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soupero Jul 04, 2015

fk u at?

UUU <ZH> Jun 23, 2015

Well i guess it wasnt real cat then D:

lag killer Jun 06, 2015

3 hours?! I'm thinking more like 12 ;) I'm happy to hear that. Life's good on my end too. Nope. Shoot me your facebook info so I can add you

lag killer May 16, 2015

How long that take you to write? And how's life man?!

LiL*PiGGy May 07, 2015


Cres Apr 27, 2015

Godzero> and I caress it all over my nipples LOOOOOL dis guy done

Godzero Apr 20, 2015

frightful vomits all over me, and I carress it all over my nipples. PLease stop frightful, save some for the starving kids in africa. But dat ass dun stop, it never.

Mighty Jan 13, 2015


qpr Sep 24, 2014


PrettyMadness Sep 09, 2014


qpr Sep 03, 2014

me no mind da cows me mind da bad jokes in dis bar. Allow step up your game

qpr Sep 02, 2014


LiL*PiGGy Aug 26, 2014

Reading those.. "Stories" on my page makes my damn day lmfao

Missa <ZH> Aug 24, 2014

Kim Karsplashian LOL

qpr Aug 24, 2014

p.s. hi ilu

qpr Aug 24, 2014


qpr Jul 20, 2014

ok ok ok ok, ok! : D

qpr Jul 05, 2014

Zhut Zhe Zuk Zup. Zust Zidding Zove Zou <3

qpr Jun 29, 2014


qpr Jun 27, 2014


qpr Jun 21, 2014

Ruh Roh!

lag killer Jun 19, 2014

where the facebook add?

qpr Jun 19, 2014

phone was ringing

Mossad May 22, 2014

hi its cause it was a jewish holyday like haloween and it was just random. good day.

Mighty May 15, 2014

We'll maybe if we took the ration and correlated it through a vertebrae degree and calculate the measures tic of the books disuse when disks Kendra and valtitude the correction of brain lube.

qpr May 15, 2014

fk, am sorry, Am Sorry!

Mighty May 14, 2014

The circumference of the diameter marks the absence of the revenues of designated areas bounded to become loyal and transparent.

qpr May 14, 2014

Thanks, Talking to you always enlightens me! : D

Mighty May 13, 2014

I miss u man

qpr May 13, 2014

I wonder now, lol. Allow answer

wicket666 Mar 18, 2014


Last Standing Jan 31, 2014

hover hand? but where

Schoolboy Q Jan 31, 2014

big big powerhouse notalla is traditional and nutritional ok

qpr Jan 27, 2014

Ok, will. Thanks

mulisha Jan 26, 2014

Must be a ugly fucker

qpr Jan 23, 2014

I have tried and ended in hospital. You?

qpr Jan 16, 2014


SkyMan's Nov 25, 2013

Shut up newbie, stop using internet to check your facebook or look some porn Pathetic idiot, learn idiot, learn....

LiL*PiGGy Nov 23, 2013

Lololololol go away