"Fear is motivation for the flock."

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About Me

Location South Central Florida
Gender Male
Personal website Disoblige4lyfe
Where I can be found Baseelim, javduel, twjd,Wbduel
More about me i r Disoblige 4 life

Things I Like 
Books Monster: Kody Scott
Movies Snatch,Scarface & The Notebook
Musics Hiphop since 1983
Songs Theme song from Sanford & Sons


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qpr Oct 05, 2014


Engineers Sep 15, 2012

:))) <3

bong Jun 25, 2012

Or what faggot will u point your BB gun at me... step ur game up fag.

pee pee sock Jun 25, 2012

shut ur mouth ding dong

bong May 08, 2012


Ardour May 08, 2012

Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! You are a true brother from another mother! :)

danyell!! Jan 31, 2012

lol blowing bubbles, very non serious. =p

Cee Lo Jan 30, 2012

My Nicca

bong Jan 20, 2012

didnt know i was ;( ill post none srs pic.

danyell!! Jan 20, 2012

y so srs, bong? =(

bong Jan 19, 2012

Achillies is the best :P

Audrey Jan 19, 2012

<3 doggy is so cute =D

bong Jan 17, 2012

cliche yes, awesome hell yes.

Lens Jan 17, 2012

Haha no it's Snoop. Little shit is into everything, Spuds would be too cliche haha.

bong Jan 17, 2012

hah, was mid thought needed to order drywall. trying to figure out how much.

ZypheN Jan 17, 2012

Well shit, you look so depressed that it's making me depressed..

bong Jan 16, 2012

funny thing is, he used to fight Bore's befor i rescue'd him.

LiL*PiGGy Jan 16, 2012

hey look it's me as a dog $

bong Nov 01, 2011


pinkStar Nov 01, 2011