"ahu suuh"

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Age 27
Location Vancouver
Gender Female
More about me New name on subspace is just “LiLPiGGy”


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SkyMan's Nov 30, 2023

Noob!! I have created a telegram Group for the Veterans. t.me/subspaceveterans

Mossad Feb 28, 2023

Just for the record, this message is for the retard turmoil and for all the other retards i know for sure that lil piggy is who she claims she is and you all need to keep your fingers off that motherboard.

Mossad Feb 28, 2023

Hey lil piggy i am happy to see you. You are beautiful inside out. Regards from an old friend! Shoot me a message if you can.

Moltenrock Apr 09, 2022

die hot or live long enough to be called a man on TWD hope you've been well lp

NiGhToWL Jun 24, 2020

You are a legend.

Mani2312 Jun 11, 2020

Oh hey you weren't the dead body in the woods in that picture! That's fantastic! :D

LiL*PiGGy Jan 30, 2019

First of all you troll “turmoil”, I have been playing this game since I’ve been 10, my mom was an active played whom introduced me to this game. All of those links are me you fking moron, nice try trying to call me out. You look pathetic as hell

turmoil Jan 09, 2019

Also guys, if you try searching Lil*PiGGy's name here: http://twd.trenchwars.org/findplayer, you'll find that his/her name doesn't pop up. This means that he/she was banned.

turmoil Jan 09, 2019

Also, she claims that she's 22 years old. The account was made in 2004. There's no way this bitch started TW at the age of 10. I'm sad to say that it's true; TW was never a home for a beautiful girl just like in those pics #BUSTED

turmoil Jan 09, 2019

busting lil*piggy (go to #8 on the list): https://www.narcity.com/ca/bc/vancouver/travel/16- unreal-swimming-spots-in-british-columbia

turmoil Jan 09, 2019

guys, those pics are NOT lil*piggy... It's just another internet troll. That girl in the pics is an Instagram girl. The reason why searching her image on google won't work is because the girl in the pics has a private instagram account.

turmoil Jan 09, 2019

go to #8 on this list... #BUSTED https://www.narcity.com/ca/bc/vancouver/travel/16- unreal-swimming-spots-in-british-columbia

Primary Nov 26, 2018

long live lil*piggy. haters couldn't fuckin stop her. proud of this motherfucker.

bluff Nov 13, 2018

This is one legendary wall of haters. I'm jealous.

Sn0w Oct 19, 2018

here's what shaye really looks like https://www.facebook.com/shaye.hurtubise

Hellrazor Oct 07, 2018

I give you all my love :)

Wookiee's Cookies Jan 13, 2018

Hi Lil P... Fem posted an article on the forums of a girl whose body was found dead in some woods... she looked a lot like you... Please let the subspace family know you're alright, we haven't heard from you in an age. Hope you are well. xx

Havok Aug 11, 2017

Yo I don't even play this game anymore, but I sign on to the website looking for lilpiggy butt pics. Thanks for not dissapointing....whenever you need toilet paper my 👅 Is available.

Wicked Mystic Jul 18, 2017

Why would you get butt implants? You have a lot to learn lil piggy....

Mani2312 Jul 14, 2017

Miss you more <3

CoolT!ger9 Jul 02, 2017

Miss you Lilll <3

Havok Mar 06, 2017

Hey! I don't know why best gets upset every time I bring up your name so I just wanna let you know...whatever you did to him I forgive you....he's my boy, but I confess id still do you....7 years later! Hehehe ;~}

Zero Help Dec 11, 2016

marry me

Zazu Dec 08, 2016

Stop posting these cute photos please. I forgot what I was looking for on the TWD website now...

WO Dec 06, 2016

i'd slather my balls in gravy and give you a gravy bath

Havok Dec 01, 2016

I want to cover your ass in cookie dough and tongue punch it repeatedly.

Wookiee's Cookies Nov 16, 2016

Paradise wants you for your personalitits. BTW who's that Batgirl in your picture? He's cute. What's her name? Does she play TW? Have you told her about TW? Do you think she would like me? Why not? :O

UUU+u Oct 24, 2016

wow! Beautiful duck <3

WO Sep 17, 2016

Are you an archaeologist

Paradise Sep 17, 2016

you look like you have an absolutely stupendous personality.

aFri Sep 03, 2016

give it up rookie

Server Aug 29, 2016

Dunno. But i would!

Server Aug 25, 2016

Soooooo. Where are the nudes?

Zazu Aug 25, 2016

I missed you!

Kado Aug 24, 2016

finally a new pornstar for cripple to watch

Banks Jul 26, 2016


Havok Jul 21, 2016

Yo girl how you doing do3333???? You need toilet paper? My tongue is available....what? Not joking. Idgaf

aFri Jul 15, 2016

coming jasper soon plz give me ur weed guys number ty

Myollnir Jun 19, 2016

your like the only person who still gets people posting stuff

WO Jun 13, 2016

can i lick your ass

Dropout Bear Jun 12, 2016

lol and manco is always in pub wondering why he can't get a girl.

Bounty Jun 11, 2016

Blonde? Looks good! Brunette look was a bit beter imho. :D

Manco May 24, 2016

Why are you so ugly?

ToK May 05, 2016

Hottest girl on this game no doubt

Lrim Apr 20, 2016


Havok Feb 18, 2016

Can I hit it yet?

2borg Jan 28, 2016

geezus i shouldn't check your photos, no-more!.

Moltenrock Dec 27, 2015

Wow you still play? Check ?messages

olde Dec 08, 2015

VHS and chill?

olde Dec 08, 2015

MoZZie Dec 03, 2015

and mani stop bein a faggot

MoZZie Dec 03, 2015

nice tits tiny ass waist doe

Banks Nov 25, 2015

Вы очень красивая человеческое существо

Mani2312 Nov 07, 2015

I just noticed how your hair changes colour in the sunlight. You've got the same hair as Jill Shortmilk, but hers is more wavy and yours is straight. :P

Mani2312 Nov 03, 2015

Wow TY. :D

Mani2312 Oct 31, 2015

Post more pics of yourself please. Heheheh. :3

Mani2312 Oct 28, 2015

On your face? :O

Mani2312 Oct 27, 2015

Is that last one photoshopped? :D

British Oct 25, 2015

Bullshit pics haha

2borg Oct 16, 2015


Mani2312 Oct 08, 2015

Believe it Kentaro, there were sexy nudes apparently but I didn't see any. :(

CLARK KENTaro Oct 06, 2015

I find it hard to believe any female on Tw is not fat and ugly

Mani2312 Oct 05, 2015

Shaun, no you can't.

Shaun Sep 11, 2015

sexy can i

2pacZ Sep 09, 2015

yo i want u 2 be in my rap song as a side chick you'd fit in nice and gr8 opportunity tbh

delicacy Aug 27, 2015

hey beautiful

WO Aug 24, 2015

woodsmash with the force of 1000 levis

Shaun Aug 18, 2015

You are gorgeous

Havok Aug 16, 2015

JeezuZ <3

Stylez Aug 14, 2015

Nm, it's tile flooring, wish you could delete/edit posts... :/

Stylez Aug 14, 2015

You can tell your latest photo has been photochopped, you have a streamline down your arm where the carpet is where you tried to fix the image. Good try though...

Tabo Aug 13, 2015

Look at you all growed up ^.^

Dropout Bear Aug 11, 2015

do you eat clean 6 meals a day 7 days a week? whatever you're doing its working, no wk

Dropout Bear Aug 10, 2015

can i buy you a cheeseburger?

Nessy Aug 08, 2015

That there looks like Elk mtn in Chilliwack. I've been there, cool hike.

Myollnir Aug 06, 2015


Havok Aug 05, 2015

Yeah I still would.

Cres Jul 12, 2015

not feelin the eyebrows g

Mr.Todolorosso Jul 04, 2015

Man you are hot as hell. I'd take you out for a cup of coffee for sure. Maybe even a date. Too bad, I live half way across the globe.

joemommA Jun 23, 2015

how far are u from ohio again??

smashingup <zh> Jun 14, 2015

This is a popular wall... i wonder why... nice photos... blah blah blah.... boom

Primary Jun 06, 2015

kinky girl is ugly as fuck dude like i dunno why she's frontin lol

Second Shot May 31, 2015

remember me?

Grandias May 29, 2015

;P lookin good

Frightful May 28, 2015

Seeing this lake reminds me of my old professor, Kirk Picnic. He used to shoot lasers at monkeys to see if they understood real pain. Then he'd laugh and ask about the next episode of Hey Arnold.

Frightful May 11, 2015

Slash reminds me of Frank Trash, an old roommate I used to have. He went on and on about how he thought pigs were tiny wizards trapped in flabby pig bodies.

Kinky-Girl May 10, 2015

I slash your ugly throat

Kamakazzi May 10, 2015

I'm gonna squash this with an unbiased opinion. Piggy is FAR better looking than the kinky chick. never talked to either, but from first looks... im pretty sure piggy wont slash my tires

Frightful May 10, 2015

Speaking of stinky. My neighbor used to smell like banana peppers and banana slugs. Oddly enough, he owned two VCRs. He also owns a patent for a remote control car made entirely out of pancakes.

Money May 10, 2015

hey kinky unblacklist me so we can anal

Kinky-Girl May 09, 2015

Second Shot May 09, 2015

oink oink

Wazzaaa.NL May 07, 2015

lol u still use leopard print stuff? that's a bit too oldfashioned

2pacZ May 07, 2015

cross-fit u need that i see no muscles

Money May 06, 2015

LOL she said bae, confirmation of fatty with fake pics confirmed

Frightful May 06, 2015

I used to know a guy named Rattlesnake Bob. He used to call tomatoes toe-mah-toes. We laughed at him when he bought AA batteries for his toaster.

LiL*PiGGy May 05, 2015

I used to have a bob, my neck is too long lmao it doesn't suit me as much as long hair does

Kinky-Girl May 05, 2015

A Bob would look better on you.

LiL*PiGGy May 05, 2015

Bae. My forehead is actually quite small. It's how I angle the photos, and how I style my hair. My hair is always away from my face. Eyebrows on point

Kinky-Girl May 05, 2015

Too bad your forehead is to big and I'm going to call you eyebrows from now on lmfao

Stylez May 04, 2015

and I have hippo fingers...

Stylez May 04, 2015

I know what you'll reply to the comment, but just wanted to say, thank you, first picture of your I've seen that makes you look like a normal girl, your face is the best seller, press that... Just saying.

Frightful Apr 27, 2015

I remember Nigel thought he was a popcorn wizard. He would don his crown made of an empty Orville Redenbacher's popcorn bag and cast spells. I still remember when he gave me +3 intelligence.

Cres Apr 26, 2015

*grabs popcorn for another kinkygirl rage session*

Frightful Apr 25, 2015

Unlike his father, Nigel never spent the night sleeping in the decaying carcass of a deceased circus clown. Also, he owned many hats and pieces of string.

