"All flowers need rain showers."
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About Me

Age 33
Location Arkansas
Gender Male
Where I can be found ?find lamedfighter
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Things I Like 
Books Star Wars and BattleTech. Mostly Star Wars.
Movies Star Wars. PRE-DISNEY. Ones with Jar Jar Binks. AKA Sith Jar Jar.
Musics Favorites: Disco Ensemble, MisFits, Dead Letter Circus, Apocalyptica and SilverChair.
Songs Disco Ensemble - Lightweight Giants, Eyes of a Ghost, Das Boot and So Cold.


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Misled Oct 05, 2012

it'll never truly be back without sarrow mate (:

Engineers Oct 02, 2012


LamedFighter Aug 17, 2012

I quit subspace. Thanks for all the fun! Love you Goddamnit, Spent, Jessup, Silverblue, Airfinland, Rasaq, Fakiiri, Yojibimbo, Celtic, and everyone else who was my friend. Will miss you all! (^_^)_// bye....

Rocket Soldier Jun 05, 2012

Lamed newb!

LamedFighter Sep 29, 2011

Sorry Sniffles for letting your squad be last, it should be first. Maybe you can look over us and we can win some games for a change.. I wish you were here! :( -LF

LamedFighter Sep 08, 2011

I miss you Sniffles, thank you for making such an impact in my life. I will never forget you. You will always have a place in my heart. -LF

LamedFighter Sep 14, 2010


smokes bowls Aug 15, 2010

HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH "as long as i dont spillmy drink" thats good shit man

smokes bowls Aug 15, 2010

""Fem. Aug 09, 2010 You look a lot like my little brother."" funny he looks like my little sister ~ smokes

Missa Aug 11, 2010

You stole my school's mascot. Jerk.

MoNo. Aug 10, 2010


Fem. Aug 09, 2010

You look a lot like my little brother.

MoNo. Aug 09, 2010

No fken way! I remember you by another name...wtf!