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About Me

Age 35
Location Belgium
Gender Male
Where I can be found ?Find Die When Hit!!

Things I Like 
Books Multatuli, Dostojevski, Jostein Gaarder, ...
Movies Inglorious Basterds, The Godfather
Musics Rock, old music like The Beetles, The Rolling Stones, ...


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Die When Hit!! Mar 04, 2020

Myollnir, I wanted it, but she didn't allow me to.

Myollnir Feb 28, 2020

u smooch dat elephant

Die When Hit!! Oct 12, 2015

Niet veel meer ;-). GTA V hè. Ik wil trouwens nog eens langskomen op babybezoek :-).

Ravos Sep 23, 2015

Ey aap, wanneer speelt ge nog eens?

qpr Dec 13, 2011


Bruno Mars. Oct 14, 2011

yeaaa I am :)

Lollys Oct 12, 2011


Tabo Oct 11, 2011

:D Hi Belgium, I'm doing well. hope its not to cold there yet. <3 be safe

LiL*PiGGy Oct 11, 2011

Hahaha most die hard canucks fan ;)

Yeist Oct 10, 2011

wtf yourself?

Lollys Oct 05, 2011

...i hope your not being sarcastic...lol

Mariposa Jan 23, 2011


MoNo. Jul 30, 2010


Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010

Cheers! ^.^

Die When Hit!! Jul 01, 2009

Nah, she isn't unintelligent, because she graduated in &quot;kindergarten teacher&quot;. Greetings

Quart Jul 01, 2009

IQ is belgian? is she really that unintelligent? and yes good look factor has to be dutch if she is belgian/dutch :D

Die When Hit!! Jun 18, 2009

She's half Dutch half Belgian :). It's a very interesting combination, if you measure the IQ and 'good-look' factor. IQ is definitely Belgian, while 'good-look' is Dutch without a doubt. :) Too bad she's 3/4 Dutch :)

Ignite Jun 10, 2009

A blonde girl from Sweden if you can.

PWND Jun 05, 2009


Die When Hit!! May 14, 2009

Which blonde girl?

Ignite May 13, 2009

Thank you and go after the blonde girl, she looks like a winner. Thanks for playing with PUMA.

Die When Hit!! May 13, 2009

She is not mine, that tiny girl. Otherwise, I would have a serious problem :D.

Nixi May 13, 2009

Thanks! :P I also noticed, in the group photo under the balcony- more than 1 of your friends looks like one of MY friends which is odd, and the tiny girl up front on the right is adorable!!

Die When Hit!! May 13, 2009

No, we were discussing of buying a house at the beach for rental. Than suddenly someone of our group took a pic :)

Ohmalee May 12, 2009

wat are you all taking a piss in the 1st pic?