2pacZ Apr 25, 2015

yo u done breaking the internets

LiL*PiGGy Apr 25, 2015

I'm not worried about my body, I know there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately it doesn't match up to "your" standards, so thank god you're not the one in it aye?

Kinky-Girl Apr 25, 2015

well at least you know it's an illusion HA.

LiL*PiGGy Apr 25, 2015

uhm it's called a waist trainer, it helps curve you more to give that illusion. Thank you for noticing my body though(:

Kinky-Girl Apr 25, 2015

Stuff your bra much hoe?

Frightful Apr 22, 2015

My childhood friend Nigel Whiplash loved Mariah Carey. One time, he used a Ouija board to summon the spirit of the guy who invented grass-fed beef. Nigel really enjoyed the theory of counterclockwise.

2pacZ Apr 22, 2015

nigga lookin like mariyah carrie's new album cover "fake"

Money Apr 15, 2015

lol still postin faked pics i see

2pacZ Apr 14, 2015

yo nigga you done posting pictures u breakin the internets like kim kardashian

CMdros Apr 09, 2015

Are you real?

Monkaria Apr 05, 2015

Oink, oink. You're finally legal, because that butt was making a lot of people commit crimes.

punjar Apr 01, 2015

but irl piggy forrsurree. dat ass doe :p

Banks Mar 23, 2015

Lol. Best internet chick fight ive ever read.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 22, 2015


Kinky-Girl Mar 22, 2015

BTW nice duck face hoe.

Kinky-Girl Mar 22, 2015

Why yes you're a hoe bag.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 21, 2015

Pcee thot

Kinky-Girl Mar 21, 2015

You say bullshit right here that's good enough for me hoe.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 21, 2015

I look like a man? Holy fuck, you're comedy bitch, get your ratchet ass off my page. Notice how I can take the criticism and you can't? Lmfao black listed me.

Kinky-Girl Mar 21, 2015


Kinky-Girl Mar 21, 2015

Oh cry me a river you look like a FucKing

LiL*PiGGy Mar 21, 2015

You're ridiculous LMFAO, your face looks warped you twat

Kinky-Girl Mar 21, 2015

Nice arm looks pretty warped to me hahahah nice try whore. You wish you had an asset to your name.

Maddilox Mar 20, 2015


Banks Mar 19, 2015

Pretty sure lil piggy uses subspace as Instagram :Q

2pacZ Mar 19, 2015


Maddilox Mar 17, 2015


uuu Mar 15, 2015

gg +1 to Lil*piggy <3

Frightful Mar 11, 2015

The look on her face was of complete surprise, like a 73 year old man with a glass eye who just found out he's pregnant with twins.

aFri Mar 08, 2015

da fuq.. when did you get a huge ass and become insanely hot

Frightful Mar 07, 2015

She giggled sheepishly. Her laugh was like a hyena if he understood human language and just heard a great joke about a priest and Obama entering a bar.

Frightful Mar 07, 2015

He stared into her eyes, peering deeply into her retinas. His glance was intense, like those googly eyes stickers, only less googly and more eyes.

Frightful Mar 07, 2015

This was the moment she'd been waiting for. He kissed her. His kisses were mushy, like a bag of oranges run over by a bulldozer.

Dropout Bear Mar 06, 2015

i sentence kinky-girl and lil piggy to a tickle fight in bra and pantie! STAT!

Havok Mar 05, 2015

Im thinking maybe to prove kinky wrong you should post some ass shots and do a side-by side comparison with your head. Make sure you post it on here for me to judge. Your friend Havok (I would still do you over kinky any day).

Kinky-Girl Mar 04, 2015


LiL*PiGGy Mar 04, 2015

? You're fucking retarded too, lmao real dime right here

Kinky-Girl Mar 03, 2015

So is your face bitch.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 03, 2015

Your insults are so irrelevant. You're hungry for positive attention, sorry you're not gonna get any hahaha disgusting slut

Kinky-Girl Mar 02, 2015

Yeah ok you dumb big headed whore.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 02, 2015

Jealous ugly ass bitch hahaha

LiL*PiGGy Mar 02, 2015

Hahahah you're naaaaasty! Don't even get me started about your looks, you're the most ratchet looking bitch I've ever seen. You look like a hit and quit at most

Kinky-Girl Mar 02, 2015

Don't lie it sends you to hell where you should go :)

Frightful Mar 02, 2015

Kinky, since you blacklisted me, you remind me of my uncle, Wes Wilderness. He wanted nothing more than to look like a sickly lobster with diabetes. He would be proud to see that you accomplished his dream.

Frightful Mar 02, 2015

I am reminded of another story about Bruce Ironhide. When we would get bored in the summer, he would eat Sun Chips while I filled a barrel with potato salad.

Kinky-Girl Mar 02, 2015

your face does look like a fucking troll I think it's your wack eyebrows lol

Kinky-Girl Mar 01, 2015

naw I don't need bullshit from an ugly whore like you.

Kinky-Girl Mar 01, 2015

you look like you got a case of bad botox lmfao

LiL*PiGGy Mar 01, 2015

You're still a jealous little hoe aren't you. You'd love it if it was actually photo shop, haha sorry bitch some of us work for out bodies. Take me off of your black list and then talk shit.

Frightful Feb 14, 2015

Those yellow towels remind me of my childhood friend, Bruce Ironhide. He would put ketchup into his XBox and pretend it was bleeding! We nicknamed his dog Rat Banjo.

Kinky-Girl Feb 14, 2015

holy shit you could play the little girl cat women from gotham..her eyes are very spaced out like yours... lol

Kinky-Girl Feb 14, 2015

nice photoshop slut...

Havok Jan 28, 2015

Four years later.....and Id still do you.

BongHits&BigTits Jan 24, 2015

you are 10/10 incredibly hot, had to log in to say that.. don't come on here much these days, but all I can say is wow

Maddilox Jan 23, 2015


THecRiPT Jan 18, 2015


Cres Jan 01, 2015


Casket Dec 13, 2014

u wan sum fuk?

PrettyMadness Dec 01, 2014

:D YOU are the beauty! <3

uuu Nov 28, 2014

Looking good (:

qpr Sep 28, 2014

? u r jealous of how i look and unwilling to admit it. I was givin u friends' discount even. meanie

Missa <ZH> Sep 28, 2014

Where have you gone?!

qpr Sep 19, 2014

selfie-training by qpr, np

Sheriff Sep 06, 2014

Nice pics lilpiggy. And for the Frightful, Im pretty sure Uncle Wolfbane molested him.

qpr Sep 03, 2014


Frightful Aug 27, 2014

Hair...that reminds me of my old Uncle Wolfbane. He once told me "Hair is like snakes growing out of your head". I laughed at him as I ate my Wendy's Baconator.

PrettyMadness Aug 25, 2014


Frightful Aug 24, 2014

Speaking of Twinkies, I remember my Uncle Wolfbane had a soft spot for Hostess snacks. He once summoned the Scorpion of Tanzanar to retrieve the security keycodes for the nearby Hostess factory.

2pacZ Aug 24, 2014

stop the TWINKIES!

Frightful Aug 22, 2014

You know, my Uncle Wolfbane often spoke of magic. He once told me how the Axe of Gronoka could be used to cut any vine, regardless of its girth or thickness.

Havok Aug 21, 2014

Are you legal to fuck yet?

Frightful Aug 20, 2014

Neat picture. Reminds me of my Uncle Thaddeus Wolfbane. He used to hunt bears with only a wooden spoon and anteater urine.

Missa Jul 20, 2014

I hope that iPhone isn't cracked!

Last Standing Jul 16, 2014

well that's nice of you.. The cat in my pic was also a stray cat. Found her when she was only like 6 months old :D

Missa Jul 15, 2014

I miss you <3

Last Standing Jul 15, 2014

wooooow and here I thought I was a crazy cat man for having 2 cats. In comparison to me you're a zookeeper LOL!

LiL*PiGGy Jul 15, 2014

I missed you too primeberry :*

Missa Jul 14, 2014

Bacon! Are you alive?

Last Standing Jul 13, 2014

Just clean the litterbox daily and there won't be an odour. How many cats you have?

Primary Jul 11, 2014


Frightful Jul 11, 2014

I'm admiring your ability to keep your composure despite the fact that the Penguin King was recently overthrown by the Walrus of Wales. Mango prices will be skyrocketing.

Last Standing Jul 11, 2014

mirin the windex and bra color coordination

Frightful Jul 08, 2014

Adolescent Norwegian wallabies pillage local restaurants, searching emphatically for red skittles and Big City Slider Stations™. Bill Cosby challenged a banana slug to a violin contest.

2pacZ Jul 06, 2014

If you didn't be sucha super thot, my boy wouldn't have gotten that 1 year ban

2pacZ Jul 04, 2014

u done?

Frightful Jul 01, 2014

Lots of lesbian llamas lunged lackadaisically towards Lusty Leon's lasagna. Leon, likely lacking a loving life, launched large lemons at the llamas with his left limb.

PrettyMadness Jun 30, 2014

aww <3 thank you, beautimus!

Last Standing Feb 11, 2014


Hypnotix.702 Feb 07, 2014

I mish you piggy!

Frightful Jan 22, 2014

Corncob ambulances pollute our airways. Send a letter to your local spider monkey breeder to veto the new initiative which will make leprosy legal.

Primary Jan 22, 2014

u look so happy, good shit :)

RENZI Jan 12, 2014

id hit it

soupero Jan 12, 2014

hola chicka, ben je ok?

Frightful Jan 11, 2014

When Cap'n Crunch captured the Moon from Mr. Popper's Penguins, Dan Rather narrated the documentary while wearing a leopard print leotard.

Frogsk|n Dec 27, 2013

Staff got mad i was stealing a hot gamer and removed my comment. O and btw, she's mine. Not to burst your bubble but, stop trying. Ty

Machine of God Dec 23, 2013

dat ass

Frightful Dec 21, 2013

Grasshoppers investigate double homicides while wearing orange fedoras. Did you know panda venom causes mallard ducks to sell their furniture to monks?

Frightful Dec 15, 2013

Promiscuous lemurs forage S-Mart for grains and lemon wedges

PrettyMadness Dec 06, 2013

pretty lady!

Stylez Nov 30, 2013

P.s. If you wanna know what I'm really thinking, I think you're a hotty but with bad morale standards... I'm wasted right now, don't listen to me.

Stylez Nov 30, 2013

Thought you could handle the criticism... :/ Either way, wasn't saying "shit" you don't deserve, was more saying "shit" you need to hear, if you get that... Block me if you want, don't care, just typing what I think...

Stylez Nov 28, 2013

First, you're still an "attention seeker", I mean, posting pics of yourself posing is the definition of an attention whore. Second, I was only kidding, lay off the hatoraide. Third, life is life, perfection is a farce, we're all fucking retarded.

