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Location Florida
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More about me I like to hop on here every now and then to shoot some space ships when I need to kill some time. I'm not here to meet guys! >:[


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Zazu Sep 06, 2016

Still love you. <3

megaman89 Jan 16, 2014

What's your ring size again? My Amazon pw isn't working and I'm in a jewelry store atm

Display Aug 29, 2012

these niggas r str8 herbs feenin ur shit

Display Aug 29, 2012

u litin up? damn thought it was against muslim religion ..come thru ny lite a blizz

expert Aug 25, 2012

ur not real in subspace until u have pics sayin suky suky liky liky... upload those next

bumpa Aug 24, 2012

nice boobs skyman ? bro im like a C cup ... wheres my nice comments you ass

SkyMan's Aug 24, 2012

Smoke Drugs eh?

SkyMan's Aug 24, 2012

Nice boobs :D

NERV Aug 23, 2012

you look like a chick i know from Cali

Second Shot Aug 23, 2012

welcome to trenchwars-- where rock-bottom standards exist

Sandie Aug 23, 2012

such sweethearts in subspace <3 lol

Havok Aug 23, 2012

yeah. you know the deal

Heisman Aug 23, 2012

casket just trump'd me. asshole!

Casket Aug 23, 2012

wud lick ur vagina

Heisman Aug 23, 2012

Blunt smokin spaceship shootin decent lookin female! Maybe we should get murried

pee pee sock Aug 23, 2012

ohhh the things id do.

bong Jun 22, 2012

Rofl "king pings" u didnt smoke shit poser, its King pin, and thats fuck faggots that cant split and roll a real blunt, FLORIDA stand up Brevard in the house.

Havok Nov 28, 2011

I would stillllll do youuu

NO <3 Oct 25, 2011

still wild i see

soupero Oct 23, 2011

damn ur cute

TranceTunes Oct 04, 2011

best tshirt ive ever fucking seen.

lopist Oct 02, 2011


danyell!! Oct 01, 2011

yay for blunts!!!!

LiL*PiGGy Sep 30, 2011


Yeist Sep 30, 2011

Smoked a King Ping Blunt today! <3 Blunts!!

megaman89 Sep 29, 2011

you're going to have to stop smoking mad blunts when our kid gets here :(

Lollys Sep 29, 2011

cute but alittle trashy with the underwear this is a game not a look at me i'm probably a whore site...just sayin my bad :/

megaman89 Sep 02, 2011

Baby kiss me through the phoneeeeeeeeeeeeee

Buried Sep 02, 2011

nice pics.

Myollnir Sep 02, 2011


Sandie Sep 02, 2011

oh gallery is back up... O_o

Myollnir Aug 21, 2011

hottest girl in ss so far

Display Jun 16, 2011

u like black men?

megaman89 Jun 06, 2011

in my dreams last night we turned our engagement rings into wedding rings

Havok Apr 15, 2011

I'd Still do you.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 06, 2011

Uh ew. LOL but thanks x)

megaman89 Mar 06, 2011

yeah I don't play much, busy sculpting my bod for you. how dare you say you didn't see me in awhile, I see you in my dreams every night ;(

Ri$e Again$t Mar 06, 2011

Thank you, Thank you i try ;)

Bruno Mars. Mar 05, 2011

lol they need to have a 'like' sign on here, .. Megaman ftw

megaman89 Mar 05, 2011

glad too see you're still wearing our engagement ring

Ri$e Again$t Mar 05, 2011

Half of you guys are sexually frustrated, keep it up boys.

ZypheN Mar 05, 2011

LOL I forgot about the Pandora posts on here. Btw please be real because you're by far the best looking person in this game. Just sayin.

Havok Mar 05, 2011

I love you.

2pacZ Mar 05, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Mar 05, 2011

WOAH, you're hella gorgeous :)

Guero Feb 15, 2011

florida = place caliente.. guero = caliente too.. = bring ur girlfriends to translate me just in case...

Geio Feb 15, 2011

I thnik we got a situation

Havok Feb 15, 2011

How about someone how knows how to use his c====================3

ZypheN Feb 15, 2011

^ How about a guy who actually knows how to use his, arrow.

Havok Feb 15, 2011

The arrows pointing to me.

Havok Feb 15, 2011

<-----Or how about the hottest guy in tw?

MythriL Feb 15, 2011

you ever been with a top 5 wb before?

Havok Feb 15, 2011

Nah, you wouldnt even touch the ground with me.

Guero Feb 15, 2011

like the 3rd pic

ZypheN Feb 15, 2011

Ignore him, I'd do better.

Havok Feb 15, 2011

I still wanna do you.

Tera Apr 23, 2010


NO <3 Apr 02, 2010

welcome to the fam, you are now A Z N 4 lyfe. -_-

Audrey Mar 26, 2010

The guys are right, you're pretty!

