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Age 41
Location Ventura, California
Gender Male
Personal website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGxafoHJvfWrqFpMQ1QwYQ
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Books terry goodkind
Movies eh
Musics anti-flag


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Jessup Apr 10, 2020

Dang Smokes, turning back the age of time. Looking Great !! :)

Cres May 27, 2017

nice nips dadi

smokes bowls May 25, 2017

I don't vote #myrights

Lrim May 25, 2017

oh whatttt a ladies man. also, based on your name i suspect you voted for hillary? #liberals

smokes bowls May 25, 2017

Oh! a couple pictures posted here that i haven't seen in years!

MoNo. Jan 19, 2016

Smoookes! How are ya!

Dropout Bear Dec 11, 2014

this bangedup.com now?

Jessup Dec 09, 2014

Are you ok smokes?? The blood theme strikes again... Besides the gore you're looking great :DD

pee pee sock Dec 07, 2014

pay me my fukin pub bux or next time im breakin ur fukin legs. capeesh?

Grasps Jan 04, 2014

Ah I joke, we did not make TWL. U can thank tw staff :D

Grasps Jan 01, 2014

Smokes! Thank you for updating photos for me to make fun of you with. Dude.. TWL with 798pts! 2014 is our year yo! Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Dropout Bear Jun 16, 2013

i like that hat.

hungrywolf Oct 26, 2012

Hope to see you around sometime smoky!

the funky blue note Oct 25, 2012

I like your second pic, awesome mustache!

smokes bowls Jan 03, 2012


Rocket Soldier Jan 03, 2012

Lol, hey. o.o Never seen you before. :D

LMAO Dec 31, 2011

sup brotha lets go salmon fishin

pee pee sock Dec 30, 2011

ur tits r lop sided. and u have cancer. sry. God bless.

Godzero Nov 26, 2011

where can i get some good herb my fine fellow?

smokes bowls Nov 16, 2011

oh btw... i been clean off the shit since 2006 basically. just moved back home where i got in trouble to begin with as to jump thru the hoops to get the past out of my life for good. this is just one more hoop completed. thanks zyphen!

ZypheN Nov 16, 2011

Oh damn, grats on the certificate man, keep that shit up.

Cojafoji Oct 15, 2011

excuse me sir, can you point me to the nearest reefer store?

smokes bowls Oct 13, 2011

Ya! WOW! Second Shot still tryin to play this game??!

smokes bowls Jul 27, 2011

lol mossad

Mossad Jul 25, 2011

hey, looking from bottom to top pictures, i can see many of your life stages and changes, lol.

smokes bowls Jul 19, 2011

im lovin it!

MoNo. Jul 18, 2011

How's cali treating ya?!?

smokes bowls Jul 17, 2011

well i hope not piggy!

ZypheN Jul 17, 2011

I'm uncomfortable.

LiL*PiGGy Jul 17, 2011

Oh.. my god, you scare the shit out of me already. just saying

smokes bowls Jul 16, 2011

HAHA stanko! YOOOO!!

stanko tracktor Jul 05, 2011

YOOOO dude

CC -Legio Ultra Dec 01, 2010

my niggah

LamedFighter Aug 22, 2010

Where aree dem highh times nugs!? Ya was poossed ta hook me uP! SHIT DAWG!

Grasps May 27, 2010

SMOKES!!! Was having a bad day came to your profile, scrolled your pictures and felt 100 times better. Thanks for the laughs, good shit. Hit me up sometime yo!

smokes bowls Apr 22, 2010

LOL! haven't logged into this in forever. you guys are all great!!! and gay stfu

MITB Mar 18, 2010

Smokes bowl's a Beast! nice beer bong

Money Mar 09, 2010


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 05, 2010

Smokes!!!! Hi Hi

Hustla Bebe Dec 08, 2009

i dont think truck diver i think a mean biker. :) dont fuck with smokes he'll run you OVER

miskrit Dec 07, 2009

Sup, Kimbo Splice.

Harstead Dec 06, 2009

Greeties Smokes!

Zazu Dec 04, 2009

LOL you got your ass kicked and decided to take a pic of it eh..

smokes bowls Dec 02, 2009

actualy it all happen so fast i just stood their. and before i realize the happs they were off runnin away......so i grabbed my glasses and washed up.

Kid Kaos Dec 02, 2009

Did you get your ass beat or did you black out? Im guessing you blacked out by the look of you. Lol.

infrared Dec 02, 2009

ROFL u give me an example of what not to be when i grow up

Ward Dec 02, 2009

what the fuck...........

smokes bowls Dec 01, 2009

i have to find the trashcan pillow picture

Raynefreeze Nov 28, 2009

wheres the maglite picture? or the garbage can picture? you cant post pictures and not add those....

hungrywolf Oct 14, 2009


Mobey Oct 13, 2009

pon de corna smokin mawiwannaa centa of jamayca wayooooo. sup smokes!

Money Oct 09, 2009


Ohmalee Oct 09, 2009

Wow..I quit smoking weed thanks to you..i hope ur happy.

weed master.. Sep 27, 2009

haha hell yeahz

Gripe Sep 27, 2009

smoke em' up

Zazu Sep 27, 2009

Are you a truck driver?