Piston Nov 28, 2013

havok is gay irl, these nerds

Havok Nov 26, 2013

ignore stylez. Id still do you.

Frightful Nov 26, 2013

Upon discovering Spaghetti O's in southern France, Kris Kringle exclaimed "Yahtzee!". Since that day, gophers gather annually and host festive parties.

Stylez Nov 25, 2013

P.s. Skyman's a sexy mofo...

SkyMan's Nov 25, 2013

Hot, wanna be my girlfriend, Piggy?? I always do hot with you in warbird duels, I can be hot with you in other things ^__^

Missa Nov 23, 2013


Frightful Nov 21, 2013

Stylez, there have been 8 Kings of Turkey since Mike Tyson retired. Did you know Rumpelstiltskin invented rhubarb-scented rubber bands?

Stylez Nov 20, 2013

Fun while it lasted, whatever that means...

Frightful Nov 19, 2013

Stylez, you bring up an interesting point. Did Poland really invade Sea World using a mixture of organic orange juice and diamond coated unicycles?

PrettyMadness Nov 19, 2013

havent saw you around in a while! cute new pics :) xo

Stylez Nov 18, 2013

I'm not looking for a reaction or anything, how paranoid you are when it comes to your own "self respect and self awareness" is bewildering to me. I asked myself how this all started and he/I replied, "don't give a shit".

Stylez Nov 18, 2013


Stylez Nov 18, 2013

Did you blacklist me? Way to win an argument bitchtits...

Beast Nov 18, 2013

I'm glad little piggy is getting sex irl now :)

Frightful Nov 18, 2013

If you're not careful, tomato worms will invest in low-cost mutual funds and Jean Claude Van Damme will build a town hall using only raviolis

Casket Nov 17, 2013

would smash

Yeist Nov 17, 2013

"She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends"

Stylez Nov 16, 2013

Fucking lag...

Stylez Nov 16, 2013

I may have started whatever this is, but you choosing to continue on and on with this makes you the insecure one and well, an overall dumbass, guess it's true, "the bigger the ass the more shit comes out". ;)

Stylez Nov 16, 2013

I may have started whatever this is, but you choosing to continue on and on with this makes you the insecure one and well, an overall dumbass, guess it's true, "the bigger the ass the more shit comes out". ;)

Stylez Nov 16, 2013

You, my dear, have problems... "so that's what is meant by continue your assumptional rant", you make little sense in your rants and can't even make a coherent sentence.

Stylez Nov 16, 2013

"Feel utterly humiliated"? It's the internet, I don't give a shit either way... I'll only continue on as long as you need me to... Whatever that means.

Stylez Nov 16, 2013

At this point you would have to bend over backwards... Thanks for blowing up my page with your girl rage btw. "Only self awareness is completely none of your god damn business", Still trying to wrap my head around this one.

Frightful Nov 15, 2013

If I had a quarter for every time Kool Aid vacuum banana peppers, clowns play checkers on the moon

2pacZ Nov 13, 2013

yo stylez, she got that booty injection

Stylez Nov 13, 2013

First, the background in your image is "crooked" already, second, Photoshop doesn't contort an image due to you modifying it in anyway. Stop trying to act as if you know and just stay true to yourself, that being a dumb ass with no self awareness...

RENZI Nov 13, 2013

whats a need fuck

Primary Nov 12, 2013

<3 Come sit on Santa Primary's lap and tell me what you want for xmas :)

Stylez Nov 12, 2013

Lol, shit looks so photochopped... If not, then, my bad, what's up?

Little Fuzzy Nov 12, 2013

Aww, my Piggy's all growed up!

LiL*PiGGy Nov 12, 2013

lmfao @ ass stuffing. yeah okay buddy, you mad im a model? rofl.

Kin Killer Nov 11, 2013

bullshit! haha nice bra stuffing and ass stuffing

Havok Nov 11, 2013

Id still do....your dog.

Havok Nov 11, 2013

Still can't get over you sending those to that need fuck Renzi....

Moltenrock Oct 11, 2013

Oh...well, nice hair though!

Moltenrock Oct 04, 2013

Damn rude af, did you ditch that whack bf yet?

PrettyMadness Sep 14, 2013

well, i love it! the style and the color. you pull it off very well, pretty lady!

weed master.. Sep 13, 2013

awesome hair!!

PrettyMadness Sep 11, 2013

ahhh!!! that hair color is BEAUTIMUS!!! <3

pee pee sock Sep 11, 2013

is that ur son? u 2 look alike

Stylez Sep 10, 2013

I'll admit, you look hot in that pic... But you're still a skank.

Affliction Sep 10, 2013

HOT DAMN! If for every time I see a beautiful babe I get a quarter, then guess how much money I have by now? I WOULD STILL HAVE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. =D

Hypnotix.702 Sep 10, 2013

Pretty lady. Nice hurr. :]

Maddilox Aug 28, 2013


SkyMan's Aug 27, 2013

Nice boobies, more pictures please!

biPolar Bear Aug 27, 2013

I would love to lick pizza toppings off your face. But not Primary's. That would be ew.

Primary Aug 19, 2013

fuck these pictures, get on so we can shoot some shit! and rub pizza on our fuckin faces! then shoot some more shit but miss cause of the pizza grease!

biPolar Bear Aug 19, 2013


biPolar Bear Aug 19, 2013

yo stylez

Stylez Aug 15, 2013

Fuck, can't correct typo's on here, I = you

Stylez Aug 15, 2013

First time I've seen you respectable, I look better this way... You're still a crazy ass hooker, but at least now you look decent.

Pressure Aug 12, 2013

haha wut do u expect

biPolar Bear Aug 11, 2013

also hi

biPolar Bear Aug 11, 2013

people say you have nudes but i dunno what to think. this excites me though

hoodoo Aug 09, 2013


Pressure Aug 05, 2013

haha not all gamers :P

Moltenrock Aug 05, 2013

Bro you still alive?

Primary Aug 04, 2013

<returns cat stoned> -_-

Primary Aug 04, 2013

damn right im mad <steals cat> damn cute ass cat -_-

Pressure Aug 04, 2013

o and pps def never got his d wet before

Pressure Aug 04, 2013

lol display has 0 game g

SkyMan's Aug 04, 2013

Delicious ^__^

Primary Aug 03, 2013

my dick, ur small mouth, lemme know

Display Jul 30, 2013

just ?messaged you

Display Jul 29, 2013

u got instagram or anythin?

Display Jul 29, 2013

all these kids are thirsty for you.. and they aren't even good lookin

Stylez Jul 28, 2013

and a toothbrush...

Stylez Jul 28, 2013

Just wondering, why do you have more prescription medication in your bathroom than anything else? In fact, that's all I see in your bathroom... WARNING SIGNS!

Stylez Jul 26, 2013

If I put it in your butt, would that still make me a fag? Makes you think, aye...?

Stylez Jul 25, 2013

It's called down syndrome, pee pee sock... I'm more concerned about the wrinkles in her forehead, girls gonna look 40 at the age of 20...

Paradise Jul 23, 2013

Love ya!

SkyMan's Jul 23, 2013

Hot chick, small tits but delicious, Yum Yum.....

manufactured Jul 08, 2013

All this sexism, hate and disrespect on your profile page. It's a disgusting reminder of society's filth when hiding behind the internets.

Moltenrock Jun 22, 2013

Still alive bro?

SPECCER* Jun 21, 2013

wtf are those pants and i thought all girls had some fashion sense

pee pee sock Jun 19, 2013

lol? sry eh?

pee pee sock Jun 19, 2013

here pussy pussy pussy, niice pussy, who`s a good pussy? ur a good pussy. yes u r, yes u rrr. nice pussy, come here pussy, jump up on my lap, that's a nice pussy

Frogsk|n Jun 17, 2013

U hot 267-826-1024 ;)

lopist Jun 16, 2013

shiiietttttt . ;)

Paradise Jun 09, 2013

Well Howdy there, Miss Thang!

Cres May 29, 2013

Rasaq> dat ass

PrettyMadness May 29, 2013

thanks boo :) you too

Practice Target-094 May 18, 2013

Will I be mad? Quite the opposite.

Fozzcat <ZH> May 03, 2013

Meow =^.^=

Practice Target-094 Apr 30, 2013

Are you old enough to whore yourself out yet?

Primary Mar 26, 2013


Primary Mar 26, 2013


Primary Mar 26, 2013


Primary Mar 26, 2013


Shaun. Mar 20, 2013

damnnnnnn, gorg. I definitely would tickle your elmo. <3333.. btw Nice puddy-tat!

Dropout Bear Mar 03, 2013

i dunno about her but i give jebass a reach around to join pala

SPECCER* Mar 01, 2013

who did u sleep with to join pala

Channabis Feb 21, 2013

:) what a cute kee-cat!

Missa Feb 11, 2013

Where did your pretty pictures go?!

LiL*PiGGy Jan 05, 2013

G.R.R.R. Mad?

G.R.R.R. Jan 05, 2013

forgive me, but why dont you just get a tattoo on your back that says I FUCK BLACK DUDES

LiL*PiGGy Jan 04, 2013

My tattoo isn't done yet!

duckrager Jan 04, 2013

i cannot read what is on your back.

Tabo Jan 04, 2013

Gorgeous darling

Channabis Dec 21, 2012


Heisman Dec 19, 2012

Id beat that pussy up

Little Fuzzy Dec 18, 2012


Casket Dec 18, 2012

nice pussy :D

Amnesti Nov 21, 2012

So why r ppl writing so much to u? I can tell u that im a model and best looking guy in ss. Ty

Missa Nov 20, 2012

I haven't in forever! But I kinda was thinking about it! :x

board Oct 30, 2012

why the hearts around bane?! you'd kiss that mask?! im so confused

BongHits Oct 23, 2012

hi ;p

The Blind Wingman Oct 18, 2012

See if you can recognise this young chap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT-Ztj4qNUQ

Kin Killer Oct 16, 2012

Because we are best friends..hmmmm, wink slap

FozzY2K Oct 14, 2012

Meow mew mew meow mmmrrow mew meow =^.^=

Mani2312 Oct 13, 2012

Lol. :p

Mani2312 Oct 12, 2012

Do try to get along. :(

Mani2312 Oct 12, 2012

I see. :p

LiL*PiGGy Oct 12, 2012

Why do you talk like Kinky girl.. hmmmm, wink wink

Mani2312 Oct 10, 2012

I see. :O

Kin Killer Oct 10, 2012

I had proof cuntface xD

Mani2312 Oct 10, 2012

People talk about you often, but I never see you. :(

Missa Oct 09, 2012

Oh bacon! How I miss you too! <3

Kin Killer Oct 09, 2012

I hear yer mom use to play tw i'm sure shes proud of her lil ugly whore

Kin Killer Oct 09, 2012

noones has muffin top you ugly nasty whore and you still have no ass lmfao.

