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qpr Sep 24, 2014

qpr Sep 24, 2014

N, u come at me. I'm putting my broken phone in a bag of rice. Allow fix. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/550x/7e/46/03/7e 4603fab1ef7671507e1c2360662959.jpg

NO <3 Sep 21, 2014

come at me bro

qpr Sep 21, 2014

jajaja <3 < pets no <3 >

qpr Sep 20, 2014

<allows sit-mode so i look u in da eye and so i can allow hugging u>

qpr Sep 20, 2014


NO <3 Sep 07, 2014

sad cunts i'll rek u m8 i swear on me mum

qpr Sep 03, 2014

delete my earlier spelling-mistakeski post or im gna post something very racist here.

qpr Sep 03, 2014

How-Tal is an Asian guy, Whu is his wife* and Wut is the name of his dog

qpr Sep 03, 2014

How-Tal is an Asian guy, Whu is his wide and Wut is the name of his dog

Frightful Sep 02, 2014

Your Mom: Ying Li, you want me make toastah strudah? You: Sure, but first, let me pull my pants down in the kitchen so you can take a picture.

Frightful May 12, 2014

I remember one time, I found a pebble near the ocean. I picked it up and it felt exactly like I would have guessed. Pretty neat.

NO <3 May 07, 2014

It is physical impossible to flex your pecks with that pose unless you have tits your chest stretches. DYEL brah?

Caracal May 01, 2014

should rename you into no <pecks> >=D

pee pee sock Apr 25, 2014


LiL*PiGGy May 02, 2012

Wow u like my grammar? You're** :)

LiL*PiGGy May 02, 2012

Your better

NO <3 May 02, 2012

oh man the dumb blonde black listed me time to QQ

Kinky-Girl Apr 30, 2012

naw you are just a retard gtfo dumbass

LiL*PiGGy Apr 29, 2012

What a champ

LiL*PiGGy Apr 29, 2012

I was busy playing with it in the other hand

Kinky-Girl Apr 29, 2012

not contacts retard. stay in you're country cuz all you see is brown eyes. Us rare motherfuckers with green eyes are awesome sadly people will only think of shit when they look in yours :)

Second Shot Apr 20, 2012


jesska Feb 01, 2012

what's up?

LiL*PiGGy Jan 31, 2012

what the fuck is that supposed to mean!

pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

how u get girls with pee pee so small? get it? ahahah do u get it tho? do u no wtf im gettin at here? do u even no wtf`s goin on? welcome to my blacklist kid

jesska Nov 14, 2011

Calling me a mister? :( How rude. Things are getting better, slowly.

jesska Nov 12, 2011

hello dear. how have you been?

absurd99 Nov 10, 2011

if i had paid closer attention to your topless pics i would have noticed youre lacking a tattoo on your chest. sigh.

absurd99 Nov 09, 2011

respect, that's solid

absurd99 Nov 09, 2011

do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

NO <3 Nov 08, 2011

bunch of nerd rage going on here

lopist Nov 19, 2010

wat oranje said

Oranje Oct 27, 2010

what a gaylord

Ohmalee Apr 05, 2010

how are you vet before you're pro? and nice As I Lay Dying shirt. :o

Sandie Mar 27, 2010

haha howd you know?! :p

MoNo. Feb 23, 2010

Its not a lickem stickem. Heck, even if it was fake my drawing is badass.

absurd99 Feb 04, 2010

Money would love to look like anyone but himself, seriously he looks like he has a low iq (probably FAS) hence why I use the word 'retard' to describe him

Mobey Feb 04, 2010

It's not exactly hard to get big/toned.. creatine powder, weight gainer and an hour down the gym every other night for 3 months ezpz. Flexin muscles on here is desperate, and I seriously doubt Money would wanna look like that... lol

absurd99 Feb 04, 2010

WOW, is Money really that dumb? &quot;DUHH..Richmond looks like a poor city to me&quot; (Hillbilly accent) FAS affected retard wishes he could look like no&lt;3

Petal Feb 02, 2010

Dashboard confessional.

Jinco Jan 13, 2010

i crapped up lookin at your pics dude!!!! LMAO

Affliction Jan 11, 2010


PrettyMadness Jan 01, 2010

dude are you from va? did you get hit by the snow too? we got like two fuckin foot.

Money Dec 22, 2009

richmond, va? looks like a poor city to me

Nixi Dec 22, 2009


danyell!! Dec 10, 2009

&quot;starin' at my pics for too long will give you eye cancer&quot; lmfao. wtf.

