Hate The Fake
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About Me

Age 36
Location USA
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found Everywhere
More about me Its Just A Game Here To Have Fun


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persianz Jan 08, 2010

Im scrolling down thinking why only pictures of a shitty car and dogs...and my questions were answered

Let Nov 04, 2009

cool car, what kind of subs are those?

chars! Aug 02, 2009

i'll stole ur fucking yellow car :D

Hate The Fake Aug 01, 2009

its strike the Sasquatch lol

Wayspace Aug 01, 2009

whats that mascot? maybe its Osama Bin Laden at a ball game?! either way it looks terrible what ever it is

Hate The Fake Jul 29, 2009

so true

Halo Divine Jul 28, 2009

lol bitch stole my fish >:<

BobbyLight Jul 28, 2009

i hate when bitches steal my fish...

Hate The Fake Jul 18, 2009

o they do rofl, and my cars good!

Volcom Jul 16, 2009

Sony sucks dick and the subs sound like absolute garbage... but your dog's cute!

Devest Jul 16, 2009

and your dogs are still cute. and your car is still girly.

Devest Jul 16, 2009

htf they say they're not lesbians.

Hate The Fake Jul 09, 2009

good u?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 07, 2009

How are ya"?!?!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 07, 2009

o/ hate!!

ReKall Jul 07, 2009

Nice setup in the Trunk, KING KONG IN THE TRUNK.

Tabo Jul 07, 2009

oooo what :P

infrared Jul 07, 2009

only 1 pic of you i want to see your beautiful face more

Hate The Fake Jul 06, 2009

haha =/

Devest Jul 06, 2009

hi htf nice chick car

PWND Jul 05, 2009


reability Jul 02, 2009

Shaka Laka! cool pics :)

pee pee sock Jun 25, 2009

thought u were black, ur still cute tho

PrettyMadness Jun 24, 2009

cars and dogs haha

OmniRocky Jun 24, 2009

Nice dogs, and a clean car. :) And tag, you must be the expert on GAY.

F22 Raptor Jun 22, 2009

cute dogs =)

Hate The Fake Jun 21, 2009

lol tag, my car is pimp :)

TagMor Jun 18, 2009

If your car is yellow and not a lamborghini, then you are a faggot.

Mega Newbie Jun 17, 2009

haha you like ur dog

Schfifty-Five Jun 17, 2009


Social Life Jun 15, 2009

no matter how you word it, interspecie erotica is still wrong :(, leave the doggy alone!

Van jari Jun 15, 2009


getting pwned Jun 15, 2009

Baller. (:

Valentine Rose Jun 15, 2009


Dameon Angell Jun 15, 2009


adam Jun 15, 2009


Midd_Knight Jun 15, 2009


Hate The Fake Jun 15, 2009


wicket666 Jun 15, 2009


Hate The Fake Jun 15, 2009

Posted a few pics of my car, dogs. Mix of Beagle/Jack Russel Terrier. The other dog is a rat terrier/doberman. Then a few of a baseball game i went to, where i got a signed jersey. And then myself