Squad Paladen (since Sep 13, 2021)
Rank Assistant
Last 3 Squads Funk   Raline    Penetrate   
Medals None
Donated None

About Me

Gender Male
Where I can be found crying in elim because no ones in here anymore :(
More about me Nothing/Nada/Zilch (zero)

Things I Like 
Books 1984
Movies Gummo
Musics Wu-tang clan, Norma jean, Smashing pumpkins, Deftones...ect , so mostly rock and metal
Songs In life is death. In Death is death.


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Jessup Aug 28, 2021

It's 2021 and time for a new post on your comments! Welcome back Z*E*R*0. ^_^ Vet!!

h2o60 Jul 14, 2010

old school!

Mage+ Aug 29, 2009


Weak Jun 29, 2009

sup bro

PWND Jun 01, 2009

Sup Zero =)

A I May 31, 2009

suup old school!!

Exalt May 20, 2009

lol I thought you were older bro

Flew May 10, 2009


Imagine May 03, 2009

Why are you afraid to look into the camera?

TranceTunes May 03, 2009

LOL ZERO..."you're too young to smoke." HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU YOUNGIN YOU ;)

a cute fuzzy kitten Apr 29, 2009

you're too young to smoke.

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

it looks like you just found out someone is a fake in your 2nd pic lol

Kid Kaos Apr 27, 2009

My homie ZERO HAHA wutup pimp!

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

you look happy in your pics

Elinalisa Mar 16, 2009

Black Label Society shirt eh? :p they've got like 1 good song and zakk carries them... MY CRAZY NINJA STARS!!! HAHAHA :D *steals* &lt;3