Exalt Dec 10, 2009

you flex too much man lol

Nixi Dec 09, 2009

I'd hit it.

Hustla Bebe Dec 09, 2009

People hate on me for shown my bod too, :) dun listin :) good job for reping your shit pack it up mann

chars! Dec 09, 2009

why u flexin? [2]

Squadless Dec 09, 2009

why u flexin?

absurd99 Dec 09, 2009

do you use steroids or ghb?

plompy Dec 09, 2009

I'd fuck dat shit m8.

Zazu Dec 09, 2009

LOL this guy is obsessed with his body. Trying to show off his muscles. So gay....

NO <3 Dec 08, 2009

yo get off my nuts like Planter's cuz you can't get a touch down there like Berry Sanders, starin' at my pics for too long will give you eye cancer, cuz i'm hotter than the sun can even turn nuns into my personal lap dancers -_-

AznBabiGurl Dec 08, 2009

foreal, no &lt;3 = noob

Foreal Dec 07, 2009

no &lt;3 = cambodian?

Raazi Dec 02, 2009

yo ur right hand so buff cuz u jack off to cambodian chicks, lets see the other arm

Zazu Dec 01, 2009

LOL these Asians

Petal Dec 01, 2009

I actually got drop kicked on my face. Literally.

Nixi Dec 01, 2009

Yeah yeah, you're buff and hot, we all know it -_-

chars! Nov 30, 2009

go gym plz u skinning

Missa Nov 30, 2009


Petal Nov 28, 2009

Sexy can i

Shan Nov 27, 2009


Shan Nov 27, 2009

Huge tits in the first pic, seems like a mosquito bit her

Kid Kaos Nov 26, 2009

I love dumb drunk sluts. They are my favorites.

elphaba Nov 23, 2009

what are you all doing to that obviously pure and chaste woman in that first pic?

lady starlight Nov 22, 2009

oh yeah? well you heard wrong!

Missa Nov 09, 2009

Aw. You so cuuute :]

Zazu Oct 29, 2009

Hate em virgins!

Exalt Oct 13, 2009

the blonde chick looks like kirstin dunst

chars! Oct 12, 2009

you act like a virgin...wait, you are a virgin

Money Oct 11, 2009

posting old pics like they're new

NO <3 Oct 11, 2009

i designed both masks even though you can't see the 2nd one really but the one on top is made out of a foam plate that i formed to the shape of my head. i don't like using cookie cutter shit you can just buy at the store so unoriginal.

Nixi Oct 11, 2009

lol hot, I like the cut of your cosplay

ZypheN Oct 04, 2009

ha, I get that a lot.

Missa Sep 25, 2009

like the new pic, dear &lt;3

Red Satin Sep 22, 2009

damn, boy!

Weak Sep 19, 2009

lol sry

Weak Sep 16, 2009

fuk u

Sandie Sep 12, 2009

i saved you a piece of cake &gt;:[

Missa Sep 08, 2009

hola &lt;3

Captain Stinky Sep 04, 2009

i bet you give good head

Mhz Aug 28, 2009

lol..you look like such a twat.

Hunt Aug 28, 2009

lol at u, pinner bitch, what u weigh? 120?

Hunt Aug 26, 2009

are you mad brah? u mad 4 sum raisin? Anyway, it's called a side chest pose, google image search it, it's not pressed against my body at all, but thats flattering :&gt;

ZenaBee Aug 18, 2009

let :/ i'm no doritos :&quot;O

Let Aug 17, 2009

is that Zena in your picture? lmao! i like!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 16, 2009

Seriously, I don't know what you are talking about. Whose the Hell is Ignite???

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 15, 2009

That was a WTF comment...LOL uhhh ok.

Missa Aug 14, 2009

time for you to upload another fun picture, gogogo

Sandie Aug 12, 2009

lol love the snack time pic! &lt;3

Audrey Aug 09, 2009

Thats a comfortable booty =P Iunno for the cup tho, never tried haha

Shadowmere Aug 09, 2009


MEEEp Jul 31, 2009

lol after ignite's money? pshh.. oh plz, his money is not enough for me, nty. :P

NO <3 Jul 31, 2009

lol this kid havok so in love with me, too cute.

Havok Jul 30, 2009

p.s. that mustache is hard evidence of you eating out nixi's asshole please take care of that before your online gf finds out.

Havok Jul 30, 2009

please please take a picture of the next move you make take a pic on the toilet please i just love all the pics u post it gives me a hard on i follow you like i follow the jonas brothers on twitter then again u prolly have one cuz ur that obsessed with yourself that u think people care, please please tell me what ur twitter is. thanks xoxoxoxoxo havok

Nixi Jul 30, 2009

well you are. always thought so... you AND zena.

