the funky blue note
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Age 35
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SkyMan's Jun 25, 2013

Nice Hair, Princess...

Wazzaaa.NL Jun 21, 2013

so this how a modern viking looks like

danyell!! Feb 21, 2013

Dat hair.

pee pee sock Feb 18, 2013

u poser, Jesus never played the guitar. grow up. love u

pee pee sock Feb 18, 2013

holy fuk, i thought i was lookin at Jesus Christ. God bless u, u God dam Jesus Christ wannabee lookin muther fuker

Coroner Feb 16, 2013

first picture reminds me of a younger version of Gaahl

wicket666 Feb 16, 2013

sup funky blue note, long time no see my friend

TagMor Dec 02, 2012

dude. fuck.

fakiiri Oct 25, 2012

Kappas oon päässy kuvaan! :D

absurd99 Oct 22, 2012

Sending positive vibes back at ya' :)

Steep Oct 22, 2012

funksy nice to see you back! will you be my lover?

Kinky-Girl Oct 21, 2012

Canada's better

fakiiri Oct 21, 2012

Tervehdys. =)