"shutup and squat"
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About Me

Age 37
Location sydney, australia
Gender Male
Where I can be found twbd/jd/dd


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i.d. Sep 02, 2016

u fkn cunt.

Dominate Jan 21, 2016

bro your head is huge. steroids?

uuu Mar 18, 2015


bumpa Dec 16, 2014

you of my main bros... relax

bumpa Dec 16, 2014


Missa <ZH> Sep 20, 2014

You ask just anyone to sit on your face?! I thought I was special. Fk you.

bumpa Nov 17, 2013

LOL PARA :D sit on my face bro

Paradise Oct 18, 2013

youre a walking piece of artwork. don't let ANYBODY tell you different...

Frogsk|n Jun 17, 2013


bumpa Jan 14, 2013

sup imm ???

immortal rite Jan 09, 2013

bumpa bro

bumpa Nov 21, 2012

whys that ??? you show no pic and your in raid ?? lol feeling sorry for you kido

Cynical Nov 21, 2012

LOL I feel sorry for you.

bumpa Oct 17, 2012

lol homicidal ... its nice I have an online fan :) I live in sydney, australia. Ya im fucking awesome :) LOL

HomicidalBarbie<3 Oct 15, 2012

LOL i read some of your comment creeping! And your fucking awesome! Lol gotta love the yank! are you British? if so amen to that !

bumpa Sep 11, 2012

LOL .... I dont use protein shakes. sorry bro :(

SpookedOne Sep 11, 2012


bumpa Sep 08, 2012

pee pee same thing .... I live in sydney. NO KKK bullshit here bro :) if there was .. they wouldnt last 3 mins. Maybe in the US they do, not here

bumpa Sep 08, 2012

Yo second shot ... im not american, so stfu. I have no idea wtf goes in america and I couldnt give two fuckn shits about what you say ... read what you said ... you sound like a fuckn useless yank

pee pee sock Sep 08, 2012

nice swastika tat on the arm. triple k brother, fukin triple k

Second Shot Sep 08, 2012

u still cant beat a black guy in a fight

bumpa Sep 03, 2012

LOL HUNT !!!!!!!!

Hunt Sep 01, 2012

what the fuck is wazzaaa talking about...

Dropout Bear Aug 30, 2012


bumpa Aug 30, 2012

yep ill do that ... thx for the advice jay cutler. :)

Wazzaaa.NL Aug 29, 2012

Nice main, real good job! If it's without roids, else it's decent. Btw work on your innerpecs and abs, gl

bumpa Aug 24, 2012

oh hi bong, you still 130lbs ? afk

fakiiri Aug 24, 2012

So big :o

BongHits Aug 23, 2012

no balls. shrimpdik.

bumpa Aug 23, 2012

LOL !!!!! pee pee sock ... u cute :)

pee pee sock Aug 23, 2012

or squad white supremacist pw=123

pee pee sock Aug 23, 2012

join squad skin head pw=123

pee pee sock Aug 23, 2012

u pussy fagget, id drop u.

bumpa Aug 21, 2012

just your photos display, lol your so cute ... black dude with a hat on and a little gold chain ? you must be a real american gangster. get in the real world you moron ... you buy a gun at your so called wall mart ? oh you tuff.

bumpa Aug 21, 2012

ya fly over here display and ill show you. think your a bad ass you in the in US ? lol you have no idea, typical ignorant yank. cute little online hero.

Cape Aug 20, 2012

type of guy that rapes you in prison

Display Aug 19, 2012

rofl faggot pussy ass nigga .. why u trainin hard u live in australia.. bunch of panzies

bumpa Aug 19, 2012

ROFL MEG ... you know calling me or anyone tiny is an insult!

megaman89 Aug 16, 2012


pee pee sock Aug 15, 2012

hows it goin my fellow skinhead.

ZypheN Aug 12, 2012

Holy shit it really is bane lol

expert Aug 11, 2012

Wow yea, looks like a jacked up Bane. Batman wud haf no chance

Engineers Aug 11, 2012

lol holy fk reminds me of Bane from dark knight