ZenaBee Jul 30, 2009

anorexia my period wouldnt touch ur comment section cause i wouldnt want to get aids.

Missa Jul 30, 2009

aw nixi :D and yes yes, no &lt;3. pictures will come soon enough! nice doritos.

NO <3 Jul 30, 2009

it's a good thing you diabled your comments Money

Money Jul 30, 2009


Nixi Jul 30, 2009

if *I* say you're cute will it leave you feeling complimented or ill?

Anorexia Jul 30, 2009

if i say you're cute will zenabee have her period all over my comment section?

Missa Jul 30, 2009


Sandie Jul 25, 2009

remember that blanket on the window next time, im tired of carrying you :p

Mage+ Jul 24, 2009

small dick Rofl, stupid asain Mhz owns u cunt

ZenaBee Jul 22, 2009

insane went insane :P

Insane Hotdog Jul 22, 2009

stfu stop cussin toma just because hes better than you go back to Iran and get whipped fucked up shithead

ZenaBee Jul 21, 2009

:/ haha lady let me kick u off the passenger seat :) thx.

lady starlight Jul 14, 2009

hahaha nice pics!! lemme get in that passenger seat!

Missa Jul 09, 2009

I did awesome in that wbduel. Thank you, lag!

ZenaBee Jul 04, 2009

he's ma dude :* hug

Hunt Jul 04, 2009

fisher price body parts, pussssyy

Tabo Jul 04, 2009

Me Gel-E-ous Neva! :P just being funny.. &lt;3

danyell!! Jul 04, 2009

You have too much time on your hands dude.

Tabo Jul 02, 2009

Wow, Someone likes t0ma's nuts

SnallTrippin Jul 02, 2009

T0ma fixation is bad for you.

Quart Jul 01, 2009

Toma pics are great rofl. IRAN TOE MA hahah

Ohmalee Jun 30, 2009


Scrotal Jun 29, 2009

the pic with the toes looks leet

ZenaBee Jun 28, 2009

:P i'll have this and this and this plz :O omnomnomnom

NO <3 Jun 28, 2009

it's a wig, i got it from the same store pwnd got hers at.

Ohmalee Jun 28, 2009

Lol, why do you need a menu? you know all you're gonna order is fried rice and soy sauce. :)

maketso Jun 28, 2009


Audrey Jun 28, 2009

I'm really confused with the hair... sometimes short... sometimes longer... stop uploading old pics =P

Hunt Jun 27, 2009

cute fisher price chest

Lenny Jun 25, 2009

Hi, my name is no &lt;3 and I make stupid ass clubs on a 2d space game to catch attention because I have nothing better to do in my poor, boring life. Forgot, I also cry a lot when people make fun of my club, it's so rude.

Lenny Jun 25, 2009

You sure cry a lot for someone who acts like a hardass with a E-Relationship for SS. Damn.

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

umm...okay, whatever you say..

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

jealous of what?

getting pwned Jun 24, 2009

Third pic down.. *cough* o.o''

R.I.P Jun 24, 2009

why would i have died... ?

NO <3 Jun 24, 2009

how did you know? lol. btw he tried to run it and i eventually caught and shot him last second but didn't count on the scoreboard cuz it was a split second too late. w/e then the kids had the nerves to talk shit like they are on the same level.

ZenaBee Jun 24, 2009

LOL at this draw :D musta been cause someone ran all the time :O

NO <3 Jun 24, 2009

that was considered &quot;draw&quot;

Mobey Jun 24, 2009

T0MA 7-9. U 17-9.

Lenny Jun 23, 2009

Cry moar?

Ward Jun 23, 2009

and guess who hooked him up? ahaha

Raazi Jun 22, 2009

LOL was i any inspiration for the IRAN from t0ma?

Lenny Jun 22, 2009

Don't get mad because some people don't want to follow some retarded posse around about dumb shit.

ZenaBee Jun 22, 2009

hahah :P at the new pic :D

Ward Jun 22, 2009

ill make one when im seriously bored

Mobey Jun 20, 2009

lol @ Nixi, I'd so tap you 10x.

NO <3 Jun 19, 2009

T0MA&gt; tired you running off and shit

Money Jun 19, 2009

haha was it supposed to be nixi?

Nixi Jun 18, 2009

Gee Mobey, that one was hard to figure out, even with MY expertise. Glad you pointed it out for us

Valentine Rose Jun 16, 2009

so you like to get whipped by other man.