Mani2312 Oct 05, 2012

You have nude pics? :O

Kin Killer Oct 04, 2012

Saw your nude pics fuckin nasty.

ZypheN Oct 01, 2012

he's hot.

JessicaAbla Oct 01, 2012

Bane was good (although I liked Dark Knight so much better). I saw it at 12am opening day. I wore these, lol. http://i48.tinypic.com/2dqijix.jpg

Practice Target-094 Sep 22, 2012


Practice Target-094 Sep 21, 2012

I guess when your profile said you were 19, you upped it by a year or something =p

Practice Target-094 Sep 21, 2012

pfft, are you joking?

Practice Target-094 Sep 21, 2012

Hey lil piggy, how old are you?

Practice Target-094 Sep 21, 2012

Bitch, I asked how old you are.

Jill Shortmilk Sep 19, 2012


Jill Shortmilk Sep 19, 2012

I sent you a message on subspace, log to check it out okok

Money Sep 18, 2012

lol never been on gun

Money Sep 15, 2012

careful shes a 14 yr old giving out nudes and reporting ppl to fbi

VectorGTS Sep 13, 2012

Hey, I had to do some things irl, but now seems like coming back to ss is a sweet idea xD

delicacy Sep 07, 2012

little hottie!

Practice Target-094 Sep 06, 2012

How old are you?

Practice Target-094 Sep 05, 2012

Hi You.

Kyle Hester Sep 04, 2012


BongHits Aug 23, 2012

when u gonna let me cut

Heisman Aug 22, 2012

LOL the dress shot looks like ur thinking.. "these creeps making me take ANOTHER one."

megaman89 Aug 16, 2012

You trying to get pregnant wearing those dresses?

Display Aug 14, 2012

then she be like goddamn i dont rly fuck with niggas but this du got mad inches

Display Aug 14, 2012

fucked thsi bitch from the back & she squealin hard.. she say ohh papi display u ma daddy nigga for real

Moltenrock Aug 13, 2012

Wow, you get hotter while I was gone?

Buried Aug 13, 2012

just stunning like always.

jesska Aug 09, 2012

just make sure you don't have a kid for that reason because unfortunately they go away after you stop breastfeeding, hahaha

soupero Aug 08, 2012

luv u

soupero Aug 08, 2012

y u so adorable

jesska Aug 08, 2012

thanks! hahaha.. free boob job :p

duckrager Aug 07, 2012

Make your bed up and give me a puppy plz

WarSong Aug 06, 2012


Jill Shortmilk Aug 06, 2012

Thanks baby!! You're quite the bombshell yourself ;) And RDJ made me giggle so hard..

Evade Aug 06, 2012

nice pics..i miss ya baby girl

Sheriff <ZH> Aug 06, 2012

clean your room, babe

JessicaAbla Aug 01, 2012

His movies are the best and he can soften your clothes at the same time, what could be better.

Little Fuzzy Aug 01, 2012

His name is Tony Stark, get it right! ... also, <3.

Havok Jul 12, 2012

Id Still do you.

Bad-Reputation Jul 08, 2012

whos the annorexic ugly fucker? your talking about on my wall lol.! and babe your BEAUTIFUL!!! DROP DEAD <3 xoxox

VectorGTS Jul 04, 2012

Hey you :)

SkyMan's Jun 30, 2012

Hmmmmmm good p@ssy

Display Jun 28, 2012

wow u beautiful

TranceTunes Jun 26, 2012


Buried Jun 25, 2012

good to hear!.im fine thx :>

soupero Jun 24, 2012

where u at lik pikky, I miss you <3

Monkaria Jun 24, 2012

Sure, just promise not to show me your penis again. :p My exams are finally over... I've been making a tomb raider level.

Monkaria Jun 22, 2012

Back. Sup.

Buried Jun 21, 2012

nice new material.how u doin shianne?

Monkaria Jun 18, 2012

My last exam week is this week. THEN I'LL BE BACK.

Jizoint Jun 18, 2012

whats with the vag shot?

Cape Jun 13, 2012

Ey girl what your name is

Kin Killer Jun 13, 2012

Why yes..sexeh old me

ZypheN Jun 13, 2012

Flat stomachs = sexy

Dropout Bear Jun 13, 2012

you look hot in that blue dress. Dropout Bear approved.

Mossad Jun 13, 2012

you are beutiful

TranceTunes Jun 09, 2012

if i'm ever in BC we will smoke and dine!

Pea Souper Jun 05, 2012

lol thanks hun! yankee soldiers do suck i must say. haha Canadian and proud!

Mobey Jun 04, 2012

i want a cavapoo, cross between a cavalier spaniel and poodle and i'm not even joking, that's its real name.

Mobey Jun 03, 2012

i'd say cute, borderline evil looking haha. what breed is she?

Mobey May 29, 2012

o ty. I don't know why but that dog's expression makes me lol everytime.

TranceTunes May 26, 2012

ok it's never going to work..fuck it. it was 2 big macs and 6 piece nuggets.

TranceTunes May 26, 2012

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=86244106429 2&l=ab175d2f62 i'm attempting to show you how much better my mcdonalds is.

TranceTunes May 26, 2012

http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3240/299398862441 06429237089.jpg im not giving up until i get a fucking picture link to work now.

TranceTunes May 26, 2012

okay wtf. this is what i meant to post. http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3240/299398862441 06429237089.jpg

TranceTunes May 26, 2012

sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/299398_862441064 292_370891137_n.jpg

TranceTunes May 26, 2012

http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/299398_86 2441064292_370891137_n.jpg

Primary May 15, 2012

omg your dog and my rabbit would have the cutest puppies!

Myollnir May 12, 2012

ew mcdonalds

NO <3 May 08, 2012

Yez poor grammar knocks my socks off... ;)

Rocket Soldier May 06, 2012

McDonalds ftwwwwwwww!

Little Fuzzy May 04, 2012

I spy a little fuzzy on your lap there....

Moltenrock May 04, 2012

MISS ME? Just say yes to make me feel better.

NO <3 May 02, 2012

your so good

NO <3 Apr 29, 2012

aw dayum reposts fail. had tw up all day and hit reload page :(

NO <3 Apr 29, 2012

does canada not give toys with their kids meal?

NO <3 Apr 29, 2012

does canada not give toys with their kids meal?

LiL*PiGGy Apr 27, 2012

LOL at the comment below. Hahahahaha im not going to disagree because I think im ugly too babe hahaha that one was a win $

A Ginger Apr 27, 2012

you're face looks like a messed up chipmunk.

BooBiesYAY Apr 15, 2012

i have that same hoodie lol, its green though by quicksilver i bought it in atlantic city with comps.. u rock it better though.

G.R.R.R. Apr 09, 2012

you are pretty cute for a 15 yr old who can't dress. maybe we could get a milkshake togehter and then go to a canadian "hockey" gaeme. -your secret love "g.r.r.r.r"

Mobey Apr 08, 2012

god damn that is one hot mirror, i mean, look at that high quality frame, phwoaar.

Heisman Apr 07, 2012

LF you 40 years old. KIlll yourself u low life creeper. Over. And. Out

LF Apr 01, 2012

Gorgeous, especially in jeans :>

ToK Mar 31, 2012

SNAP* thats you lil*Piggy haha wowza

Primary Mar 30, 2012

<cleans monitor> got a little carried away :S

LiL*PiGGy Mar 22, 2012

Wait what? I just took it off because it looked too similar. hahaha, same with your pics babe. put another necklace in your mouth and post it.

Heisman Mar 22, 2012

sex me

absurd99 Mar 19, 2012

<3 <3 <3

Jill Shortmilk Mar 18, 2012

it's just because of the babe pose, it's easy! :D

Oranje Feb 27, 2012

why is this whore giving out her phone# to every random tw player that hits on her?

Display Feb 24, 2012

how mush for you

Display Feb 22, 2012

plz tell me how mush?

Heisman Feb 22, 2012

a year* not an hour.. woww tardin

Heisman Feb 22, 2012

? slum was my bitch for over an hour. Make a pic that says I wanna fuck heisman. thanks

Kyle Hester Feb 12, 2012


Randle Feb 11, 2012

camel toe (first to call it)

Lens Feb 09, 2012

Your thumb is weird.

Buried Feb 06, 2012


Kid Kaos Feb 02, 2012

You gotta smile more piggy! :)

BrickRed Feb 01, 2012

it looks like ur hair weighs more than u do..

BooBiesYAY Jan 31, 2012

cute haircut, really pretty.

Jinbe Jan 31, 2012

No you are =], must be a bc thing =]]

NO <3 Jan 31, 2012

damn you are "LiL"

Cojafoji Jan 31, 2012

Canadians: always wearing live animals on their heads.

Heisman Jan 30, 2012

tryna get raped thru dem yoga pants gurl?

struck Jan 16, 2012


PIGSisPIGS Dec 31, 2011

Oh hai

Mossad Dec 29, 2011

sup lil, just wanted to tell you Happy New Year. hope you have a sweet good year.

Sulla Dec 29, 2011

ugly vancouver shirt

Lens Dec 29, 2011

not that haircut.

Lens Dec 21, 2011

Still waiting for that haircut from you!

Rocket Soldier Dec 10, 2011


BrickRed Dec 07, 2011

Did she put u on the grill after? mmm grilled bacon

BrickRed Dec 05, 2011

Has your sis let u out the freezer yet?

Steep Dec 02, 2011

rofl i was looking monkarias wall saw u post some hockey related stuff and didnt read properly thought u said canucks only canadian team in your opinion

Steep Dec 02, 2011

oh my my bad didnt read properly, as usual

Steep Dec 02, 2011

what? did you say edmonton is not canadian?

Foreign Nov 29, 2011

It's aight, you were not that far off. It's still pacific northwest, though I guess that shouldn't surprise me since you live there :)

VectorGTS Nov 29, 2011

Hehe, I miss all of you too, but i've got plenty of things to do aaand unfortunately have got any time for ss.. Probably in a few months i'll come back. How are things in Dependency going? Are you still in it? Havent spoken to Dan for a long time now..

Foreign Nov 29, 2011

seattle, wa, usa actually. we did go to victoria, bc later though

Cinq Nov 28, 2011

cause i live for the gag!!

Buried Nov 25, 2011


hanz-poop Nov 24, 2011

What in the hell is that?

Antonio Cromartie Nov 23, 2011

thanks :D even though it's a late reply.

Lens Nov 21, 2011

impressive trollface

VectorGTS Nov 20, 2011

9gaggin all life long $$ :D

Sakura Nov 18, 2011

canucks are my fav team by far!

Monkaria Nov 18, 2011

Oooooooooooooooooooooooook. :3 I wouldn't know, I live in London, England. xD

Dropout Bear Nov 17, 2011

i only suck up to the hot chix of tw's.

