1:Honcho> omega spent his 1400 on fixing his local mcdonalds ice cream machine once he found out it was down

olde> they not gud, they just got carried by a pizza face guy that pisses in empty soda bottles that played 20 years with 0 break

[Feb 15 14:05] soupero: Nightowl messaged me. He said u quit TW, was bummed to hear. He told me u quit TW because u lost 100 USD on GME stock and ppl mocked u.

[Jan 29 12:59] soupero: I'm not joking (ask COurage). S@@R> banner boy any good -> Courage> Banner boy is a bot

1:soupero> I told him I'd leave his chat, i logged off , then he accused me of being a liar
1:Rasaq> i didn't say anything mean to stead...stead was talking trash to spec during a jd and all i said after the match was "it's hard to carry such people like steadman"
1:soupero> and that I did leave
1:Rasaq> he's a pos that needs to get slapped irl
1:Rasaq> dude's a pussy who can dish out the harshest crap, but can't handle any kind of retaliation

1:apt> if i cant get any elite vets to join
1:apt> cause theyre being elitist faggots
1:apt> u guys still cool being in TWL
1:apt> we will prob lose most games
1:KING ZARO> of course!
1:KING ZARO> we'll be like the mighty ducks

[Jan 20 08:34] soupero: I just found out about Sweet potato with marshmallows, is it good?

Alanon> I heard a rumor that staff invented Covid19 just to drum up more players

soupero> someone complaining he doesn't want to wear juice banner
soupero> And says u act like dictator

[Jan 11 12:20] boba.fett: if you have any respect for yourself and your squad, axe honcho. he's toxic pubtrash and will ruin your squad before it starts
apt> i have 0 respect for myself

apt> he is fine people who play this game have mental problems
apt> y else we play dis old ass game 4
Honcho> lol
apt> Everyone here autistic
Honcho> im a genius irl
Honcho> but whatever

1:jerome> 5:fLaReD> only weird thing i ever did was shit in my friends mouth and piss in his ass

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