ShinBet Jun 16, 2009

you are too into your self mate!

Mobey Jun 14, 2009

blonde woman is actually a MAN.

NO <3 Jun 13, 2009

Army boot camp was tough business -_-

NO <3 Jun 13, 2009

yea thats me haha

Quart Jun 13, 2009

ROFL! is that you?!

L3MU3L Jun 13, 2009

ROFL great pic man!

danyell!! Jun 13, 2009

YOU ARE CHEATING ON ZENABEE WITH A BLONDE?! =o how dare you?! *slaps you in the face*

ZenaBee Jun 13, 2009

Century if u had a life u wouldnt be here typing these pathetic nerds comments... Loser.

Weak Jun 13, 2009

hmm i might jus do that, seems like fun

Dark*Star360 Jun 12, 2009

toma the ghosts? LOl

Dark*Star360 Jun 12, 2009

lol pacman

Quart Jun 12, 2009

lol these kids hate only because they are jealous

Mhz Jun 12, 2009

you seem so insecure lol..posting pictures of yourself driving a bmw, wearing shades indoors, posing topless. what are you trying to prove? It's ok asians have small dicks. It's a shame your gay too, when you stop denying it it'll be easier ;)

Weak Jun 12, 2009

LOL lovin the I Ran from Toma theme hahahah

Guero Jun 11, 2009

hahahah pacmantoma all the way rushing :O $!

Money Jun 11, 2009


PrettyMadness Jun 11, 2009

whats up with everyone talking about toma ? lol

danyell!! Jun 11, 2009

you guys are obsessed with t0ma? =o

PWND Jun 11, 2009

Yeah I'm soo fake when then TV behind me shows the TW galleries and obviously my pic is blurry because it's take from my phone. Really, are you that stupid? haha

NO <3 Jun 11, 2009

ya man the guy wont let up! he's so good. -_-. Pwnd mad cuz she's so ugly even T0MA wont chase her.

L3MU3L Jun 11, 2009

you'de think toma would be tired all this chasing he's doing

Mega Newbie Jun 11, 2009


PWND Jun 11, 2009


Valentine Rose Jun 11, 2009

I ran from T0MA

Audrey Jun 10, 2009


NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

to be a part of the T0MA fan club please refer to this. hey theres a cool new club going around come join the party, check out this link for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

The Flying Russian Jun 09, 2009

that's right! I just lose it when someone kills me!! GRRR I'm getting angry just thinking about it!! RAWRFEHJFHF$R

Mobey Jun 09, 2009

it burrrrrrrrrrrrns

ZenaBee Jun 09, 2009

mnomnomnonmom i got ur candy boo :D

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

showing off my sunglasses, kinda like how you showed off your tattoo

Exalt Jun 08, 2009

why are you wearing shades indoors with your shirt off

PWND Jun 08, 2009

QQ poor kid I'm starting to pity you now.

Growing Jun 08, 2009

i can always depend on a good laugh when ur name is green hahaha

Sunny D Jun 08, 2009

yeah, and believe you me, i play it to my advantage ;)

Dark*Star360 Jun 08, 2009

nice car loooool =P

Sunny D Jun 08, 2009

i bartend you dolt :)

PWND Jun 08, 2009

Jealousssyyyy poor kid =(

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 08, 2009

why do you always make me cry...? *tears*

PWND Jun 08, 2009

Oh damn. Jealousy..Dunno if I should laugh or pity you.

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 07, 2009

ouch, burnnn :(

Petal Jun 07, 2009


wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

My new body Guard

NO <3 Jun 06, 2009

awww shee~it shawty 645 fo' sho, fo so! with them 19&quot; rims yo! holla at yo boi!

Primary Jun 06, 2009

ballin out in that bmw ^^

Flew Jun 05, 2009

lool u called me fat u must be stupid.

ZenaBee Jun 05, 2009

Flew I'm sure that was a nice dream :D

Flew Jun 05, 2009

yo zenabee told me she's only with you because she feels bad youre such a loser in real life and in 2d spaceships. she sed she'd rather fly in my warbird.

Crunchy Nut Jun 04, 2009

car better not be automatic

danyell!! Jun 04, 2009

Good thing I have all the luck in the world.

danyell!! Jun 04, 2009

nice car. beautiful girlfriend. gg... but im gonna keeel you! =)

Havok Jun 04, 2009

you would be the first one to comment my new pics cuz ur on gallery at all hours of the night tryin to stay (#1 most popular) rofl kid get a life your makin me depressed.

