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About Me

Age 37
Location OnTario
Gender Male
Personal website http://www.meatspin.com/
Where I can be found pub54

Things I Like 
Books I can't read
Movies Where the boys Aren't
Musics Smashing Pumpkins
Songs Mayonaise


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SkyMan's Nov 12, 2019


Arsen Jul 03, 2014

lmao at primary for being a dumb pice of shit! ROCK ON PUMPKINS!

Last Standing Jul 03, 2014

where from ontario are you?

Machine of God May 15, 2014

learn 2 think good Primary, ZERO is also a The Smashing Pumpkins logo dipshit

danyell!! Feb 16, 2014

No ty?

Primary Feb 10, 2014

how did u not take these stupid pictures down by now? Like really ZERO like ur ass skateboards LOL!

Spock! Jan 25, 2014

I would grow a mullet and keep the beard. Then you will be a babe-magnet. But what do I know? I'm a virgin.

qpr Jan 23, 2014

woops mixed both (u and machine of god's) walls up

qpr Jan 23, 2014

K I think atleast 2; lemme know when i can vote. Will vote waz and you...unless LF signs up then i make sure i can vote 3 ppl

qpr Jan 16, 2014

y u mean to spock?

Spock! Jan 06, 2014

I love you.

Spock! Jan 06, 2014

I will have to upload a picture of my face sometime. I just never got around to it as I never was much of the selfie type. Hell, I don't even have a picture of myself on my computer....

Machine of God Jan 01, 2014

haters gonna hate

Frogsk|n Dec 27, 2013

Lol all hate on his wall? He isnt that bad! Show this guy some love $$$

SkyMan's Apr 27, 2013

Shup up bastard...

Machine of God Mar 28, 2013

Primary keep hitting on underaged bait and too scared to show ugly face faggot. Go back to Africa.

Primary Mar 26, 2013

Gonna do you a favor: Your face...do something with it. You look stupid and homeless LOL

SkyMan's Mar 08, 2013

Are u mad, newb? get a hair.... hahahahhaha sucka

SkyMan's Nov 21, 2012

Hey newbie, Stop teamkilling me, be a man and come duel, fearful, coward, newbie Ahh, I almost forgot, your capacity is too low to beat me GG Bro!

Display Feb 27, 2011

sup faggot nerd

Jill Shortmilk Feb 08, 2011

Who's renzi?

Nanners Jan 17, 2011

i bet u get so much pussy. lol.

Machine of God Jan 07, 2011

I dont know who that is, but it's zazu so im sure its funny

Fais Jan 03, 2011

LOL, gotta lol bout zazu's comment jan 15

eelz Oct 16, 2010

man such haters.. u need some cat pics too lol.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 29, 2010

Lol the last pic made me pee.

MoNo. Jul 30, 2010


PWND Jun 14, 2010

I dunno I quit SS for Halo.

Exodia Jun 12, 2010

So are you my friend or not?

Exodia Jun 12, 2010

Sup man?

Rocket Soldier May 21, 2010


Oat Apr 09, 2010

im sry. u r correct, hitler youth quite fine specimens vs this planet. tilted head pose quite becoming of u

Oat Apr 05, 2010

y cant ur fatass fit in picture frame

Hustla Bebe Apr 01, 2010

lol i coudnt blame you for trash talking me look at your an ugly 4 eyed goof who like to rape his sister and lick his dogs ass. and 2nd of im no where near greasy seeing how i shower everday but ok and trailer park pfft lol tell that to my big house. lol poor peice of shit you are and a sad excus of living gg.

TranceTunes Mar 31, 2010

tangle it twisted? yea i love those rims too..hehe the one in front with that picture is actually just a spare..all of the rims are actually the borbet's :)

TranceTunes Mar 27, 2010

my porsche is in the shop, sorry.

TagMor Mar 15, 2010

my penis weeps

TagMor Mar 12, 2010

wow mog I thought we were space friends.

Exodia Feb 25, 2010

Who are you to give other people health advice you fat morbidly obese unhealthy looking drug using whale?

Monkey Business Feb 23, 2010

so the bottom pic is what i should picture in my mind when you snipe me xD

TagMor Feb 22, 2010

well well

Zazu Feb 18, 2010

LOL Bob Saget!

Necromotic Jan 16, 2010

you look like bosshawk's son

Zazu Jan 15, 2010

You look like Paul de Leeuw.

Burzum Dec 19, 2009

top to bottom?

Arsen Nov 30, 2009

M is for marijuana

lady starlight Nov 22, 2009

I totally could! But I have more respect for myself.. on the other hand, you would be perfect for a condom commercial (esp ur last pic).

Mattey Nov 19, 2009

Fat: check Stupid facial hair: check ridiculous glasses: check Smashing pumpkins hoodie: check Kill yourself: hopefully soon

Pandagirl! Nov 19, 2009

Then you're probably gay

Machine of God Nov 18, 2009

then I rolled my barf up and smoked it

elphaba Nov 17, 2009

did you barf a perfect "M" on the floor?

Machine of God Nov 17, 2009

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool mega newbie

wicket666 Nov 15, 2009

ty for your comment but if i did have weed it would be a secret

Pandagirl! Nov 09, 2009

That's alright, because I'm definately hotter than you.

TranceTunes Nov 09, 2009

? yo

PH Nov 09, 2009

what the fuck is this shit, you're not allowed to have hair

Arsen Nov 09, 2009

nice sweater - represent

FemalePersuasion Nov 08, 2009

You are strange.

Mega Newbie Nov 08, 2009

You look like a penis in the last picture

Nixi Nov 08, 2009

me too.