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pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

i miss u so much, words cant even discribe... haha trolled had u goin there for a sec. respect.

LiL*PiGGy Dec 26, 2010

Sup holmes

Display Dec 08, 2010


Mossad Dec 05, 2010

lol TagMor Salam Aliekem Friend:)

pee pee sock Dec 04, 2010

u dont even play any more, fagmor ragmor lagmor..ect. pls take down ur pix.

Mossad Dec 03, 2010

hey hey L'Chaim. <Cheers>

Nimp Nov 29, 2010

nice sausage fingers you fat piece of shit

Nixi Oct 28, 2010

Tag hitting on my dead TW gallery page 8-9 months after I leave the game. And you did it on my birthday! <3

Sirius Sep 08, 2010

So much rage, but after a brief overlook of this page and your pictures the reasons become clear; should probably just off yourself and be done with it ;P

a_branch_in_mud Aug 23, 2010

nice shirt, i want your gf

Exalt May 05, 2010

lol mobey

Mobey May 03, 2010

LOL FagMor

Vulcan Mar 22, 2010

tagmaestro! conducting the haters

Spoiled Mar 20, 2010

yo i heard that if u have downs u cannot reproduce. so how does that make ur sex life bro?

SoJa Mar 19, 2010

Wow I waNt ur gf

Xog Mar 17, 2010


Machine of God Mar 15, 2010

I don't judge, I'll still be your friend even if you suck the cack

Machine of God Mar 12, 2010

you look like you've had a cock in or around your mouth multiple times in life

Xog Mar 12, 2010

wanted to see u nerd rage

Kid Kaos Mar 12, 2010

It was never cool to dress like a slobb and fuck crack hookers so I win again.

Xog Mar 10, 2010

he's got a pedo smile

Kid Kaos Mar 08, 2010

Yea it looks like you took that crack head off the street because you know she might actually touch your weenis. You're a pathetic, ugly nerd with no game at all please dont try to step up.

Disengaged Mar 08, 2010

Well, couldn't be anymore random than that, hmmmmmm...?

PWND Mar 06, 2010

And you look ugly.....oh wait... You are! ;D blacklisted

Tabo Mar 04, 2010

nerd face &lt;3

JaneDoe Mar 04, 2010

hi tag &lt;3

Havok Mar 04, 2010

you look like E.T. in that first pic.

Petal Mar 04, 2010


Kid Kaos Mar 03, 2010

no im implying that you could never get any pussy unless you paid for it. Look at yourself. Your a pathetic piece of shit.

Kid Kaos Mar 02, 2010

You look like you havent touched a pussy in your entire life.

Mattey Mar 02, 2010

Most over analyzed picture in recent memory.

Kid Kaos Mar 01, 2010

The fact that you think you know what pedofiles look like suggests that you are one yourself.

Schfifty-Five Feb 28, 2010

Yeah, and?

Exodia Feb 25, 2010

Someone insulted you for being &quot;pale&quot;? It's amazing how today's liberal media and government have caused whites to hate themselves.

FemalePersuasion Feb 22, 2010

Yeah because pseudo-intellectuals have pictures of fly agaric on their walls. Cult of the Soma much? :P

Mobey Feb 22, 2010


FemalePersuasion Feb 22, 2010

Totally a Danielle Steel book. :)

Fusionbomb Feb 20, 2010

Yep =D

Goddess Feb 19, 2010

Trancetunes saying anyone else looks retarded? Uh huh DONT LOOK IN THE MIRROR lol.

ZypheN Feb 19, 2010

Thanks, yea she's always been mine but parents showed her and she won everything. So now she's considered a &quot;champion&quot; and each puppy sells for 5k :D my own little cash cow haha

TranceTunes Feb 19, 2010

...gee i wonder why you removed your pictures...? oh yea, that's right! you look like you are literally mentally fucking retarded. go ahead and put those pictures back up. you clearly got so insecure and fed up with everyone ripping on you that you had no choice but to take them down and hope everyone forgets. idiot.

Hustla Bebe Feb 17, 2010


Exodia Feb 15, 2010

What are you removing your pictures for? You should stand up to the drug using abortionist liberal crowd here who like to attempt to put people like you down.

Vulcan Dec 22, 2009

$ nothing beats a hammock! not even sex with a drum circle.

lady starlight Aug 28, 2009

shame u dont have the guts to show ur face. I agree with rekall.

FemalePersuasion Aug 26, 2009

thanks...i think you've enlightened me. pfft.

Mage+ Jul 31, 2009


ReKall Jul 10, 2009

lol put up a pic and then u can leave comments. THANKS

NO <3 Jun 27, 2009

da bih boyz are bak on the block!

ZenaBee Jun 27, 2009

stick ur comments in ur pooper, plus i'm sure this mouse looks better than u do since ur afraid to have ur pics in gallery...coward.

Exile- Jun 26, 2009

Bingo!! ha, where you pics at?

TagMor Jun 26, 2009

ya that's it.

OmniRocky Jun 24, 2009

Lol, poor tag took down his pics cuz he gets hate instead of love. Can't say I don't know why, though...