Havok Jun 04, 2009

nah theyre not temp but molestaches are.

Ward Jun 04, 2009

theres a big difference between fat and well endowed women. you gotta be on top of your game pal

ZenaBee Jun 03, 2009

LOL primary, just saw ur comment here :D thx.

danyell!! Jun 03, 2009

You better get ready bc im gonna. =)

Kid Kaos Jun 03, 2009

Zenabee the kid goes to my gallery spot and randomly talks shit after I was down clowing his little ass. So holla at yo boi. Guy says im ugly, like I give a fuck what some 5&quot;2 buck tooth asian kid thinks about the way I look.

NO <3 Jun 03, 2009

yes cuz it had nothing to do with me having over 30 pictures up on here already. you just jealous cuz you have no talents. picking up fat chicks is not a skill.

Ward Jun 03, 2009

you draw pictures of yourself making out and post em here. obviously you took em down cos you were made fun of and those drawings sucked. my shit is real

ZenaBee Jun 03, 2009

hey bebe :* love u, sup with all of that shit here, just for everyone's info, dont get ur fingers too tired stop typing shit when u know nothing about me, i didnt get to know no &lt;3 in SS or net so stfu (no &lt;3 got me to this game) for the nerds who says so and keeps saying the same shit over and over just get a life and u'll feel better with yourself's and u'll stop breaking ur head and thinking too hard about it, :D thank u for listening and have a good life.

Kid Kaos Jun 03, 2009

Aw no &lt;3 put down the drawings he spent hours drawing of his cyber spaceships gf. EVerytime I want a good laugh I always look at that and it makes me feel better about not being a 5&quot;2 small dick yellow ching chong like yourself.

Confederate_Flag Jun 02, 2009

taking pictures of yourself and habitually masturbating to your mirrored image was never in. homo

Vue Jun 02, 2009

I read this list of comments from the bottom. It wasn't worth it. I don't see the problem with the picture though.

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 02, 2009

my boyfriend said those hearts everyone makes online look like a dick n balls... he's obviously not a computer nerd.

Mhz Jun 02, 2009

white shades and heavy metal wrist band? rofl, try harder plz. homo

PWND Jun 02, 2009

Posing as what may I ask?

PWND Jun 01, 2009

This kid has a crush on me.

SquallFF8 Jun 01, 2009

no but you had a belittling arrogant attitude about it. &quot;if you really do box&quot; Not a hick but, rather be hick than emo :)

NO <3 May 31, 2009

key word &quot;mocked&quot; should i take offense to your ignorance? its more like pitty.

SquallFF8 May 31, 2009

thats it? I've mocked your harritage, and you come back with dissing my stance lol. no i didnt have a threesome with catfish, i caught them and ate them.

NO <3 May 31, 2009

since when do emo people have light color hair and wear white? faggots

Primary May 31, 2009

lol no &lt;3, there are SOOOOOOOOOO many fucking idiots in SS it's good to find the good few here and there, gogo u and zena ^^

SquallFF8 May 31, 2009

so now he's emo

t0ma May 31, 2009

Lol, look at that overthrown civilization in the background. Is that why you're so emo? You feel oppressed? That first pic makes a real man want to slap the shit out of you. Are you supposed to be proud of your heritage or something? Then why dye your hair?

PWND May 30, 2009

least i dont edit up my pics with rediculous garbage. my shits real

Sakura May 30, 2009

So, I was jealous before when PWND was hitting on Dustin... then I saw her pics and I just laughed LOL

Growing May 30, 2009

i just dont have a camera and come on when u photo shop ur self u gota expect ppl to say something hahah

Growing May 30, 2009

wow another ridiculous pic lol where the black cock go?

Nixi May 29, 2009

Angkor Wat?

Skyn May 29, 2009

u still soft

Caracal May 29, 2009

lol why people bitchin about your photoshopped pic? i think the pic is working its worrying the insecure males that look at it. Look there commenting making stabs like your cock is 2&quot; just so they feel better, so they say your dick is smaller then their 3inch dick lol.

Ward May 29, 2009

As opposed to you drawing yourself making out with your imaginary girl and posting it here. If anything you're the homo

Mhz May 28, 2009

I'd feel the need to work out 8hours a day if my cock was 2&quot; too, fgt. this picture looks like the front cover of a gay porn video. &quot;The trojan shemale - adventures of the backpassage.&quot;

Valholy May 28, 2009

no &lt;3 is a titan amongst men. Physically and Characteristically. Btw, I'm not gay.

Valentine Rose May 28, 2009

so tell me, who's the girl all these nerds are raging about?