Machine of God Mar 26, 2010

you look like Raven Riley

Primary Mar 26, 2010

4th pic down, i took the pic.

Kid Kaos Mar 26, 2010

Beutiful girls, all over the world, I could be chasin but my time would be wasted they got nothing on yooouuuuu baaaaby!

Hustla Bebe Mar 26, 2010

sry your photo popped up and i commented. and its not talking shit its being truthfull but i guess you cant handle the truth.

Tabo Mar 25, 2010

omg i totally nailed it Sandie your the indian version of Brittney murffey.

TheLowbrowOne Mar 24, 2010

I give her a solid 8!

NO <3 Mar 24, 2010

i just bought that same hoodie, creepy, you aren't stalking me again are you? o.O

Vulcan Mar 24, 2010

hows the ego?

Swig Mar 24, 2010

super attractive

Repent Mar 23, 2010

Gorgeous as ever girl see ya around SS im back.....fresh outta jail haha :P

Spoiled Mar 23, 2010

need u in my life girl

Product Mar 23, 2010

your cute =)

Zazu Mar 23, 2010

Jesus you are amazing!

Rasaq Mar 23, 2010

You look like a pussycat doll.

Missa Mar 23, 2010

Ignore hustla. She is just pissed that when she posted her ugly underwear pics she got flamed. Yours look good though :)

Hustla Bebe Mar 22, 2010

wow skin much.?? your easy im guessin

siaxis Feb 28, 2010

yo def feelin the hello kitty pendant

olde Feb 28, 2010

hot girls do play this game.... your a cutie

Century Feb 26, 2010

sandie.... get as far away from havok as u can hes a creeper.. come to NJ ill protect u and take care of you.. maybe we can cuddle maybe some lan ss.. call my cell later hunny bye &lt;3

Havok Feb 26, 2010

sandie no matter what century says, you are my type.

Havok Feb 22, 2010

thats not ur dad its ur bf right?

Captain Stinky Feb 19, 2010

This may just be the vodka talkin, but I wanna stick my dick so deep you in you right now....

Primary Feb 06, 2010


Kid Kaos Feb 05, 2010

nice! I 2nt wait for the summertime myself been raining over here :-(

FemalePersuasion Feb 05, 2010

Wait, so you wore a shirt that puts your entire bra on display...while spending time with your DAD in public?! Does. Not. Compute.

Guero Feb 05, 2010

fake pics

Kid Kaos Feb 04, 2010

saaandie u need to get back to the bay sometime soon and kick it! Looken good as alwayz girl!

Zazu Feb 04, 2010

God.. What's up with you being so cute and everything?!

FemalePersuasion Feb 04, 2010

In that picture where you're with that dude, you're wearing a &quot;shirt&quot;, with a black bra. In public. Really? ...I mean really?

megaman89 Feb 03, 2010

3sum with your azn friend?

absurd99 Feb 03, 2010

What's your nationality? EUROPEAN, INDIAN, MIDDLEEASTERN, LATIN?? I would guess italian or latin

Celly <ER> Feb 02, 2010

LOL @ nerds gettin horny

NO <3 Feb 02, 2010

i want the hotdog that kid is eating in the picture.

Squadless Feb 02, 2010

when and where?

Zazu Jan 21, 2010

I'm not hung like a horse.. Horses are hung like me. Marry me?

Necromotic Jan 16, 2010


Jinco Jan 15, 2010

:joker tone: hiii :\

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

rejoin Epidemic?

pappa Jan 03, 2010

wow you're beautiful

wicket666 Jan 03, 2010

hey sandie how you been

Alphaverb Dec 27, 2009

Cute :)

Kid Kaos Dec 12, 2009

WHere you been sexy? I never see you online anymore! :(

Welfare Dec 09, 2009

sex e

Nanners Dec 08, 2009

hung u sir are wrong! very cute :D

Caos Nov 30, 2009

tus ojos me hipnotizan, tus labios me seducen, tu sonrisa me completa

Product Nov 19, 2009

hmmmm ur sexxy as fuk

absurd99 Nov 16, 2009


Aldur Nov 14, 2009

move to finland and marry me.

MythriL Nov 08, 2009

Crome misses you dearly

Zazu Nov 05, 2009

Still the hottest girl this game has ever seen. Marry me! Oh.. And rejoin Epidemic!

Let Nov 04, 2009

oh, hey hey! holla this way

Growing Oct 22, 2009

whoa she pokes for sure probably take a good one all night(wanna hang out) be really no fuckin way not going to believe it till your having my kid

glavitik Oct 21, 2009

hello how you doin where u been where you from

Exalt Oct 13, 2009

:) Fixed. Oh, and hung, nice try bud, but before you insult you need at least 2 compliments first. Plus you are assuming shes a dumb blonde, which I see dark hair. Just sayin, in case you try that in a bar or something.

