"I have too many aliases."
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About Me

Age 38
Location NC
Gender Male
Where I can be found Pub
More about me I'm an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. I practice shamanism, Ahimsa, and meditation. I enjoy experimenting with using sound as a tool for expanding consciousness.

Things I Like 
Books Justine by The Marquis ds Sade, The Sound and The Fury by Faulkner, Tortilla Flat by Steinbeck
Movies Ran, Seven Samurai, Dreams, Brazil, The Prisoner of Zenda
Musics N.O.M., SETI Project, Trinodia, Psychowave
Songs Alic - The Gentle Way of Mind Destruction, AFGIN - Salton


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Mossad Oct 28, 2011

sup sup ya keeeep it real. :)

Cojafoji Oct 27, 2011

roger that. get an aim, msn, or anything else though. that's why god made pidgeon lol.

Monkaria Oct 27, 2011

:) Thanks. Hello. I hope you are well too, since neither of us are online much anymore. How have you been?

Mange Nov 14, 2010

Alpha West! Yes alpha vets must reunite :)

Mossad Oct 21, 2010

which one is eelz :)?

Audrey Oct 16, 2010

Na,i was just wondering when TW gallery turned into a pet gallery... =P I'm offended tho that you deleted my first comment!

Monkaria Oct 14, 2010


danyell!! Oct 13, 2010

lol at the comment below... cute aminals... and yes i spelled aminals right. =D

Machine of God Oct 13, 2010

it appears putting animal pictures up has gained the attention of feemale playrs, well played sir

Monkaria Oct 06, 2010

Bzzzz, fishy. xD

danyell!! Oct 06, 2010

haha. It's cool man, no big deal. =P

Jill Shortmilk Oct 06, 2010

as I recall primary shares your opinion as well, but thanks!

Cojafoji Sep 26, 2010

mosque, you're gonna get a fist full of rape.

Monkaria Sep 26, 2010

Ayeaye, it's the school harp. I mess around on it a bit, it's quite lovely, but recently someone broke the string on it :( Poopie!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Sep 24, 2010

oo dis guy.

Monkaria Sep 24, 2010

You look creepishly muchly like my ex-geography teacher. But better.

Cojafoji Sep 24, 2010

It is obvious to me now that you are, obviously, a high class prostitute. As such, you should report to internment camp 1995 for "processing" before your next "deployment." That aside, sup biatch.