SquallFF8 May 27, 2009

wow, you actually post online convos with ss-chicks to boost e-rep. Documenting stories about your premature ejaculations too rofl

SquallFF8 May 26, 2009

cmon, you of all people know the azn penis is a scientific tragedy. dont take it so seriously kiddo

NO <3 May 25, 2009

funny, why are ignorant white kids like you always so insecure about their dick size... so much penis envy its hilarious.

SquallFF8 May 25, 2009

this disgusting fuk needs to grow big mucles to hide his tiny azn penis. my condolances

Havok May 25, 2009

a loser with a gf irl and not sitting here spamming everyone on an asteroid pic gallery gg sir. ur terrible anyways dont talk to me.

Exalt May 24, 2009

dude how can you even talk about me, you date an internet girl, you are probably a virgin, your friends are dorks like you, and you are asian, that says enough about you for you to shut your mouth forever. Done talking to some loser like you. Not even close to my level in the game or real life

Goddess May 24, 2009

o didn't realise she's ur girl irl hehe

Goddess May 24, 2009

First lesson: NEVER KISS AND TELL OR COPY/PASTE without their permission. Did zb say dat was ok? Btw the rumor is zb isn't real not sure if its true or not but if u haven't heard a voice or seen it on webcam? i mean LIVE webcam? not some pic of a webcam... then u cant trust it to be real. (and even sometimes then u cant trust it lol) so be careful dude :)

Ward May 23, 2009

Whatever man, nobody's perfect. I just dont like the fact that you attempt to make fun of others when you look like that. You should be the last to make fun of anyone bro..

Exalt May 23, 2009

lol keep talking buddy. Look at yourself. Internet girlfriend, dorks for friends, and your a midget. Just stop while your ahead and shut your mouth.

Exalt May 23, 2009

plus, I dont have internet relationships like you fag, I get real life pussy. You keep up with that internet fling though bro. Your friends sure don't help your image you put out on here either, as they look (almost) like bigger douchebags then you.

Exalt May 23, 2009

its a pic of a tattoo, not trying to flex like you in every picture, I could care less. Don't need to flex to get girls son, since I'm not a 5 foot midget with squinty eyes and 2 inch dick.

Ward May 23, 2009

lol dude you're trying to impress people here by flexing those arms and you call me a fag. bro i havent worked out in 2 years and i still prolly look better than you. sorry to break it to you bro, you're just physically inferior. theres not much you can do to make yourself look better when you're 5 ft tall. besides, your drawings suck. i sure hope you're not an artist

Kid Kaos May 23, 2009

Dude your a little chinaman who watches hentai porn and dragonballz you think I give a flying fuck what you think about me? You are nothing to me. Sorry.

Weak May 23, 2009

lol chars

Ohmalee May 23, 2009

im more swole than you! :D

chars! May 23, 2009

dude....go gym ffs

NO <3 May 23, 2009

since MHz does not know what a flex look like i figured i would help the poor bastard out with a demo.

NO <3 May 23, 2009

lol this carburetor fags so weak talking shit to everyone and gets upset when i speak the truth about him crying at nite so he rejects my comments. loser

Flew May 23, 2009

LOOOL haha kid kaos so fcuking true. no &lt;3 try typing ?buy girlfriend, it might work.

Kid Kaos May 20, 2009

He is so obsessed with his fake online girlfriend that he spends all day drawing her making out with him....LOOOOL thats really sad man.

carburetor May 20, 2009

your a premature 3 inch penis ball reduced cum licker, i dont cry, i have sexual intercourse. you know; the stuff you watch when your parents are not home (or dojo, whatever you live in where your at.) only disabled my comments cause i was silenced, retarded at lonely dwarf.

Mhz May 20, 2009

rofl 'I have 4.5% body fat' - priceless! Can't stop laughing at your last picture dude...you try so hard and yet your donkey teeth always shine through :) Fag.

Sirius May 20, 2009

Everyone so sirius here

Caracal May 20, 2009

wow the emo rage level in here is insane

Kid Kaos May 19, 2009

You little dog eating 5 foot 4 asian oompa loompa looken ass mother fucker got no game so u make e-relationships with 18 year old guys from florida who pretend to be girls retarded ass mother fucker. Talken shit when i could drop kick your little asian head with no effort what so ever little grown up asian kid from indian jones looken ass mother fucker.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 19, 2009

whyd you get rid of so many pics? hopefully not cuz of me. i was just flippin ya sh*t anyway. no hard feelings &lt;3

a cute fuzzy kitten May 19, 2009

you drew those pictures? those are effing awesome!! i agree with danyell, don't pay attention to the jerkoffs on here... especially when they're puzzies who disable their comments...