Dropout Bear Nov 17, 2011

bat, ty. u sexy boi u

Bat Nov 17, 2011

Dropbears suck up level is out the roof 10/10 ass kisser 2011

Bat Nov 17, 2011

Rest in Peace Rick Ryphen 37 <3

Dropout Bear Nov 17, 2011

dont worry lilpiggy. i was asking why pee pee sock was being a sore asshole. I was standing up for you. :)

Monkaria Nov 17, 2011

Canucks are people that live in Canada, ARE THEY NOT?

Monkaria Nov 17, 2011

CA-NA-DA! CA-NA-DA! My sister lived in Canada for a year.

Dropout Bear Nov 17, 2011

pps y u so paind in teh glute? LOL

pee pee sock Nov 16, 2011

nasty ass white trailer park trash lookin muther fuker. wouldnt even let my dog fuk u. ignored.

slum Nov 11, 2011

when can i get inside ya baby

Joey Nov 08, 2011

cuz, you always nice to me. =)

BrickRed Nov 08, 2011


soupero Nov 07, 2011


Jill Shortmilk Nov 06, 2011

Going to need a fireproof room for that ;)

absurd99 Nov 06, 2011

sure neigborino

hanz-poop Nov 04, 2011

Eggs and Bacon....Lil*Piggy.

Joey Nov 04, 2011

miss you girl

Monkaria Nov 02, 2011

nowayjose :p I'll add a pic whenever

Monkaria Nov 01, 2011


Antimatter Oct 31, 2011

O you lost weight. I would allow 3some w/ u.

Lens Oct 26, 2011

could be

Shock Oct 26, 2011

i'd hit it.

Moltenrock Oct 25, 2011

Check your ?messages

Lens Oct 25, 2011

everywhere? please?

BobbyLight Oct 24, 2011

aww thanks piggy! ur so kind...u just made my day :)

BobbyLight Oct 23, 2011

piggy! I still think ur a man.

Postman Pat! Oct 23, 2011

y u so sexy? x

soupero Oct 23, 2011

hey beautiful

Moltenrock Oct 21, 2011

Be more social like me, cool kid!

Moltenrock Oct 20, 2011

You're never on when I am!

ZypheN Oct 20, 2011

LOL. Actually if you're a fat person at heart like me you never hear the beep because you pull the food out a second early.

Moltenrock Oct 19, 2011

Why are you never on TW...I have no one to hit on except random newbs =/

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 19, 2011

You :).

hanz-poop Oct 18, 2011

That's why I would like it.

hanz-poop Oct 17, 2011

I'd like that picture of you in the water a lot more if you were a bit further back.......and drowning <3

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 16, 2011

you this hot? :P

Star Fox Oct 15, 2011

Molson is a Canadian beer company, and XXX is their strong variant. I tried it when in Canada. Ever had it?

Children Oct 15, 2011

haha :P always give me a good laugh MUUUH girl

Children Oct 14, 2011

I dont? LOL

Star Fox Oct 14, 2011

Molson XXX!

Dropout Bear Oct 13, 2011

You'll have to start cheering for the Jets. we need hot young wimminz to attract new fans. AND U R 1!

lopist Oct 13, 2011

its not ..let me kno wen ur in toronto

lopist Oct 13, 2011

ok there mosquito bites.stfu b4 i facial u

hanz-poop Oct 13, 2011


hanz-poop Oct 13, 2011

Yeah, isn't that how it works?

Jill Shortmilk Oct 13, 2011

am a model fer ducks <3

lopist Oct 12, 2011

david your a tard

Children Oct 11, 2011


Dubstep<3 Oct 11, 2011

Who are they are they like a hockey team?

hanz-poop Oct 10, 2011

That or Ryan Reynolds - depends on what I have eaten that day.

Die When Hit!! Oct 10, 2011

Hey Lil*Piggy, I love you! You are a fan of the Canucks, just like I am ;-). Greetings!

Dubstep<3 Oct 10, 2011

Thanks your really pretty! I love your hair! Your so lucky to live in Canada I've always wanted to go there.

Jill Shortmilk Oct 10, 2011

am this duck

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

I was on SS for like 4 hours! Miss i only play 10 mins at a time.

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

That's riiight Piggy!, I dun snatched up all yo eye candy! $$

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

No more gingers, or public friend pictures :D

hanz-poop Oct 04, 2011

Flights and venue booked. <3

LiL*PiGGy Oct 04, 2011

gtfo. whore.

hanz-poop Oct 02, 2011

Are you proposing?

struck Oct 02, 2011

am not this liar wow. 8<, xxoxo

Moltenrock Oct 01, 2011

And you look better with blonde hi-lights by the way.

Moltenrock Oct 01, 2011

You need to stop uploading pictures, heart can't take it anymore. And I can't afford to fly to Canada.

struck Oct 01, 2011

why u da best? ^__^

hanz-poop Oct 01, 2011

That is fantastic. Maybe I do love retards...maybe I'm a retard? Lets be retarded together.

Lens Oct 01, 2011

lolol hunt.

PIGSisPIGS Oct 01, 2011

i keed i keed

Hunt Sep 30, 2011

true true just curious i guess wasnt rly meant to be creepy

struck Sep 30, 2011


Yeist Sep 30, 2011

haha, my ginger friend? :P

Hunt Sep 30, 2011

canucks!! what school did you go to

Lens Sep 29, 2011

No you.

PIGSisPIGS Sep 29, 2011


hanz-poop Sep 27, 2011

Hmmmmmm.....you reckon? Prove it.

Monkaria Sep 27, 2011

But cmon, real pros use proper brands like Audio Technica xD

Lens Sep 27, 2011

They would all be so jelly.

Bat Sep 26, 2011

Kids, Thats how I met your mother

Bat Sep 26, 2011

ur all wasting ur time she only dates canuck fans like myself #goodgame

Monkaria Sep 26, 2011

You can wear them if you want <3

Monkaria Sep 26, 2011

I was going down from the 6th floor <3 How nice of you, thank you! Do you like my big headphones? LOL

hanz-poop Sep 26, 2011

That's cool. I like retards.

Primary Sep 26, 2011

that's exactly why i upped the pic i was like "damn that looks like piglet and i often enjoy an inspection or two that's me!"

Primary Sep 26, 2011

<licks the plate> mm another juicy female continuum player served up still warm to the touch...mmmmMMmmM

hanz-poop Sep 25, 2011

You're retarded?

ReBirth Sep 25, 2011

hmmm, pretty nice...you could get it :o

Lollys Sep 25, 2011

Thanks. You too :)

Children Sep 24, 2011

suh suh g

Nimrook Sep 24, 2011

looking good!

Primary Sep 24, 2011

fell asleep on keyboard D:

Primary Sep 24, 2011

jnhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkk kkkkkkkkkkk;njknnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Primary Sep 24, 2011


Primary Sep 24, 2011

is ok

Primary Sep 24, 2011

she doesn't have to know shhh

Primary Sep 24, 2011


Primary Sep 24, 2011


Primary Sep 24, 2011

<wave> hi jill

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<jill walks by nude>

Primary Sep 24, 2011


Primary Sep 24, 2011


Primary Sep 24, 2011

is a seekret

Primary Sep 24, 2011

secret code

Primary Sep 24, 2011

you don't even wanna know what i said below

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<જે ખરેખર માત્ર ડુક્કર બાકીના છે હું બેકોન>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<4 hours pass> <comes back in the fridge to nibble on the leftovers>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<wraps the leftover man breast in foil for later>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<feeds his man breast nipple first to cojafoji> shh accept.

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<fries on medium again> yeah fuck the word fry didnt like the y

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<seasons his man breast>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<rubs left over oil on body>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<eats with a nice rye bread>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

maybe i mean fry's? either way...

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<unwrap and fries on medium>

Primary Sep 24, 2011

<wraps himself in bacon and sit marinating in the nude> i make...love you...

2pacZ Sep 23, 2011


2pacZ Sep 22, 2011

sup shannnnnnnnnn

Timid Tiger Sep 22, 2011

have you SEEN vin deisel, jill? he's old, he hasn't got any hair, and he's got a perfectlt round little head that opens and shuts like a muppet when he talks. i mean, why would you want to parody yourself as that bald, talentless git???

Jill Shortmilk Sep 22, 2011

Piglet how much more would you love me if I shaved my head and had my name changed to Vin Diesel?

Bruno Mars. Sep 22, 2011

HAHAHAHA EW!!! that guy was so pathetic!!

Jill Shortmilk Sep 22, 2011

Because you'd be too hot for the world to handle? Natural is the best way to go, seriously... just do it!

Bruno Mars. Sep 21, 2011

Dayyuum sis, mmm i'd hit that.

BongHits&BigTits Sep 21, 2011

ur hot! ;)

Dropout Bear Sep 21, 2011

cant you guys appreciate a beautiful woman when you see one? everyone should be showing respect. damn.

ZypheN Sep 21, 2011

Kinky-girl coming here to talk shit in 3 2 1..

Boofcat Sep 21, 2011

all these pretty girls on ss... i'd replace the teeny-bopper look, though. put you in a tailored dress with some pigtails.

Timid Tiger Sep 20, 2011

your ugly mask face is tediously vain, your spoilt litlte brat act is SOOO tedius, your pictures are pure vanity and poison, showing your own self loathing little girl, you are so sick, so predictable, so boring.. so lost.

Bat Sep 20, 2011

prob hottest pics Top 5 hottest, with me disown and you in the list so far, LOL cant wait for october <3 yeah yeah yeah 2nd photo all the way #YeahhhhBuddy

Timid Tiger Sep 20, 2011

so there i was, lil*piggy piggin' it and staring at my own embarssing relfection.

olde Sep 20, 2011

Well Thats because i can be a rude person Plus u look a lil bossy to me....

struck Sep 20, 2011

yay hockey xoxox ^__^

lopist Sep 19, 2011


Moltenrock Sep 18, 2011

You're an evil girl.

Tabo Sep 18, 2011

Thank you my dear :-) your miss sexy thang if I say so myself.

Moltenrock Sep 17, 2011

Oh god, the things I would do to that anorexic twig.

Rocket Soldier Sep 17, 2011

No! I got 87234823014 things more to complain about! >:[

2pacZ Sep 16, 2011


Moltenrock Sep 16, 2011

Damn, should be illegal for you to wear bikinis.

Moltenrock Sep 16, 2011

K, I'm coming to Canada.

Moltenrock Sep 16, 2011

Marry me?

Rocket Soldier Sep 15, 2011

I can't help it! >.< I was stuck being one since day 1!

2pacZ Sep 15, 2011

u slow

2pacZ Sep 15, 2011

sup babes u dtf?

Cee Lo Sep 14, 2011

dats good news, get pumped! I don't lift weights though. Just eat fruits n veg and touch my toes everynight. Words ta live by...

danyell!! Sep 13, 2011

:D no u!

