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i.d. Aug 13, 2016

Is this what having two kids has done to your looks? <3

Jerome Mar 15, 2012

volcs you will forever have a special place in my heart, I have fond memories of being 13 and searching for your nudes with my entire squadron. seems like times haven't changed a bit!!!!

LiL*PiGGy Jan 31, 2012

damn gurl

NO <3 Jan 31, 2012

you look like my future ex wife

Foreign Dec 11, 2011

send me a recipe or somp, thx

Ignite Dec 06, 2011

wow, nice job copying my gender about me

Nessy Dec 05, 2011


Second Shot Dec 02, 2011

who are u.go make me a sammich

Phukkah Dec 02, 2011

lol @ sloppy seconds xD

Yeist Sep 30, 2011

Sonc Le Bleu! ;) LOL french mustache, GEEE GEEE!!

stuckup Mar 15, 2011


soupero Jan 02, 2011


bleez Jan 17, 2010

crack kills

Avero Nov 18, 2009

hmm, u look like miley cyrus without HER ass showing and the bad achne

Desaphine Aug 21, 2009

nice butt crack $$$$

culex Aug 09, 2009

Nice volcs, very cute cept the moustache :). Now go check out my beard :D

Kid Kaos Aug 03, 2009

So when you gonna come to cali and smoke me out? Fuck.

Nemon Aug 01, 2009

cute :P

Luke~Sky~Wanker Jul 28, 2009

I hope your replacement is a 2.5L sti. Whaappish! ^^

Dark*Star360 Jul 27, 2009

isnt ur butt crack ur vagina??

Mage+ Jul 24, 2009

i thought weak said, &quot;How much are you&quot; the first time i read it lol, but really how much are you?

Weak Jul 22, 2009

not much how are you?

Luke~Sky~Wanker Jul 21, 2009

Nice car gurl. Need some coilovers? ;)

Weak Jul 21, 2009

hey u!

Exalt Jul 20, 2009

boooooo bad car bad car

High Templar Jul 19, 2009

life? i am unfamiliar with that term, care to elaborate? Lol nah, pretty much the same, ss here and there

Volcom Jul 18, 2009

Pretty sure I was just shmammered in that pic, but sure. lol.

war_bringer Jul 17, 2009

in 3rd pic you are trying to rape us with your eyes. icwatudidthar o.0

soupero Jul 17, 2009

you got a subaru?

High Templar Jul 16, 2009

not much as usual. where've you been?

Centurion04 Jul 16, 2009

HAHAH! Damn right dedicated to me. Realtalk. :|

Nixi Jul 16, 2009

sword fight!

danyell!! Jul 15, 2009

butt crack ftw.

High Templar Jul 15, 2009

wow sup volcs, long time no see

Volcom Jul 14, 2009

Dear Cent, Preemptive &lt;3.

A I May 29, 2009

Hey Volcs! Post more pics!!

Exalt May 21, 2009

put more pics up volcs u newb

Imagine May 04, 2009

Did you have a little captain in you?

Century Apr 10, 2009

ahh its volcs... my girl ;)

Havok Apr 06, 2009


Dameon Angell Mar 20, 2009

I'd hit ... only with the mustache on. :P

Kid Kaos Mar 18, 2009

Where all the pics of your HOT friends volcs?

Exalt Mar 16, 2009


Ward Mar 16, 2009

looooooool moustache looks good on you

PeteyMcNasty Mar 16, 2009

As you know, I'm into chicks who wear Guy Fawkes masks, and those blue eyes really bring out your inner Aryan. I think I'm in Love...'till I sober up.