Exalt May 19, 2009

LOOOOOOOOOL NO &lt;3 LOST HIS VIRGINITY OVER THE INTERNET WOWOWOW I guess nerds like you need to meet them on subspace huh?

Poni May 19, 2009

ow, now i know where i recognise u, u were at gay pride

Mhz May 19, 2009

even with that convo with yourself and the picture of your sister, you still seem so homosexual...it's the tensed bicep that does it. fckin' goof

Kid Kaos May 19, 2009

Looks like some emo nerd computer love show over here. You and zena bee are both pathetic for having a subspace love affair rofl.

Havok May 18, 2009

you look like a kid that adds a pic every other day/ has an internet gf? ROFLZ pathetic.

PrettyMadness May 18, 2009

i love your drawings..

NO <3 May 18, 2009

lol carburetor, what a fag you are disabling your comments after finding out no one likes you in real life and on the internet. P.S i know my comment about you &quot;crying alone at nite&quot; really hit home you fucking prick. go cut yourself.

danyell!! May 18, 2009

Pay stupid emo dicks with bad hair no mind. (aka carburetor) =) He just wants attention.

carburetor May 18, 2009

my hair screams? oh noes. maybe you should google the history of hair before you think your pathetic self accumilated credit for anything more than rice. and for the next part, are you serious? 1) i dont have a mirror. 2) apparently people do care, maybe you should learn about someones life before you make asumption to try to make your life seem more signifigant. 3) are you gay or lonely? a pic of you at the bar with three other men... somethings wrong there... when you have 4 girls from three different states all wanting you dick in their cock pockets fto be put online; then you can be as cocky as i. pew pew. P.S. im sorry hitler didnt make it to asia.

Havok May 18, 2009

dont attack me no &lt;3

carburetor May 17, 2009

an attempt for attention? No, my little vietmanese wannabe, i have no need for attention, or atleast rom anyone that plays 2d games, or even on a 2d game. i strongly dislike you, and therefore tell you what i think and as for trolling: i have no idea what you could be talking about, except for the resembalence in your visual reflection. please don't reply to me, im tired of seeing the closest cro-magnum/chimpansee replica.

Goddess May 17, 2009

k now write Goddess Across your chest and that last pic will be perfect :) tag

carburetor May 17, 2009

how nieve of you to think im talking crap; infact, not only is what im saying not &quot;crap&quot; its the truth, your a faggot asian bitch. end of story. and that is not my sister, im not as sick as you imbred asian fucks.

carburetor May 17, 2009

i dont need a world map, no one cares for insignifigant minorties such as your self. maybe ir im if your sister is smart enough she'll get kidnapped into the sex trade and she'll be the next bitch i have sucking my dick on hotgoo.

Caracal May 17, 2009

wow post more fake pics no &lt;3 ....as if that cute drawing would kiss you!!! lol jk

Nixi May 15, 2009

The thing about rumors is that they're often incredibly false, and started by complete asshats.

NO <3 May 15, 2009

wise man once said &quot;asian eye might be small but we see all&quot; (haterz that is)

a cute fuzzy kitten May 15, 2009

yeah, sorry about that. there's nothing that turns me on more than subspace guys with boob/nipple/blacked out dildo pics... oh rawr.

Caracal May 15, 2009

rofl sweet new pic.. i knew that stick figure looked a bit asian

Exalt May 15, 2009

lol look at chung li over here thinking its street fighter 10

NO <3 May 15, 2009

cuz its fun? no harm done. -_-

Rasaq May 15, 2009

Rofl...why you mocking me?

Schfifty-Five May 15, 2009

Someone has to put it to 'em!

Schfifty-Five May 15, 2009

I invented it.

Schfifty-Five May 15, 2009

Haha. I had a wide stance because I bowled it granny style!

Goddess May 14, 2009

nice body but u still scare me :(

Caracal May 14, 2009

rofffllll exalt gets owned in pic 1 oh man

Ohmalee May 14, 2009

those 2 new pics are tight lolol

NO <3 May 14, 2009

jager girls -_-

Caracal May 14, 2009

wow stop being jealous all these girls are more like badges to him... just collecting em as they come...what you got?

NO <3 May 14, 2009

goes to show people have bunch of sick homo erotic fantasies about me... i guess i cant complain im so sexy i turn on both women and men.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009

blacked out the dildo in the last pic? hmmm. well that's a bummer. send me the original so i can save it to my &quot;naughty&quot; file. ahaha.