Exalt Oct 13, 2009

oh wow, pleasant surprise :

sn Oct 12, 2009


TutoXD Oct 06, 2009


MythriL Oct 03, 2009

not giving up

Keith Oct 02, 2009


Repent Sep 30, 2009

s'ok i dont rly like blondes either lol :P daYumm girl u a baaad b1tCH tho

Vys Sep 29, 2009

gona win euro millions baby

MythriL Sep 29, 2009

rejoin epidemic? need talent like yourself

weed master.. Sep 29, 2009

I love the nose ring!! sexy!! and Hung!! wtf is wrong with you... must be blind lol she isnt half bad ... AT ALL :)

Qualified Sep 28, 2009

ow ow!

Imagine Sep 28, 2009

Prob one of the ugliest women on here, sorry.

Dawk Sep 25, 2009

Damn up the butt

NO <3 Sep 22, 2009

so this is how you got into dice -_-

Pineapple Express Sep 21, 2009

fapfapfapfap :P very pretty

lady starlight Sep 20, 2009

oooh nice smile :D

Disengaged Sep 20, 2009

Elephant necklace? cute :)

PH Sep 20, 2009

you just gave a lot of teenagers their first boner

Havok Sep 20, 2009

p.s. i really fuckin hope thats you. &lt;3

Havok Sep 20, 2009

i cant see continuum on that tiny screen gonna have to take a better pic or use photoshop but whoever that is is madddd pretty

Money Sep 20, 2009

lol u look too much like my little sister in law its not even funny

Kid Kaos Sep 19, 2009

Sexy in black lingerie. Love it girl you the finest chick in space haha. Holla at yo boy sometime!

PrettyMadness Sep 19, 2009

holy shit. you're soo pretty. id slap a bitch for yer hair... it's lovely. i miss my long hair &gt;.&lt;

Goddess Sep 19, 2009

hello sandie... lets voice chat some time :)

sn Sep 19, 2009


siaxis Sep 19, 2009

you look like raven riley, shieeeeeee

Zazu Sep 19, 2009

Seriously.. Let's get married!

Jrahen Sep 19, 2009

dam y wanna l&amp;#305;k crak suk ur clytorys

ZypheN Sep 19, 2009

haha that really the best insult you can come up with? Thank you for reminding me of my passes and all the bands I've hung out with, I take that as a compliment ;)

ZypheN Sep 18, 2009

You know you've hit rock bottom when you put a pic like that on twgallery, just saying.

Swig Sep 18, 2009

WoW...meaning world of warcraft....not wow because you are hot or anything, even though you are

Havok Sep 18, 2009

please do cuz shes pretty

Havok Sep 18, 2009


Gripe Sep 17, 2009


Gripe Sep 17, 2009

prove it.

Repent Sep 15, 2009

dunno y i pictured u as a blonde LoL, can't get over those lips :o

Vys Sep 13, 2009

I wish i was that candle...So you was blowing me :D

Valve Sep 13, 2009

rejoin epidemic

NO <3 Sep 13, 2009

oh shit i just realized, no more jail bait... damn you just lost like 99% of your perverted ss fans :)

pappa Sep 11, 2009

wow pretty

NO <3 Sep 11, 2009

cake and i don't mean the desert -_-

Swig Sep 10, 2009

all your pics i can't stop smiling

Zazu Sep 10, 2009

rejoin epidemic. Or let's marry or something..

siaxis Sep 10, 2009

nice pendant

Swig Sep 10, 2009

oh my

MythriL Sep 09, 2009

rejoin epidemic

Rasaq Sep 08, 2009

Did you cut all your hair? :(

Kid Kaos Sep 08, 2009

Nice smile! :)

Postman Pat! Sep 07, 2009

hey good lookin! wat u got cookin? lol that cheeky pannty pic at the top! I LIKE!

Eelam Aug 31, 2009

when you come to toronto give me calll... holla atchaaa boiii

Money Aug 28, 2009

id hit it

KuleniKs Aug 17, 2009

Nice promiscuous pics. Getting us all excited.

Fooly Cooly Aug 13, 2009

flroida blows. why don't you just lock yourself in a sauna if you want to sweat every fuckin day for the rest of your life. oh ya, sex?

NO <3 Aug 13, 2009

mnommnom nacho cheeze mnomnmom got crumbs on the bed oops :o

Kid Kaos Aug 11, 2009

Right on SF my favorite place in the world. Boo LA :p

Delectable Aug 11, 2009

Welcome to Epidemic.

Kid Kaos Aug 11, 2009

Yea thats tough. But I mean Florida would be the next best place to be if you're not in Cali. Atleast you got Miami Beach! :) But what part of Cali did you live in?

