass..go back to school or something.

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

Lolling pretty hard at mango. This guy srsly needs to adjust his way of life. energy wasting, flavored vodka drinking, book reading guy who has to walk around pillars just to get to the living room. wow, i'd kill myself..

Ohmalee Jun 11, 2009

lol you ran from t0ma? you suck that bad in game? i bet that dog dd's better than you..

Mango. Jun 11, 2009

Being a nerd doesn't make you smart.

Quart Jun 11, 2009

hahaha he called me out on being rich and smart..idk what to say. im honored!

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

oh damn he took it to the &quot;McDonalds&quot; app' wow... called you out on being trailer trash.

Quart Jun 11, 2009

hahahah gripe ^.^ i havent tried mixing it with apple juice yet but il be sure to try it next time :D! and btw i was drinking it whilst i was playing so dont hate about the placement...

Quart Jun 11, 2009

mango. (lol how shitty do you have to be to put a . after your name?) stop hating on people who are more educated, richer and all around better than you. maybe if you looked up to me instead you could learn how to get your poor ass out of the ghetto. Oh and by the way swear words dont make your argument any stronger...thanks for trying though. thanks for the nice comment! its probably the most youve written since you filled out that McDonalds job application form.

Mango. Jun 11, 2009

ya u fuckin faggot why u got a bookshelf full of books u fuckin nerd u read so much but ur still a dumbass faggot with a gay ass bracelet and buckteeth w/ ur ugly purple mouse and stupid looking dog. i bet it shits all over ur shitty house and u gotta clean it up cuz u still live at home w/ ur parents, loser. why the fuck would u live in a house w/ so many lights it wastes a lot of electricity u spoiled little brat you have no conception of the value of money thats prolly why u'd live in a house w/ a fucking pillar right in the middle of the room, that shit probably always gets in ur way, but i dont give a fuck because i hate you. nice butt chin too fag, i bet ur fat gf wont ever fuck ur ugly ass cuz she thinks ur a fuckin faggot for buying fuckin nasty ass green apple smirnoff. fuckin bitch.

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

HAHAHA I love how the green apple vodka is just within view to prove that you're cool enough to drink. I bet you mix it with apple juice, faggot teenager. &lt;3

PWND Jun 11, 2009


Quart Jun 11, 2009

lol no &lt;3...it helps me play :D. thank you zenaa ^.^

ZenaBee Jun 11, 2009

Go quart :P, to goddess from the bee &quot;BUZZZZZZZzz off&quot;

Quart Jun 11, 2009

Goddess if you only have stupid things to say then please shut up. Maybe you should look at yourself and start dieting before you criticize other people for anything.

ZenaBee Jun 11, 2009

hahah welcome to the club :D

Goddess Jun 11, 2009

Sheep follow mindlessly where idiots lead...

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

aha just noticed that big empty bottle of vodka besides u $$$ -_-

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009


Audrey Jun 11, 2009


NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Exalt Jun 08, 2009

only way this kid can get any attention is to talk about me lol

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

lol u made a funny bout exalts &quot;muscles&quot;

Quart Jun 04, 2009

haha exalt so cute. so are his muscles.

Exalt Jun 03, 2009

must be mad that you suck at subspace

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

lol @ you getting emo over my comment in ss -_-

Exalt Jun 02, 2009

im glad thats what you notice, is my shirt off? homo

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

i'd quit if i were you

Valentine Rose Jun 02, 2009

yau quart, let op de naam kopieer kat. ;)

Exalt Jun 02, 2009

lol were you trying to talk shit there? its a pic of a tattoo i wasnt flexing

L3MU3L Jun 01, 2009

ROFL pee pee &quot;ginger wanna be&quot; that is just great lol...love u quart :P

pee pee sock Jun 01, 2009

stfu ur embarressing urslef kid. gg tho. ginger wannabee

Quart May 31, 2009

im a redneck?

pee pee sock May 31, 2009

rearange the word ginger, dum ass redneck

Quart May 31, 2009

hahaha alright ohma. we are cool too no worries ;). and thanks :P

Ohmalee May 30, 2009

btw. cute girl you got there.

Ohmalee May 30, 2009

lol why you telling me to stfu? me &amp; l3m are cool. he actually wanted me to roast on his pic. so chill bro.

Quart May 30, 2009

pee pee to be honest i dont give a fat flying fuck about what you say about my girlfriend or myself. im just trying to teach you english by letting you know that ginger refers to someone with red hair..and obviously my girlfriend has black hair so your &quot;insults&quot; dont even make sense.

pee pee sock May 30, 2009


Quart May 30, 2009

pee pee how the fuck is she ginger?

pee pee sock May 29, 2009

my gf is 10x hotter then that ugly ginger bitch

PWND May 29, 2009

Skyn's such a fag.

Quart May 29, 2009

umm thanks hahaha. dont know how to take that from a guy. no homo?

Skyn May 29, 2009

u are HOTTT

Quart May 29, 2009

...yea ok pee pee. just jealous that you dont have a girl like mine...no need to try and diss me for that.

pee pee sock May 27, 2009

u look like u talk with a lisp

Sirius May 20, 2009

Too sirius

Valentine Rose May 15, 2009


Imagine May 04, 2009

Why so serious?