"This game is fuking dead..."

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About Me

Location Look behide you
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found In your sister's bed.
More about me Amazing #1 human

Things I Like 
Books Okyo's first time at the zoo
Movies Okyo drift
Musics Okyo deth
Songs So you think you can Okyo


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field Apr 12, 2018

look at this beaner

Cres Jan 06, 2018

cud u guys beat da patriots tho

olde Feb 28, 2017

Its a Pittsburgh cap, and I'll fkn headbutt you

Cres Feb 27, 2017

y ur head a giant square in philly cap pic

olde Feb 21, 2017

square up

Cres Feb 20, 2017

eat rok happy meal lookin mudafka

Cres Oct 07, 2016

fk + suk all

i.d. Oct 03, 2016

o hai fb/twdt basing package/force twld champ (2016) bud

Cres Jul 25, 2016

eat rock

Kinky-Girl Apr 17, 2016


Cres Jan 19, 2016

dis niga doe

Tarnish May 09, 2013

yooo log on sometime you sexy beast!

LiL*PiGGy Sep 12, 2011

y u so pro?

Engineers Sep 11, 2011


olde Aug 11, 2011


Neodymium Aug 10, 2011

aw shiett is that a real M4?

Mobey Aug 26, 2010

where you been mang?!

LiL*PiGGy Aug 04, 2010

Holy crap, first time I saw these I was like OMG JOHN TRAVOLTA, and you have the CUTEST kid, although mine is cuter, :)

Cojafoji Aug 04, 2010

v Petal beat me to it LOL

Petal Aug 04, 2010

John Travolta.

olde Jul 08, 2010

dropped it screen broke but trying to get it fixed

Solare Jul 07, 2010

your kidding me... bahhh that sucks howd u do that, or the kids?

olde Jul 07, 2010

MY fuking laptop is broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinq Jun 04, 2010

ya on some days anyway

9 Kisses May 24, 2010

You look high as shit in most of these pictures. I hate to admit it...but cute kid(s).

olde May 23, 2010


pee pee sock May 23, 2010

im gunna tittie fuk ur gf. gg tho bud

Menthol Mar 16, 2010

what wicket said

wicket666 Mar 02, 2010

a family pic very nice good to see family pics

Exalt Mar 01, 2010

break my face? lol! I can see your face has been broken your whole life

Zazu Feb 23, 2010

Sup olde!