Cee Lo Sep 13, 2011

lookin healthy homie

Heisman Sep 13, 2011


olde Sep 13, 2011

Unno why u so bossy?

PIGSisPIGS Sep 12, 2011


Heisman Sep 12, 2011

whoevers in the raft behind you looks like they about to get mauled by a mini killer whale

Velvet*Assassin Sep 12, 2011

why so Sexy? !! Bakini BABEY!! <3 come party with me at my house and we both can bakini together :P

Heisman Sep 11, 2011

merry? anyways

Heisman Sep 11, 2011

wowowowow marry me?!

VectorGTS Sep 11, 2011

<3 jodi

Cee Lo Sep 08, 2011

we must b homies

Cee Lo Sep 07, 2011

oh sup i know you

Buried Sep 07, 2011


Velvet*Assassin Sep 07, 2011

thanks! yeah hes a lady man he picks up chicks everywhere lol hugs and kisses to random pretty ladys. and im not the only gorgeous one ;)

brotha flex Sep 07, 2011

Why do you have such a cute bum?

brotha flex Sep 07, 2011

cuz i workout for a living

Bruno Mars. Sep 07, 2011

y u so much prettier?

Velvet*Assassin Sep 07, 2011

Lol yeaa im back n action. alot of crap went on in the past 2 years so its been tough getting on.

MoNo. Sep 06, 2011

nuuuuu uuuuuu <3

MoNo. Sep 06, 2011

nuh uh lil piglet is the cutest :D

Boofcat Sep 05, 2011

i agree, i think it perfectly captures the sense of campness and hilarity of the internet culture that we all apart of. also: kudos on spreading the planking meme. well done indeed.

Novista Sep 05, 2011

Oh sure thing! Ill mail it to you homie

Novista Sep 04, 2011

Yeaah buddy, getting rid of it though

Monkaria Sep 03, 2011

Thx, the DJ headphones pull off my sexy look. You can be my bitch. <3

Monkaria Sep 03, 2011

Well, you know, I can't help being naturally beautiful.

Novista Sep 02, 2011

Badass truck

Boofcat Sep 02, 2011

http://stockingisthenewplanking.com/ get with the program, chief!

Monkaria Sep 02, 2011

LOL yes, with the scissors by the pig's throat, mmMMM turns me on.

Myollnir Sep 02, 2011

almost as kewl as ur rats <3

Myollnir Sep 01, 2011

rats are kewl :>

struck Sep 01, 2011

n you are liar, you are GG, cute smile welcome

Monkaria Sep 01, 2011

<3 I still have that toy pig

Boofcat Sep 01, 2011


struck Aug 31, 2011

why so cute?

Lizard Fuel Aug 30, 2011


Monkaria Aug 30, 2011


absurd99 Aug 30, 2011

Aww you're a warbird. My guess is that you guys were posing as warbirds, am I right? That's what it looks like LOL

struck Aug 29, 2011

ezpz, xoxoxox

Bruno Mars. Aug 29, 2011

Lmfao you dork!<3

fakiiri Aug 29, 2011

great pics :D

CoolT!ger9 Aug 29, 2011

Nice pics :D Pretty <3

Nessy <ZH> Aug 29, 2011

Best way to get the message across that you aren't interested in a guy who is coming on to you: Spontaneous plank.

Moltenrock Aug 24, 2011

How did that work out for you? lolll

qpr Aug 24, 2011

:D ilu2 :p

Moltenrock Aug 24, 2011

Hope you stayed safe during dinner. LOL.

qpr Aug 22, 2011


qpr Aug 22, 2011


PIGSisPIGS Aug 20, 2011

Oink. That is all.

CoolT!ger9 Aug 20, 2011

You're so pretty Lil :) <3

AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 15, 2011

when r we going out lil pikki

Monkaria Aug 14, 2011


AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 09, 2011

i love you

Snowhite Aug 06, 2011

Heya piggy! Sup? Hanging around in TW again:D!

soupero Aug 05, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Aug 04, 2011

sounds good.

Kinky-Girl Aug 04, 2011

either way one truck is going to be better then the other in one way how about agree on that.

PIGSisPIGS Aug 04, 2011


hungrywolf Aug 03, 2011

hello piggy, is that your truck?

LiL*PiGGy Aug 02, 2011

yeah, a dodge that has 100k worth of shit on it, my truck can look way better than an ugly ass dodge. you don't know shit about trucks, you're just trying to be "hot" knowing you know shit about them. lol

PIGSisPIGS Aug 02, 2011

KG mad cuz she got busted.

Kinky-Girl Aug 02, 2011

never said they were my cars dumbfuck Just showing how dodge is better then ford well that ford she has XD

PIGSisPIGS Aug 02, 2011

looks A LOT like kinky-girls "garage where she keeps her truck". i knew it looked familiar! I've been there before. BUSTED

PIGSisPIGS Aug 02, 2011

lol go to texasdirectauto.com I bought a jeep from them a few years ago. look at the showroom of the dealership these cars are in.

absurd99 Aug 02, 2011

You and your sister are stunning <3

LiL*PiGGy Aug 01, 2011

oh so, um you're going to pick on little imperfections from my sister now? go stalk someone elses page and think better of yourself before you start calling other people ugly.

Kinky-Girl Aug 01, 2011

Not an angle stupid flat peice of shit girl.

BrickRed Aug 01, 2011

You 2 are actually sisters?

Mobey Aug 01, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Aug 01, 2011

Is that all you can come up with kinky.. "your sister has a gap where her eyebrows should be..lmfao" maybe it's the angle. Grow up.

qpr Aug 01, 2011

@second shot; he was stating facts. Quit trying to get into kinky-girl's pants. We know you're desperate. Just get yourself a prostitute or so; so you wont have to pollute ppl's profiles anymore

ZypheN Jul 31, 2011

LOOL @ these comments to Kinky-girl. And an even bigger LOL @ kinky girl trying to call another girl ugly, ironic.

Kinky-Girl Jul 31, 2011

You ppl are sad sad sad peices of shit :/

qpr Jul 31, 2011


PIGSisPIGS Jul 31, 2011

kinky = fat

qpr Jul 31, 2011

LOL kinky-g mad coz of jealousy

Kinky-Girl Jul 30, 2011

who you? lol

Kinky-Girl Jul 30, 2011

Too bad your sis has a big ass gap on her forhead where her eye brows should be.. lmfao

Buried Jul 30, 2011

and another good picture!

MoNo. Jul 30, 2011

Aww ty! You and your older sister are goregous! Not so much like your brother hahah. Man he never played this game anymore!

MoNo. Jul 29, 2011

Yes mam. It's a hobby of mine. <3

Monkaria Jul 29, 2011


qpr Jul 29, 2011

Second shot polluting every girl's wall to try and get an e-date or so?

Buried Jul 26, 2011

Happy birthday shiannee!<3

Little Slick Jul 25, 2011

Hey <3

Monkaria Jul 24, 2011

<3 I even commemorated you on my twgallery.

Crackling Jul 23, 2011

lil pig lil pig let me in

Monkaria Jul 23, 2011

WAHAHAHA Your hair looks nice in that second last photo, where'd you get it done? <3

Buried Jul 21, 2011


LMFAOO Jul 19, 2011

no im the girl you thought i was.. LOL yes thats me.. sitting down not tiny :)

Jill Shortmilk Jul 17, 2011

Thanks! <3 Tell your friend to stop staring at me though, he's freaking me out

Buried Jul 15, 2011

mmm :)

Zombie Jul 14, 2011

So I was eating pigs in a blanket and thought of you under a blanket. Just sayin.

Klean-X Jul 13, 2011

Your pictures are really starting to freak me out.

PIGSisPIGS Jul 12, 2011


Buried Jul 11, 2011


BrickRed Jun 18, 2011

U canuck fans are jus crazy as fk.

qpr Jun 18, 2011

That guy with you on the pic, he's avale, is he not?

Buried Jun 15, 2011

phew :)

Cody w. Jun 13, 2011

nice nice

Buried Jun 12, 2011

umm nice.

Mossad Jun 10, 2011

cool, does she have lights and sirens with it? btw.. its not my car, its friends.

halfsleeve Jun 09, 2011

you're from van?!?! ...born n raised in the 604. can't be there cause of work right now DONT JUDGE ME! n yes NUCKS ALL THE WAY

megaman89 Jun 08, 2011

nah not really, just rihanna does she's my wifey

megaman89 Jun 06, 2011

just tie me up in your basement and dress me up. whips and chains excite me na na na na

megaman89 Jun 05, 2011

LOL, wow that was a little thought out. sort of scared now

megaman89 Jun 05, 2011

word, I'll send you my address. you start shipping and I'll play Ken

Badjob Jun 05, 2011

jus chillin, bout to light up

Badjob Jun 04, 2011

sup girl

megaman89 Jun 04, 2011

you buy, I model?

H3CZ May 31, 2011

no eskimos in ontario. i'll look for them in walmart though. thx

H3CZ May 31, 2011

what do you feed it? mine won't eat anything i give it.. :(

2pacZ May 29, 2011

sup babes i know u been missing me get me on skype :P

H3CZ May 29, 2011

BC? Do you have a pet mountain lion?

Display May 23, 2011

because im black?

Display May 19, 2011

wanna smash you in the mouth

BrickRed May 19, 2011

the good folk at Sesame Street did, i hear it was Big Bird?

BrickRed May 18, 2011

but theres a limit for Gods sakes, who sold u the drugs??!

BrickRed May 17, 2011

u inked yourself for no real reason?

BrickRed May 17, 2011

the tats mean anything?

Zombie May 16, 2011

Are you bacon aliased?

Boofcat May 16, 2011

when i die, i hope to come back as lil piggy's siamese kitty cat

BrickRed May 16, 2011

the tattoos and ur pet rat/octopus

BrickRed May 15, 2011

is this real life

PIGSisPIGS May 13, 2011

lol idk

PIGSisPIGS May 13, 2011

Love you. Oink.

hanz-poop May 12, 2011

Shhhhh.....whats that? That's the sound of 1000 angels getting nipple hard ons for you...

Mossad May 12, 2011

must flip the montior sideways.

Monkaria May 12, 2011


2pacZ May 11, 2011


Monkaria May 11, 2011

Stop trying to be British! <3

2pacZ May 10, 2011

lookin beautiful chicka, Can I Have Your Numbea! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTFZyl7hfBw

2pacZ May 10, 2011

what ass u talkin about renzi?

RENZI May 09, 2011

gimme dat ASS

Zombie May 09, 2011

Too late that's why i had to comment about it.

ZypheN May 09, 2011

Take the hat off plz and ty

Zombie May 09, 2011

Your truck is sexy as fuck.

Lizard Fuel May 08, 2011

U gotta marry me first. Then I fight for you (and your mom)

PIGSisPIGS May 04, 2011


PIGSisPIGS May 02, 2011

Let's wrestle!

