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Age 34
Location Brasil
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found twdd twdd2 twdd3 twdd4 twdd5 twdd6 twdd7
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Books Bible
Movies City of God


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qpr Oct 01, 2014


Oranje Jan 22, 2011

need u in systole

Oranje Jan 08, 2011


Cinq Aug 19, 2010

yo feel free to login and play now that ur rostered :)

Dexter Jul 22, 2010

magina meu bem, são seus olhos ^^

lopist May 29, 2010

ohhh ur a white braziliann..like kaka

Dexter May 09, 2010


Goddess May 04, 2010

Ladies... STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY HES A STALKER... Stalked me for 5 years and when i didnt give him and "cyber" or "webcam" with him he made bs up

SkullSpace Apr 22, 2010

do u have 3 only medals ez >.<

Zazu Mar 04, 2010

Sup Mega Newbie! Where are those pics man! Show TW some Brazilian muscle...

Dexter Jan 25, 2010

eae feio..sumiu do jogo mas continua na tw gallery? -.-

Goddess Jun 16, 2009

Stop looking at my pictures and get a life... fez

Money Jun 15, 2009

id fuk mega b4 panda after seeing these

SaFia Jun 15, 2009


Mega Newbie Jun 13, 2009

lol guero true $$$$

Guero Jun 13, 2009

Sup Mega my English getting better!!! 1 more yr and i would join teamspeaker!!! and we can talk and own everyone in their on spech or mm spich or speech $

ReKall Jun 12, 2009

WHat up Ney!

Money Jun 12, 2009


Panda Bear Jun 12, 2009

Hello Mega Newbie.

Ignite Jun 12, 2009

Wtf Ney, I'm your boss. And you look like Edvard Munch 'the scream' in the last picture, go google that bud.

Mega Newbie Jun 12, 2009

LOL. that little kid was me :P

NO <3 Jun 12, 2009

yo meganewb finally got sum pics up, wth your hand say? fap fap?

Mango. Jun 12, 2009

lol@ the little kid picture in the background

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

who's flu?

Exalt Jun 07, 2009

good thing i didnt take any of them except 1