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"Go hard or go home"

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Crunchy Nut Feb 16, 2012

FUck me! Loooong time

Mobey Oct 15, 2010

easy.. still kicking it at uni? hit me up if you start playing again, hope all is good!

PrettyMadness Aug 25, 2009

Cone Heads FTW! :)

Mobey Aug 19, 2009

point; vistaids.

Crunchy Nut Aug 13, 2009

MS' new operating system after vista, being released in October although im running the release candidate copy, it is a much improved version of vista imo, alot faster to

Mobey Aug 13, 2009

wtf is windows 7 haha, is it vista just under a new name?

Crunchy Nut Aug 13, 2009

and thats why I love you mobey :) and its Win 7. And when I get money ill be getting a new car :) dont want any of the crap your selling on facebook though :D

Mobey Aug 12, 2009

nice vista setup. fail. shit car also.

Schfifty-Five Aug 07, 2009


Refer Jul 21, 2009

i like your hat.

killah Jul 20, 2009

where the fuck u been????? EZ LIKE BUTTER

Weak Jul 03, 2009

your mouth is open jus enough to put in a surprise :)

Mobey Jun 27, 2009

sup Shia LaBeouf. lol.

Exile- Jun 24, 2009


Democrat Jun 24, 2009

prolly euro

reability Jun 22, 2009

hi james ^^

lady starlight Jun 21, 2009

LMAO sweet pic

Mobey Jun 20, 2009

you're going to love Leicester on new years. so many cones.

PWND Jun 05, 2009

haha nice

NO <3 Jun 05, 2009

fappin to your cone head i see

pee pee sock Jun 01, 2009

i wish i was there. id piss on ur face kid.

Lenny May 25, 2009

Where deez n00dz at?

Ohmalee May 20, 2009

Rofl this guy is STONED! wat u be smokin?

Refer May 14, 2009

sex on top of head. ;)

Mobey May 09, 2009

ahhh, the sight of a drunken student and his traffic cone. love it.

Unite May 04, 2009

typical brit

TagMor May 04, 2009

you looked different in my dreams.