Shock Apr 28, 2011

i'd hit it fo sho

Primary Apr 27, 2011


Engineers Apr 26, 2011

keep forgetting to tell u that ur pretty

PIGSisPIGS Apr 25, 2011

Make time to play with me then! oink

PIGSisPIGS Apr 24, 2011

where. have. you. been.

ZypheN Apr 22, 2011

Yes to the tats.

Shock Apr 21, 2011

i'd hit it

Cres Apr 14, 2011


Jill Shortmilk Apr 14, 2011

Thanks :)

Cres Apr 12, 2011

r those tatoo's real

LiL*PiGGy Apr 12, 2011

:/.. not going to start an arguement, but i never thought of that, probably will happen.

Citrate Apr 11, 2011

I know you wanna lick my abs, how about you come and do it

Jill Shortmilk Apr 11, 2011

I don't know. meebe?

Depress Apr 11, 2011

The one tattoo on the left side of you body has some mistakes, really stands out ..

Zazu Apr 10, 2011

Marry me?

Monkaria Apr 10, 2011

:3 Hi.

Jill Shortmilk Apr 10, 2011

No, I'm saying you need tattoos that glow in the dark, stupid!

2pacZ Apr 09, 2011

come on baby u know me, anyways holla at me when ur in the zone peace gf

Citrate Apr 09, 2011

:/ punk were r u, we gotta lt n yah more picx

Monkaria Apr 09, 2011

"Gender: Not telling you geeks", "more photos: pics of you in bikini etc" I say FAIL

Jill Shortmilk Apr 08, 2011

You should make your next tattoo out of radium, so that it glows in the dark!

2pacZ Apr 08, 2011

nice tattoos, can i touch?

PIGSisPIGS Apr 06, 2011

Where have you been lover? oink.

Repent Apr 04, 2011

cute chicks play ss?! what is this...2pacz been holdin out

PIGSisPIGS Apr 02, 2011

oink. do the creep haaaaaaaaaaa.

2pacZ Mar 29, 2011

where r u?

2pacZ Mar 23, 2011

http://images.icanhascheezburger.com/completestore /2009/2/17/128793877796096606.jpg

PIGSisPIGS Mar 19, 2011


PIGSisPIGS Mar 18, 2011


Cojafoji Mar 16, 2011


2pacZ Mar 16, 2011

started a squad without me! :(

PIGSisPIGS Mar 15, 2011

you ah

2pacZ Mar 14, 2011

where u been girl, its funn owning you in pub and #winning that money $

PIGSisPIGS Mar 14, 2011

who's angry? ;)

PIGSisPIGS Mar 13, 2011

YES. sorry for yelling...

PIGSisPIGS Mar 12, 2011

:@) I still like that one better

2pacZ Mar 11, 2011

sup piggy where u been missin ya fool

PIGSisPIGS Mar 09, 2011

hello sweetheart :8)

Level Zero Mar 08, 2011

what happened to your cheeks?

Sandie Mar 06, 2011

you're the gorgeous one!

2pacZ Mar 05, 2011

a ford guy eh, yeah i rented a ford focus ses edition beast car, they actually started making really nice cars now esp the new focus looks legit!

2pacZ Mar 04, 2011

haha yeah 350z situation, zx6r next :D pigs gonna be jealous :P

PIGSisPIGS Mar 04, 2011

rain rain go away!

LiL*PiGGy Mar 04, 2011

You're not proving... a point.. are you mental.. in the head..

weed master.. Mar 02, 2011

^^ *thumbs up*

PIGSisPIGS Mar 02, 2011

lol i know right?! and babe, i happen to love your piggy ass. not one cellulite bump! kinky's looks like it has hail damage! PIGSFORLIFE.

Mariposa Mar 02, 2011

lmao na!!! ur pretty and u have beautiful eyes !!!:) do u have any kids?

Mariposa Mar 01, 2011

no im not ,i still workin on this belly lmao!!!

weed master.. Mar 01, 2011

hmmm idk what kinky is talkin about.. i think all those pics are smexy :)

PIGSisPIGS Mar 01, 2011

hahah Kinky is still sad. KINKY-GIRL lose weight before you talk to us pigs!

Mariposa Feb 28, 2011

lol sup !!! nice new picz

Missa Feb 28, 2011

You're so cute, bacon. Loving the photobomb by kinky, too.

Zazu Feb 28, 2011

Wow you serious? Ur mad cute! A lot cuter than the rats..

PIGSisPIGS Feb 28, 2011

hahahahah kinky-girl in the background of your pic!

PIGSisPIGS Feb 25, 2011

breeeee breeeeee

Disengaged Feb 24, 2011


Disengaged Feb 24, 2011

Oink your ass? Alright, I'll pork it. raperaperaperaperaperaperape

Maximus D Meridius Feb 23, 2011

Hello, You will be my wife. We shall have one boy. I will not tell you any more what the future has in store for you as you might be inclined to say no. Much love Max xox

Dropout Bear Feb 21, 2011

I DO have a pic on the gallery. but its from 2004 and over 100 pounds ago. but i went by the name "papist".

PIGSisPIGS Feb 21, 2011

I'm going to grow a pencil thin mustache for you. I'm gonna creep on a whole. notha. level.

Disengaged Feb 21, 2011

I dig, i dig. oink.

Dropout Bear Feb 20, 2011

oh im sry. vice is a good friend and i dont like when ppl put ppl down for no reason. which is what i THOUGHT you did. sry ur very pretty.

PIGSisPIGS Feb 20, 2011

when youre at a wake and you see a beefcake, do the creep.

PIGSisPIGS Feb 19, 2011

haha! Very nice.

vice versa Feb 17, 2011

Weee mhu!! Ur pretty! and u probably smell good too :) luckily for u I don't talk to pretty girls, so ill go hide in my failcorner and avoid eye contact! *runs*

PIGSisPIGS Feb 17, 2011

hahah is it curly? :S

PIGSisPIGS Feb 13, 2011

You don't even have a tail! :@)

Nanners Feb 13, 2011

cheeea ur tiny lol. my 90 pound sis could take u

Monkaria Feb 13, 2011

I don't see why people get so grossed out by your rat, I mean they don't react the same when they look at you <3 JOKES, LOVE YOU ;D

Monkaria Feb 13, 2011

PIGSisPIGS Feb 12, 2011

how dare you! P4L (pig for life)

Nanners Feb 12, 2011

u look pretty tiny thats probably ur best strategy. i wish u luck, ur rat will be missing any day now.

Nanners Feb 12, 2011

i'll take good care of it i promise

oran Feb 11, 2011

nothing uppppp...ever D:, u?

Nanners Feb 10, 2011

cute. ur rats awesome too id steal it if i could.

Vulcan Feb 06, 2011

hey babybacon

ZypheN Jan 30, 2011

Like the new hair. Btw, Vin Diesel is mine.

Vida Jan 29, 2011

Uh ok you should consider eating food it might help. And that rat of yours is cuter then you, get real. Some random 16 year old talken shit lol woooow.

Okay [0G] Jan 28, 2011

one of the only peng tings on this. Is actually a gal 2 wow. Your hair is scary

oran Jan 26, 2011

Lol zazu, jij kinder-prikker. Hi piggy btw!

Libra Jan 24, 2011

you learn to ignore the people with no lives on this game... you're beautiful. :)

Julian Assange Jan 22, 2011

guess what today i killed a rat the trap broke its skill in half

Zazu Jan 21, 2011

The rat is not as cute as you are.

PIGSisPIGS Jan 16, 2011

Where have u been?

Randle Jan 15, 2011

r u the girl or the rat thing?

Havok Jan 13, 2011

well in that case....WHEN ARE WE CHILLIN? lol

PIGSisPIGS Jan 09, 2011


the funky blue note Jan 08, 2011

well thats the beauty of it, talking with strangers...

Havok Jan 08, 2011

Unless you would do barney. I dont wanna hear that.

megaman89 Jan 07, 2011

lol I wasn't saying you need to gain weight as a bad thing, just like my chicks with a lil more bounce. and you def don't eat more than me, BELIEVE DAT

tupla i Jan 07, 2011

I'm the guy driving the 18wheeler, sup?

Display Jan 04, 2011

i always wanted to have sex with a pre teen

megaman89 Jan 04, 2011

Gain a few pounds then call me in 2 years, ttys

the funky blue note Jan 03, 2011

well hes single! but i must warn u the dude is so skinny that the bones r hangin out, literally hahah, thats why they call him "body marre" but i can get his number 4 u if u want & theres 1 other thing 2, he lives in finland

the funky blue note Jan 03, 2011

let me get this straight baby, did you mean the guy with the glasses? ooor, who? :)

Missa Jan 03, 2011

You should make a youtube account, sing songs, and post them! Gogogo!

Julian Assange Jan 02, 2011

I'm not a pedophile how dare u.

the funky blue note Jan 02, 2011

he has a girlfriend...i am really sorry lol

Mobey Jan 01, 2011

s'not all bout looks :P

RENZI Jan 01, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Dec 29, 2010

Haha and plus, I explore different things with my hair its called styling you should try it, unlike your little orange pigtails in a XL slut suit that you'll never use.

Mobey Dec 28, 2010

all this fightin talk has got me kinda wet.

Havok Dec 27, 2010

kinkys mad she commented me. LOL She looks like a chipmunk with those fat fuckin cheeks rofl

Havok Dec 27, 2010

Lil-piggy is hotter than kinky. If she was 18 I wouldnt let her touch the ground. AFK.

LiL*PiGGy Dec 26, 2010

And I garuntee that I get hella more attention than you'd ever get on the streets, besides I'm younger than you, score. GG mofo.

Missa Dec 25, 2010

wait. what? i was sticking up for you.. i said she couldn't handle the competition of someone that was actually cute, being you. and im not a mom? lol

Mossad Dec 25, 2010


Toxic Dec 25, 2010

naw lil piggy to hot for that. kinky is actually quite nasty

papist Dec 24, 2010


MoNo. Dec 24, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Dec 24, 2010

Wow kinky I'm not picking for a fight if you think having orange hair and being fat is hot, you go right ahead, watch what you say to me

Mobey <ER> Dec 18, 2010

legal now, b my gurl?

Platypus Dec 17, 2010

There's a rat the size of a German Shepherd in your gallery. Just being a good Samaritan and letting you know.

Toxic Dec 16, 2010

rofl zyphen would lol if it was witty but I don't even have pics =D thanks tho

ZypheN Dec 16, 2010

lol @ kinky-girl and toxic. Guess they haven't looked in a mirror lately.

Toxic Dec 16, 2010

kinky girl you look like a hooker. a butchy one at that. dont talk about dirty cunts, i wear a gas mask and downloaded a anti virus just incase I walk by you or vs you ingame.