Kid Kaos Aug 10, 2009

Shiet why'd you leave it then! Cali &gt; Florida

audit Aug 10, 2009

I don't touch e-poon anyway KK...thanks for the concern though!

Kid Kaos Aug 10, 2009

Well maybe not, she looks about 18 I guess. Second pic form the bottom is hot tho.

Kid Kaos Aug 10, 2009

Watch it Audit you cant touch her thats jail bait yo.

TranceTunes Aug 07, 2009

LOL i knew about randy but that website you posted on weaks wall had some funny shit!!! at first i thought he was pretty lame, but..yea, he made me laugh ha!

audit Aug 03, 2009

about time there's actually a cute girl on here.

ExEcUtIoNa Aug 03, 2009


Havok Aug 03, 2009


siaxis Aug 03, 2009

nice stunna shades

megaman89 Aug 03, 2009

lucky guess?? Don't be nominating yourself as best shoulder to cry on, you have a lot of competition on dice. I'll be the judge of that when you join. Oh and hope you got good deodorant b/c that can ruin any good crying on shoulder session I've learned from past experiences

Eelam Aug 02, 2009

hold up is this girl tamil?

Weak Aug 02, 2009

:o ok ill look, :D

Draft Aug 01, 2009

LOL tamil is a race :P

Weak Aug 01, 2009

randy? or russel peters?

Draft Aug 01, 2009

you better not be tamil

megaman89 Aug 01, 2009

well ya know can't be having a huge sausage fest on when I log in to shoot spaceships, need a woman with feelings to listen to me when I'm down in the dumps and give me a shoulder to cry on

BobbyLight Jul 30, 2009

damn, ur hot :)

Weak Jul 30, 2009


Schfifty-Five Jul 27, 2009

I don't want any part of that! =/

Hunt Jul 27, 2009

lol mega

infrared Jul 27, 2009

join cast

Ohmalee Jul 26, 2009

nothing, just impressed lol.

megaman89 Jul 26, 2009

join dice? all the other &quot;girls&quot; we recruit end up being guys can you end our losing streak?

Ohmalee Jul 25, 2009


NO <3 Jul 25, 2009

remind me to rent a fork lift next time when i carry you. p.s don't forget your blankie to. -_-

siaxis Jul 25, 2009

damn girl

KillerGt Jul 25, 2009

Man you make me wanna play the SIMS...........

Schfifty-Five Jul 25, 2009

Oh, well that makes sense then! haha

Schfifty-Five Jul 23, 2009

Why does your nose ring switch sides?

Zazu Jul 22, 2009

Hi sandie. Will you marry me? We can invite all our space-friends and do our honeymoon in space. Send me a ?message if you agree. If not, SIT IN SPEC!

Dark*Star360 Jul 21, 2009

married? :D

Luke~Sky~Wanker Jul 21, 2009

Inconceivable!!! That Hello Kitty blingage that is. ;)

FarScape Jul 20, 2009


ReKall Jul 18, 2009

OH GOD, Where have you been all my life?

ZypheN Jul 17, 2009

That nose ring is perfect ;)

Qualified Jul 17, 2009

not bad

Flew Jul 11, 2009

hahah when and where hypnotiq partner

Flew Jul 09, 2009

lolz i'd pull over and share some with u if u'd like=)

Exalt Jul 06, 2009

whats with infrared going nuts over some pics? Who cares if they are fake or not... its not like he will ever lose his virginity for it to matter what a girl looks like anyway

Rasaq Jul 06, 2009


KuleniKs Jul 05, 2009

Haha when did i have your SN? I dont recall ever having it :P

Dameon Angell Jul 05, 2009

Los Angeles, CA. Don't wreck my car kthx :P

Rasaq Jul 05, 2009

Infrared calls someone ugly then asks for pictures with signs. You should just put a sign over your face, kid.

infrared Jul 05, 2009

sandie vagina

Weak Jul 04, 2009

lol good choice on ur part tho, tw is mad annoying and full of nerds lol

infrared Jul 04, 2009

I cut my hair 2 days ago, and i want my sign!

SISQO Jul 04, 2009

i sense a dude trolling gallery -_-

Jolly Fat Man Jul 04, 2009

Tiffin University.. I guess the jersey didn't give it away.. :P

infrared Jul 04, 2009


KuleniKs Jul 04, 2009

You Look good. Hopefully thats actually you lol.

infrared Jul 04, 2009


Ohmalee Jul 04, 2009

dayyuumm! :[ ]

Hunt Jul 04, 2009

id fuck the shit out of u

Weak Jul 04, 2009

whoa u look amazing.. u can't be playin subspace lol.. so cute.

KillerGt Jul 04, 2009

Wow. Auto-invite to the next squad I make!

danyell!! Jul 04, 2009

aww cute!

Jolly Fat Man Jul 04, 2009

Well.. hello.