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About Me

Age 31
Location VA
Gender Male
Where I can be found twdd

Things I Like 
Movies Big Fish/Forrest Gump
Musics kid cudi


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2pacZ Apr 13, 2015

yoooooooooo where u at bro come on ss

2pacZ Feb 09, 2015

engi when u comin back bruh

Cres Mar 17, 2013

Casket Dec 04, 2012 LOL this guy literally copy my beach pic LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL so true

qpr Jan 29, 2013

my hero!

Casket Dec 04, 2012

LOL this guy literally copy my beach pic

pee pee sock Nov 21, 2012

u r a math engineer

LamedFighter Oct 02, 2012

Go back to Savanger! Its not right without you bud! Hope life is treating you well. Miss you Engine! -The ghost of SS. LF

bong Sep 15, 2012

Engi for the win!

Myollnir May 12, 2012

i knew youd be asian! you badass man :>

Display Mar 12, 2012

LOL.. u laughed irl

Display Mar 11, 2012

i see 4 of the same people on your first pic lol.. how u do that?

pee pee sock Dec 31, 2011

hahah thats why u so good at wb. azn.

MythriL Nov 27, 2011

just now saw the comment man. you still around?

ZypheN Nov 13, 2011

Wtf you talking about Goddess, Engin is prolly #1 nicest person in TW.

Goddess Oct 08, 2011

its noot the Duke part that i'm talking about... its that you actually look like a non neurotic sweet azn guy instead of a completely psychotic estalker which is HOW YOU Act in THE GAME. Act how you look... sweet... please and ty

Goddess Oct 02, 2011

wtf you're such a dikhead... none of those nice looking guys are you stop posting fake pics jerk.

ZypheN Sep 12, 2011

WHAT, you're Asian? I never knew lol.

olde Sep 11, 2011

So which 1 are u :P

LiL*PiGGy Apr 26, 2011

hahah aww ! ty x)

Repent Apr 09, 2011

ahahah an he's all textin an shit like not even carin he lost it for the team....wat a jerk :P

Repent Apr 06, 2011

Which one are you homie?

Misled Mar 02, 2011

Aye, i've been playin less and less mate ): Needa get on more!

Oranje Jan 17, 2011

http://www.trenchwars.org/wbduel/30411 : D

Oranje Jan 16, 2011