Kinky-Girl Dec 14, 2010

im way better looking then you. and i also have pet rats and they are better lookin then you lmfao dirty cunt

lopist Dec 14, 2010

your an idiot stfu

Toxic Dec 12, 2010

I AM IN BC ATM, sexy as fuck

hanz-poop Dec 08, 2010

Haha, thanks.

struck Dec 07, 2010

omg thanks darling!!!! i like your mouse ^________________^

hanz-poop Dec 04, 2010

Alright, just a joke.

hanz-poop Dec 04, 2010

Thats an ugly hamster!

Crackling Dec 03, 2010

guess ull never be good like lil*newt :(

Crackling Dec 03, 2010


Jill Shortmilk Dec 02, 2010

I called you a hamster

Jill Shortmilk Dec 02, 2010

You are not a piglet but a hamster

Exodia Dec 01, 2010

You should re-upload the pictures of yourself. They're nice. I'm sorry if I said anything rude.

hanz-poop Dec 01, 2010

You are truly beautiful

LiL*PiGGy Dec 01, 2010

I put on the wrong pictures by an accident, sorry guys! I'm taking them off!

Audrey Dec 01, 2010

Plastic surgery? You totally changed appearence... sup with that?

the funky blue note Dec 01, 2010

go spicegirls! lol

Noir Oct 26, 2010

I like hats

Zazu Sep 26, 2010

lolsozloooslz WHAT?! I'm not a fan of rats, sorry!

Zazu Sep 18, 2010

Gross animals.

MoNo. Sep 11, 2010

Actually, it was a failed wink :P.

GooneY Sep 11, 2010

*whistles back* danng ;) sorry just looked on my old users profile lol xD

resoL Sep 10, 2010

Glad to see you drink American Beer!

Nurse Sep 07, 2010

Ur a cutie <3

MoNo. Sep 06, 2010

:( that so sad...

Crackling Sep 06, 2010

should hook me up w that fat chic

MoNo. Sep 06, 2010

It reminds me of hamtaro minus the chinky eyes. Its cute. Teach it the maze trick!

ZypheN Sep 05, 2010

So did you buy it from a store? or just randomly find/keep it? I ask because last year I put out some of those sticky traps and the next morning found a mouse in it and felt so bad that I got him out of it and kept him :P

Monkaria Sep 05, 2010

You have a rat? >_> I agree with absurd :p The ears are cute though. Kinda looks like you. LOL messing <3

Mossad Sep 05, 2010

jesus hates unpure mice thatlook ugly. you noob lawl.

I H8 GIRLS Sep 05, 2010

ugly rat.

absurd99 Sep 05, 2010

Im conflicted...its cute yet disgusting at the same time...... :p

Jill Shortmilk Sep 04, 2010

thanks, I built it!

MoNo. Sep 04, 2010

just for juu babe :P.

MoNo. Sep 03, 2010

I make the bombass rice. You will love it <3 thank you cutie!

Monkaria Aug 31, 2010

Yeah, back in V-J Day :3 Maybe about 70 years ago. xD

LiL*PiGGy Aug 30, 2010

Are you sure? :)

Mobey Aug 30, 2010

Muahaha free candy! -brb- hmmmmm wait a second.... there 'aint no candy in here!

Cojafoji Aug 29, 2010

Vin Diesel sucks.

resoL Aug 29, 2010

lol thanks.

Monkaria Aug 29, 2010

I'll keep it to moniter the changes >:3 Also, you still need to fix your webcam first honey! <3

Multiplex Aug 29, 2010

I'm pro at spelling haha :D

L3MU3L Aug 29, 2010

thx for the compliment!

Multiplex Aug 28, 2010

Psychic actually muaha :P

Monkaria Aug 28, 2010

You were the first guy I cammed with, afk. Hahaha <3

Harstead Aug 28, 2010

How can I not like you? We don't really spk?? Anyways, I certainly don't dislike you L-P. There, I've said it now. Take care.

Harstead Aug 28, 2010

How can I not like you? We don't really spk?? Anyways, I certainly don't dislike you L-P. There, I've said it now. Take care.

Multiplex Aug 28, 2010

You're only 7? Jeez, you look older. :P Haha only kidding

Monkaria Aug 28, 2010

HAHA, I was in the middle of laughing when that was taken xD big wide grin on my face :3 It's easier than forcing one! lol

Harstead Aug 28, 2010

did my lil mate Monky tell you to say that young lady?! Well hello anyways L-P

Multiplex Aug 28, 2010

Sorry I was amused by your name...very unique ;) haha!

Multiplex Aug 26, 2010

Thanks for the comment "LiL*PiGGy" haha.

olde Aug 25, 2010

ya your cute lets hook up

Crackling Aug 25, 2010

wus up piggylips

Primary Aug 24, 2010

When your done doing living room circus acts get your ass in my free candy van and online!

Zazu Aug 23, 2010

Sup Lil*Piggy! How's life treating you?

SolidSnake~ Aug 18, 2010

haha, yeah i guess i do kinda, i had never heard of em b4

SolidSnake~ Aug 18, 2010


Mobey Aug 16, 2010

I see why they call you Bacon ;)

LiL*PiGGy Aug 15, 2010

Hahaha, alright, well why don't you stop coming onto my profile? "Okay?"

Exodia Aug 14, 2010

I'm tired of these stupid hos trying to seduce me and when I refuse they try to get "pay back". I'm not freakin interested. Okay?

halfsleeve Aug 14, 2010

what the beep are you doing to that pack of bacon.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 13, 2010

Lol Ouch!!.. Well, Darlin' why the hell did you respond? things are better left "inside" .

Exodia Aug 13, 2010

Like I care what some anorexic crack-whore thinks about me.

Monkaria Aug 13, 2010


Jill Shortmilk Aug 11, 2010

Natural is the best way to go :) Thanks. You're a cutie as well!

hanz-poop Aug 11, 2010

Butt sack

LiL*PiGGy Aug 10, 2010

What? lol

MoNo. Aug 10, 2010


Boofcat Aug 07, 2010

grow your hair long again

Indirect-1 Aug 07, 2010

i think your ugly ;-)

Lenny Aug 06, 2010

It's attractive, believe it.

hanz-poop Aug 05, 2010

It's beeping awesome is what it is!

Sirius Aug 03, 2010

Pictures keep getting cuter and cuter !

LiL*PiGGy Aug 02, 2010

what the beep is JCVD

hanz-poop Aug 01, 2010


hanz-poop Aug 01, 2010

Haha, obese and manly. And an alcoholic!

Sakura Jul 31, 2010

thank you :) so are you!

Monkaria Jul 30, 2010

Yes'm. Already done that. MEOW MEOW MEOW. The pittens are growing up well.

PainKiller~ Jul 30, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Jul 29, 2010

because im obese, and manly. yes, :)

hanz-poop Jul 29, 2010

Why are you called lil piggy?

LiL*PiGGy Jul 29, 2010

Thanks guys.

Fem. Jul 29, 2010

Uh huh. :P You're going to be a very pretty woman when you grows up.

MoNo. Jul 28, 2010

I've sang to you HAHAHAH You are one cute girl.

RocK LeE Jul 28, 2010

i try

Monkaria Jul 28, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Jul 28, 2010

lmao, yeah, hurry up and make a name, jeeze.

ZypheN Jul 25, 2010

Omg right answer!! I lived in Vancouver for most my life but now stuck in the states :/

LiL*PiGGy Jul 24, 2010

West side, and glavi, lol TOO BAD,

glavitik Jul 24, 2010

lil piglet, drinking budwiener? unreal

MoNo. Jul 24, 2010

So thats HP? without the ghetto outfit? LOL btw nice glasses.

ZypheN Jul 23, 2010

Ok, very serious question. East or West side Canada.

Missa Jul 23, 2010

I love your hair

hanz-poop Jul 23, 2010

Stunning, and drinks bud! Sorry Mr. Diesel, your wifes hot

LiL*PiGGy Jul 23, 2010

no babe, that's the guy in the towel that you webcammed with ;) my brother. HAHAHA

Monkaria Jul 23, 2010

Who's the guy wearing more make up than you? Are you... CHEATING ON ME?

MoNo. Jul 23, 2010

ewww budwiser yaaay for bacon!

Countess Jul 22, 2010

thanks girl! not so bad ya self lol

Monkaria Jul 22, 2010

*how LOL

Monkaria Jul 22, 2010

>:3 And that's hot it'll stay.

MoNo. Jul 22, 2010

<3 little cutie

MoNo. Jul 19, 2010

LOL as you usually says k. <3

Zazu Jul 19, 2010

loooooool true story of Kinky-girl! Amen to that!

LiL*PiGGy Jul 16, 2010

oh pee pee. ;P

pee pee sock Jul 15, 2010

u have pig face

pee pee sock Jul 15, 2010


Crackling Jul 14, 2010

hey baby girl i miss ya

LiL*PiGGy Jul 11, 2010

I love my husband, and thanks.

Monkaria Jul 11, 2010

I love my wife.

Sirius Jul 11, 2010


Sirius Jul 11, 2010

Oops didn't mean to comment with Lofty

Lofty Jul 11, 2010


Machine of God Jul 11, 2010


MoNo. Jul 09, 2010

hot bacon <3 :P

LiL*PiGGy Jul 08, 2010

hahaha I love that, " Your name doesn't fit you" well, it's better than some ugly chick naming herself "Kinky_Girl" (true story :P)

Zazu Jul 08, 2010

Sup Lil*Piggy! Your name doesn't fit you : (((

Catatstrophe Jul 08, 2010

well hello there miss

Tigron-X Jul 08, 2010

Hey... look who is growing up to be a pretty, classy girl.

ZypheN Jul 07, 2010

Hair looks best in the first one.

TiZzNoTiC Jul 07, 2010


Boofcat Jul 07, 2010

that's some pig!

glavitik Jul 07, 2010

canada what

LiL*PiGGy Jul 07, 2010

MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

LiL*PiGGy Jul 07, 2010

Haha, thanks :) and right back at you Missa. :P

absurd99 Jul 07, 2010


absurd99 Jul 07, 2010

Nice looking young lady. Aww my lil piglet's growing up

Monkaria Jul 07, 2010

PIIIIIIIGGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Missa Jul 07, 2010

wowww bacon. not gonna lie, you're gorgeous.

LiL*PiGGy May 04, 2010

Uhm. . . . Hey . . lol. DUDE, SEE TRNECHWAR'S SUCKS, but . . Love you all ;)

JaneDoe Feb 28, 2010

i likes them (:

MoNo. Feb 24, 2010

Hi Piggy :D

Weak Feb 24, 2010

:] thanks

absurd99 Feb 24, 2010

hi pig

Swig Feb 15, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Feb 12, 2010


BrickED Feb 05, 2010

and stfu bacon.

BrickED Feb 05, 2010

You make me sick

Missa Feb 05, 2010

Stfu bacon.

Missa Jan 22, 2010

Stfu bacon.