"i love money!!!!<3"

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About Me

Age 36
Location houston tx
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website facebook/mariposa22s
Where I can be found pub,wbduel,and elim
More about me im latina proud,and 2 beautiful children http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7--jJfBX90 4 jd

Things I Like 
Movies i love all movies


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soupero Feb 10, 2014

sup cutie where u at?

Buried Apr 11, 2011

thx u 2

LiL*PiGGy Mar 01, 2011

I dont see no belly, I see a hot mama!

LiL*PiGGy Feb 28, 2011

haha thanks! and btw you have an amazing figure. Especially for a mother O.O

LiL*PiGGy Feb 28, 2011


Dexter Feb 21, 2011

Haha thanks..;)

Mariposa Feb 10, 2011

lol ur welcome!!

reidrigo@BR Feb 10, 2011

thanks ;D

Mariposa Feb 09, 2011

ok i guess do u want me to send u a request? i will!!

Mariposa Feb 09, 2011

ohh nice pigs

Austin Feb 09, 2011

Did you send me a friend request on facebook? I denied a bunch of people. I hope you was not one of them :)

PIGSisPIGS Feb 09, 2011

Thanks! Yours are too. Good to see another Texan. I actually go to Houston a lot for my job.

Repent Feb 05, 2011

Thx gorgeous pics of yu and your children as well. Diggin the leopard =)

Vector <ZH> Feb 02, 2011

Thanks. :)

fakiiri Jan 31, 2011

I like your gallery :)

Jinco Jan 26, 2011

thank you, your daughters are beautiful.

tupla i Jan 26, 2011


Mariposa Jan 26, 2011

LOL KINKY G GODDNES AND DONT REMEMBER WHO ELSE!! WTF IM ON BLACKLIST ;? OOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKK LOL i havent do anything so ppl put me on blacklist???? wtfever i dont give a fuk!! well just curious YYYYYY????

Mariposa Jan 24, 2011

im not a mother theresa type!! ima bad and good girl type!!!

Mariposa Jan 24, 2011

Y???? i havent do anything to u!!!

Mariposa Jan 24, 2011

goddness y u put me on blacklist !!!!

Mariposa Jan 24, 2011

lol cool

Austin Jan 24, 2011

Hey whats your facebook? I need to know a little more about you before we go out to eat :)

PIGSisPIGS Jan 24, 2011

lol what?

Goddess Jan 23, 2011

Seriously i dunno how you put up with ur man lol u must be a mother theresa type :)

Jill Shortmilk Jan 23, 2011

Thanks! You're looking good yourself! How come I've never seen you online?

Mariposa Jan 23, 2011

wait!!!!.. i heard.. something..... zz..zzz..sounds like a bee!! lol jk sup MONEY!!!

Money Jan 22, 2011


Mariposa Jan 14, 2011

sup!! u dont have a squad ? we should make one rofl

absurd99 Jan 14, 2011

hey mommy

Austin Jan 10, 2011

aww is someones feelings hurt? lool ok money ill let ya know

Mariposa Jan 08, 2011

thx soupero!!! :]

soupero Jan 05, 2011

hey i think u r really cute :)

Money Jan 04, 2011

whats up Austin, let me know when your in Htown next time so i can shoot your faggot ass

Austin Dec 28, 2010

Damn what up H-town? Hit me up next time your in Austin

Mariposa Dec 27, 2010

wow nice welcome????

Display Dec 27, 2010

wow ill cock slap u in the face puta

Missa Mar 30, 2010

Sup woman! How are the babies? &lt;3

Mariposa Mar 28, 2010

wow ??? WTF it says 1 comment since ur last login i dont see any new comment wtf its goin on ??????????

Zazu Mar 19, 2010

Hey beauty! How's Dino?

Money Mar 10, 2010


Missa Feb 23, 2010

Hey :)

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

do i know you IRL???

Tank55 Feb 15, 2010

hah thx, right back atcha doll

Mariposa Feb 14, 2010

sup how r u ??

Delectable Feb 13, 2010

Hello Mariposa.

Tank55 Feb 13, 2010

aw ya you perty

Mariposa Feb 12, 2010

sup zazu the one who make me laugh da day

Mariposa Feb 12, 2010

lol na u think so, i know u pretty thats what i heard lol

Audrey Feb 12, 2010

You are pretty Linda!

Mariposa Feb 12, 2010

im feeling good thx

Goddess Feb 12, 2010

you MUST be a saint hun lol Hope your getting enough sleep and feeling good :)

Zazu Feb 12, 2010

Marry me? I bet we can make lovely babies!

Money Feb 12, 2010


Mariposa Jan 18, 2010

ok i will just tell money not making me mad cuz u gonna burn ur mouth lol

Delectable Jan 16, 2010

LOL MARIPOSA. I'm ready for them whenever you are. Also, dont forget my enchilladas! They are my fav :x

Mariposa Jan 15, 2010

loli will put a pics soon ok

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

Nice picture mariposa : )

Mariposa Jan 11, 2010

hi zazu how r u ?

Zazu Jan 11, 2010

Hi Mariposa!