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About Me

Age 37
Location Liverpool
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.liverpoolfc.tv/
Where I can be found dd
More about me metal head


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Bone Wagon Jul 06, 2015

Wish you were still playing mate. Come back and play with us some time!

Sarrow May 12, 2015

COL! where you at mate, logged on to help olde, heard your still getting drunk like always haha.. hit me a msg here and there on subspace.

LamedFighter Oct 02, 2012

Thanks for bringing Savanger back Misled. However, its missing Engineers, so I don't know if I can say its truly back! :D -LF

BrickRed Jul 08, 2011

Liverpool to win the league 2011/12

Monkaria Jun 18, 2011


qpr May 24, 2011


qpr May 22, 2011

Hi me, why am I doublesquadding?

Engineers Mar 01, 2011

where you been :O

Mobey Oct 15, 2010

need to come get messy with you some day! would be an eventful night but a good'en at that!

danyell!! Oct 11, 2010


Monkaria Oct 10, 2010

*Bows with top hat* Britbritbritbrit indeed. You keep up your rockin' :p I'll produce the music, you produce the rockin'.

Aniskywankers Oct 09, 2010

is that a guy or a girl?

Monkaria Oct 09, 2010


MoNo. Oct 09, 2010

o/ misled!

High Templar Oct 09, 2010

hell yeah theres my drunken metal bro

trancetunes <ER> Oct 09, 2010


ZypheN Sep 30, 2010

what band

MITB Sep 01, 2010

haha i forgot how u looked like! what a beast!

Goddess Jan 09, 2010

Such a Romeo :X

Unite Dec 16, 2009

agreed vue, not what i expected in the slightest... still rock on \../

Foreal Dec 04, 2009

u scare me...

EsCaPinG Aug 17, 2009

Whats up! lol you know you like that song!.. its call &quot;Still Fly&quot;

EsCaPinG Aug 17, 2009

Whats up! lol you know you like that sond.. its call Still fly :D

Vue Jul 19, 2009

I wasn't expecting this...cool tho

Hate The Fake Jul 12, 2009


Quart Jul 12, 2009

This was unexpected...

High Templar Jul 06, 2009

wassap man. how fast can you shred/tap? Lol rock on dude \m/

Weak Jul 03, 2009

nm mate, how you doin?

Weak Jul 01, 2009

col :) hey pal

SaFia Jun 20, 2009

WOW ROCKERRRRR!!!!!!! =D rockers are good at this shit game.

TranceTunes Jun 19, 2009

i enjoy some death metal and other types of metal. word.

Exalt Jun 18, 2009


Misled Jun 17, 2009

It's a maverick f-3

Raazi Jun 17, 2009

What kind of guitar is that?

Ohmalee Jun 17, 2009

OOMMFFFGG!!! I keep dying to a demonic goth kid?!?!? WTFFF!

L3MU3L Jun 17, 2009