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Where I can be found in yo mom\'s ass... yeahhh


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Frogsk|n Jun 18, 2013

Hi, long time, u probably forgot me by now :P

lopist Oct 04, 2011

lol indeed it is kidnapper

Kidnapper Apr 29, 2011

Rofl.. this is the skinny little bitch that is always acting hard? lmao!!!

Primary Mar 26, 2010

Hey in the second pic, is that a printer behind you and your CRT monitor in your mom's basement? My friends shitty one broke down, wanna put like $5 towards your moving out fund? lol ahaha ahahhhhhhhhhhh ahaha

Mattey Mar 24, 2010

Where's your pic menthol? You scared little faggot.

siaxis Mar 13, 2010

Yo your arms mad hairy, get on that wax tip son!

Xog Mar 12, 2010

menthol chill with the insults, dude's mad spiritual. can't u see the third eye coming out on his forehead?

Menthol Mar 02, 2010

hey dont be upset that i got some pussy and the only love you EVER got was a kiss on the cheek from mommy every day before school

MoNo. Feb 27, 2010

yo o/

Mobey Feb 08, 2010

don't care what you can remember or forget... but you should of forgot about that cowboy hat and left it at home fag!

Jerome Feb 01, 2010

thanks for the tip! if i ever get my tampon lodged in my vagina, i know who to call!

Airship Jan 17, 2010


Lenny Jan 13, 2010

So girls can tug on them and so they get caught on their pube hairs, duh.

Mage+ Jan 12, 2010

thanks mate, always nice to meet a fan

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

LOL MATTEY, just read your comment :p

Kid Kaos Jan 08, 2010

Yea, shes a total horsehead. haha. Jinco this kid has no class at all dont worry about his meaningless babble.

persianz Jan 08, 2010

he doesnt need to pay her cuz shes F.U.G.L.Y

Jinco Jan 07, 2010

how much u pay that girl to take a picture with you? or is that your sister?

Hung Jan 07, 2010

In the shadows wtf you talking about...Lol? I had 12 pictures on here but took them off and put my most recent on. Turn up your brightness on your screen or open the curtain in your room, THE SUN WON'T KILL YOU PASTY!

FemalePersuasion Jan 07, 2010

You must be extremely bored these days. All the troublemakin' and all.

inaphyt Jan 07, 2010

I look like rogue from xmen? Thanks Mattey your a legend. :). Nice red eye btw ; ) i know what you've been doing giggle

MythriL Jan 07, 2010

haha years ago. i shall cross the bridge one of these days

AtWA Jan 06, 2010

It looks like you couldn't grow a hair on your face if the devil himself lit you on fire peace

siaxis Jan 06, 2010

I take pictures. Whats gay is paki dot you have on ur forehead.

Pandagirl! Jan 06, 2010

Those are different people. They're both gay though, so you're in luck.

danyell!! Jan 06, 2010

lmao IIIII look really confused and retarded in MY pics??? 1st pic you have a stupid hat on, enough said... 2nd pic you look like your eyes are welded shut, 3rd pic you look shocked + faggoty. Please look at your own pics before judging others. k thx.

Saix Jan 06, 2010

White douche that raps about math? Sry bro no idea who you mean. Also, no.

FemalePersuasion Jan 06, 2010

and odd money on me being a man??? :-P

Last Standing Dec 15, 2009

holy shit that girl in ur 1st pic looks almost exacltly like 1 of my friends irl

lady starlight Nov 22, 2009

lolol thx :D

Machine of God Nov 20, 2009

haw haw

Machine of God Nov 17, 2009


Nixi Nov 17, 2009

It's called sexual arousal. Don't feel bad. Tagmor can talk you through it ^_^

Tank55 Nov 16, 2009

Thanks! i love being a douche <3 glad you dont even know me ignorant lil kid.. grow up

SkullSpace Oct 25, 2009

yooo matt \o/ !!!!

Civaleance Oct 21, 2009


Nixi Oct 08, 2009

we went over this before ~_~ you have short term memory loss?

PWND Sep 18, 2009

What do you expect? A lot of people hate me. =P

Gripe Sep 17, 2009

You know how I know your childhood sucked? Your parents have mug collections.

Mattey Sep 17, 2009

Last true story: That isn't acne, that was an ingrown hair because that was when I first started plucking my eyebrows.

Mattey Sep 17, 2009

True story #3: I still have that t-shirt in the top pic. Fucking awesome.

Mattey Sep 17, 2009

True story: That top picture was taken by my sister at 3 in the morning circa 2003. She was trying to prove that I play this game too much... WHAT A BITCH!!! True story #2: Mayo inc. took that second picture around the same period in his kitchen. Look at those mugs, Ms. Mayo is the shit.

KuleniKs Jun 29, 2009

Yo, you use the right ctrl key to shoot too. Everyone i talk to uses the left one.

PWND May 30, 2009

didnt expect this at all...

Kid Kaos May 15, 2009


SaFia May 14, 2009

haha you look so young

Winky- Mar 25, 2009

so much e-rage from such a small, innocent looking boy