Condom May 14, 2009

Hey JROCK, give back the white girls. &lt;3 u

Schfifty-Five May 13, 2009

Good job on picking those shots. You're going to be the best kid.

Confederate_Flag May 12, 2009

look, he blacked out the dildo in the last pic

ZypheN May 11, 2009

No &lt;3, you love yourself a lil too much bro.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 10, 2009

jeeze people are so mean. they're just jealous cuz you have sexy nipples. they're luzerz.

Hunt May 04, 2009

that stache..oh boy that stache

Shadowmere May 04, 2009

Lol sheeeeeeeet partyyyyyyyy!

Mhz May 03, 2009

rofl, you look so homo...what was going through your mind when you posted topless pictures of yourself on a predominantly male gallery? go suck some more cock fgt.

Ward May 03, 2009


Exalt May 01, 2009

how are you talking to me about ME being ugly. Your the asian dude with a molestash, be real here kid, you're a virgin and always will be

Tabo May 01, 2009

Jeez...So much hate on no &lt;3 maybe he's just a pimp maybe they like him for his hair? hahaha

Rasaq May 01, 2009

I was complimenting your G/F, not hitting on her.

Exalt May 01, 2009

Lol no &lt;3 you must think you are cool taking pictures with girls that obviously think you are gay. Its clear you are a virgin, and I doubt your 2 inches will ever get you laid. I feel sorry for you honestly. With that molestash you have going on though, I'm sure you can pick up a 5 year old at the elementary school.

GRUNDL3 May 01, 2009


Elven Apr 30, 2009


infrared Apr 30, 2009

Pics of raping drunk girls on twgallery = +100 e-credits

Exalt Apr 30, 2009

no girls like asian dudes, sorry bro. Your 2 inches of loving doesn't cut it for them

Tabo Apr 30, 2009

Lol Cute New pic... P I M P with the ladies &lt;3 :P

Sakura Apr 29, 2009

wtf was that comment about, LOL

a cute fuzzy kitten Apr 29, 2009

DONT DELETE MY COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR PRETTY NIPPLES. ugh! if you're going to show them off then you should expect people to look at them and LIKE them. like TagMor. and me.

Its-katness Apr 29, 2009

i was how'd you know?

Nixi Apr 29, 2009

I seriously lol'd at your gay fish rap you wrote ward.

TagMor Apr 29, 2009

lol you really want people to know how much you get laid eh?

NO <3 Apr 28, 2009

that was as weak as your skills in TW ward. -_-

sheep Apr 28, 2009

Nothing wrong with trees in my opinion, they make the nature look much more beautiful. tho they make me look like a hippie if they are painted on me.

Ward Apr 28, 2009

this 5 ft tall ching chong just spams every1 like no tomorrow

Panda Bear Apr 28, 2009

teehee x2.

Fooly Cooly Apr 28, 2009

pedro for president?

NO <3 Apr 28, 2009

lol at exalt, how are you gonna brag about being in the military and still be a skinny bitch?

Exalt Apr 27, 2009

look at this scrubby ass asian dude LOL. jesus, take a shower

Mhz Apr 27, 2009

have you come outta the closet yet?

Sakura Apr 27, 2009

LOL who said they were for you. &gt;:P

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

wth are these kids talking about? &quot;breathing&quot; and &quot;nut hugging jeans&quot;?

Jolly Fat Man Apr 27, 2009

Breathing is for chumps.

Sakura Apr 27, 2009

i commented on your.... comment. also posted new pics. nice hair, lol

Kid Kaos Apr 27, 2009

And you dont think those first two pics of you in nuts hugging jeans and your haircut that you dont look emo?

R.I.P Apr 27, 2009

o by the waayy... NICE MUSCLES :D

R.I.P Apr 27, 2009

ohemgee... i love that jumper in the first 2 piccies!! :)

Z*E*R*0 Apr 27, 2009

wow, it sure seems you like to surround yourself with alot of hot females :P

ISRAELI F15-I ACE Apr 26, 2009

ibet in the last picture that was no mic before they drawn over it . its okay to be gay . ha ha just kidding . u look like a cool mother fucker.

JeezOutLaw Apr 25, 2009

you're odd.

Huge Eat Apr 25, 2009

this whole time im thinking your a girl well come to find out you are ahahhahaah

Airship Apr 23, 2009

You newb I didn't make the website. Its my sister.

NO <3 Apr 22, 2009

your jealous of my skillz -_-

Sakura Apr 22, 2009