PWND Jun 20, 2009

Who doesn't?

SoJa Jun 15, 2009


Century Jun 01, 2009

hahahahhaha ya ok nerd ill stomp ur faggot ass the fuck out u little fuck boy

PWND Jun 01, 2009

Kid's gay.

Growing May 30, 2009

i was gonna show my buddys a funny pic of down syndrome and i click on here and u took them down thx for making me look like an ass

Golden_Aim May 29, 2009

why did you remove your pics, my comment is useless now?

Zizu May 29, 2009

best insult u can come up with? ;p kinda bad

Jerome May 28, 2009

wtf is myspace and wtf is ostentatious. you internet folk are weird

Primary May 26, 2009

i find u hurting fish for a pic offensive

carburetor May 26, 2009

wierd, thats the same thing your mom says about you, awkward...

TagMor May 25, 2009

yeh man caught it just off catalina island in cali. was 10lb.

SquallFF8 May 25, 2009

is that a fucking halibut?

Weak May 24, 2009

sup man!

carburetor May 24, 2009

jesus christ your a pale fat whale, you should have stayed on that fucking boat for a few more days fatass.

jngy slate May 24, 2009

u look badass

Valentine Rose May 24, 2009

lol..I don't Motor sports... I was born on 14th of february, hence the name

pee pee sock May 23, 2009

stick it in fagget

Gripe May 22, 2009

my mum would love to make you a tshit

TagMor May 22, 2009

well the comment you are referring to was directed at Exalt. No need to freakout, I'm sure you are a wonderful person.

Golden_Aim May 22, 2009

The most memorable moments of my life: An apple, ye I liked it.(50 cent) Tried twosome, didnt work for me.($500) Fishing trips, scored twice.($1000) Jungle adventure, close but no cigar.($1500) A holiday in Thailand, played with fire and got burnt.($2000) After all these years, trying to find the real meaning of my life, I have come up to a conclusion that it is to boost my low selfesteem by commenting people's(that I do not know) pictures with retarded comments over internet.(Priceless) P.S. Soon to come: Picture of me commenting. -Tagmor

TagMor May 22, 2009

kid kaos take a good look at yourself. Wannabe gangster trash.

danyell!! May 21, 2009

if i had an apple... i would throw it at you...just to see if you would pick it up like a bird. =)

Kid Kaos May 20, 2009

Dude dont be mad at me because you got no game homie some people were just born to be ugnugz like yourself.

TagMor May 20, 2009

umm yeh.. cus its like I would dressup to go fishing or hunting.. dumbshit.

Ward May 19, 2009

look what this guy's wearing LOL. bunch of cheap ugly clothing he bought from wal-mart for 3.99. but oh well, suits him good. Ugly people shouldnt wear nice clothes

Exalt May 16, 2009

have you looked at your pictures? Maybe you get laid by that fish of yours. I heard nixi was your kmart model girlfriend.

Ward May 16, 2009

who said it was me who unbuttoned my shirt? haha u should be the last talkin shit about others u fugtard geek

Caracal May 14, 2009

wow the magic is in the apple eh..thanks for the tips

Nixi May 13, 2009

Dont be ashamed, at least I have tits!

Imagine May 04, 2009

I am going to have to invest in an apple so I can get chicks =(

Nixi May 01, 2009

I can't decide if I like the spinny fire or the apple-nomming most.

NO <3 Apr 29, 2009

i have plenty more pics but i think i over killed it already -_-

Tabo Apr 26, 2009

My buddy...Your the besty

R.I.P Apr 25, 2009

LOL @ THE APPLE! omg thats adorable!

Kittah Monster Apr 19, 2009

Hey taggy :) wheres my redheaded babies? &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 lots and ::Offers you a cup of tea::.....(my favorite pictures of you are the apple ones they always make me laugh)

wicket666 Apr 12, 2009

tagmor would get dropped!

dean Apr 10, 2009


SexualRobotics Apr 10, 2009

TagMor is a manchild!

Rabid Apr 10, 2009

Girls? With those pics you know they have to be related.

num1killa Apr 09, 2009

kid kaos just made my day

Kid Kaos Apr 08, 2009

look at this retarded lookin ass mother fucker. Drrrrrrrrr I CAUGHT A FISH Drrrrrrrrr

SoJa Apr 02, 2009

oh snap better pictures of u can seem the clearer and ur girl is about to get piped by me soon

Hate The Fake Apr 02, 2009

Ladies are always better in pairs!!!

Ignite Apr 02, 2009

my man tagmor hunting and mackin on those aussie ladies

pee pee sock Apr 01, 2009

poor fagmor lagmor sagmor gg

danyell!! Mar 25, 2009

ok in this 2nd pic of you with the apple LMAO. you look like a bird

Shadowmere Mar 19, 2009

They're not all even teddy bears. Get eyes please.

Ward Mar 16, 2009

this is what happens when an ugly kid with Downs Syndrome eats an apple. Also wearing fake diesel shirt he bought in dollar store

BobbyLight Mar 16, 2009

y u talkin shit about other people pics...look at you u fucking faggot. u look like there be a cock in ur mouth in the first pic