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About Me

Age 38
Location Miami, Florida
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found wbduel,duel, elim, twdd
More about me www.facebook.com/phasl


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Mariposa Jan 25, 2011

nice picz!!

Channabis Feb 11, 2010


Jinco Feb 04, 2010

the blonde is my ex

Mobey Feb 04, 2010

JINCO maaaah boy, unrusting indeed. I hope that chick is your girl and not your sis.

Money Feb 04, 2010


Curse Jan 29, 2010

damn everyone in spider so fresh.

Sail by the Stars Jan 27, 2010

Bahahah. Okay sir.

Sail by the Stars Jan 25, 2010

HAIIIII THERR Meanie who told me to fuck mai squad.

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

4th photo the girl looks like you

Sail by the Stars Jan 18, 2010

Awh, I'm sowwy. If I could I would join two squads at one time =] !

Imperative Jan 17, 2010

j j j j jincooo supp nukka GGW IN WILKES-BARRE ANYONE?

Squadless Jan 16, 2010

lolol u know what im sayin' gotta do what u gotta do when times are rough :)

KillerGt Jan 15, 2010

Yo sup dude how goes long time no talk

Sail by the Stars Jan 15, 2010

Dear, 1. I suck at this game & I'm sure yew guys don't want a sucky kid. 2. Why should I leave one squad for another?

Jinco Jan 15, 2010

lol aznbabigurl! how dare you insult me that way???!!

Goddess Jan 14, 2010

Ima show u some ownage :)

Zazu Jan 14, 2010

Yooo what's good pimp?

Pandagirl! Jan 14, 2010

What's so funny :(

Kid Kaos Jan 13, 2010

Big pimpen spendin g's!

AznBabiGurl Jan 13, 2010

oops wrong one, delete that comment plz ^_^

AznBabiGurl Jan 13, 2010

another pike lol sum1 else i forgot who is also in it

Nixi Jan 13, 2010

it says "bushido" ^_^

AznBabiGurl Jan 12, 2010

ooo! are u from fl too?!

AznBabiGurl Jan 12, 2010

lol @ fake tat

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

LOL @ THAT 'WILL UNRUST SOON' picture. Thats hilarious. Recruited you to do work Jinco, not the opposite : )

PWND Jan 10, 2010

hiyyaaa ^-^ <3

Keith Jan 07, 2010

Not much, just keepin it real, beautiful kids!

PWND Jan 06, 2010

Nice photoshopping with the blur tool ;]

Kid Kaos Jan 06, 2010

Wutup jinc! Lookn fresh pimpen!

Jinco Jan 06, 2010

its halloween asshole

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

Why would you post pics of your kids? I mean I don't want to make fun of how retarded they look.

weed master.. Jan 03, 2010

agreed... it very much looks photshopped :/

Zazu Jan 03, 2010

lolol! Sup Jinco

Jinco Jan 01, 2010

buahahah yea....HERRENDOUS!

MythriL Jan 01, 2010

what up jinco! your photoshop skills are atrocious

Jinco Dec 31, 2009

yea its photoshopped :p

Goddess Dec 31, 2009

Cute baby's... wow jinc u dont look old enough to have 2 children hehe

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 31, 2009

your tat is kinda weird...

Refer Dec 31, 2009

this is not to spite you or anything; just saying that it looks like your tattoo is photoshopped from that image.