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Age 33
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Gender Female
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BrickRed Oct 17, 2011

Chupa Chups Lollys rock!

Yeist Oct 16, 2011

You got a javelin in your ship profile :O

Yeist Oct 15, 2011

Lolly boom bap bap Boppa! :)

hanz-poop Oct 13, 2011

Who are Ninjaspy?

Yeist Oct 12, 2011

:) i love your smile on the second picture. damnnnnn

Yeist Oct 11, 2011

Aha. :] Didn't like all the internet attention? ;)

Yeist Oct 11, 2011

Yeah that's about the same with me. I realize this game wasn't worth returning to. When i left it there was lots of people playing years ago.

Yeist Oct 11, 2011

You still gonna be on Continuum?

Yeist Oct 10, 2011

nd you just figured that out now? ;)

Yeist Oct 10, 2011

Oh? :o I'm kinda of bored of Continuum lately. Pub is just full of kids talking smack lol :>

Die When Hit!! Oct 10, 2011

Hey Lollys, I wasn't sarcascic. Very serious actually ;-). That are called compliments!

Sirius Oct 09, 2011


SpookedOne Oct 08, 2011

Frogs, snails, and ferrets* tails

Zazu Oct 08, 2011

Pff.. Just realized it's written in your profile. Sup Scotland!

Zazu Oct 08, 2011

Never heard of Cheech. But anyway, you're cute. But never online huh.. Where are you from?

Nanners Oct 07, 2011

ayyyy u cute.

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

haha, and you do too very well ofc. I love your outfits $$ =)

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

amagad.. i already got told by an ex i got fangs.. haha and i've already been told by many girls i looked like that Edward Cullins from that Twilight BS. I had a girl in the bar "Will you be my vampire boy?" Like fuck. Stupid movies :(

ZypheN Oct 07, 2011

Did you just go from making fun of me to hitting on me? I'm confused lol. Also, the abs pic actually has a story behind it of why it's up, but I'll save that for later.

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

Well shit, what youuuu gonna do? 2 am here im going to bed, maybe catch you tomorrow or when i wake up some 8 hours from now

Yeist Oct 07, 2011

Oh no!! :O I was wondering where you've been.. :(

RJ Oct 05, 2011

means u fine girl.

Die When Hit!! Oct 05, 2011

Damn, you're so cool dressed! I love that kind of girls.

Jill Shortmilk Oct 04, 2011

Heh, no.. Most of those are in Israel, but one's in London and those with the snowy mountains and that city ruins are in South America :)

hanz-poop Oct 04, 2011

Of course. Not Scotland though, nor Plymouth anymore. I live in London. Heading to Scotland for a rock climbing weekend though, meant to be good for that. Do you live in Glasgeee?

Lollys Oct 04, 2011

lol soooo true :)

hanz-poop Oct 04, 2011

Damn straight I'm eating lobstet! I like how we both have disgusted faces at our lobsters.

glavitik Oct 04, 2011

do the drapes match the carpet

hanz-poop Oct 03, 2011

Love the waistcoat.

lopist Oct 03, 2011


Hunt Oct 02, 2011


Lollys Oct 02, 2011

funny when people dye their hair and turns out looking shitty and they keep it....tick tick lucky i look good with every color besides blonde i think u have to be born into it and not dye it...looks trashy *hint*hint*...............bahahan drank to much

Lollys Oct 02, 2011

cheech and chong motherfucker!! :P

Zazu Oct 02, 2011

Never seen you before. Damn. Cute smile. Are you the smoking one or the one with the hugely misplaced moustache? Never knew people grow a moustache next to their nose.. : (

slum Oct 01, 2011


Buried Oct 01, 2011

good pics!

Yeist Sep 30, 2011

Anytimee :D Where in Scotland do you live?

Yeist Sep 30, 2011

Scottish? :O :D P.S. I think you rock red hair like a boss. :) Effin SexY

High Templar Sep 30, 2011

no tattoos yet, but I'm thinking of getting one! do u have any recommendations?

Lollys Sep 30, 2011

ah no...i look like me...are you stupid?

Daldur Sep 29, 2011

Jesska, are you high? She looks nothing like Nicole Kidman. Maybe a mixture of Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal

High Templar Sep 29, 2011

hmmm, u have some piercings. do u have any tattoos? (idk im just asking anything lol)

High Templar Sep 28, 2011

More about me: Ask ;D I'm asking

kesser Sep 28, 2011


Cripple Sep 28, 2011


Panama Sep 28, 2011


megaman89 Sep 28, 2011


TABARNAK!!! Sep 28, 2011


RJ Sep 28, 2011

God damn. What is really good?

BongHits&BigTits Sep 27, 2011


BongHits&BigTits Sep 27, 2011

big tits and likes bong tits, ur hired! ;]

Nessy <ZH> Sep 27, 2011

Ya Eh? That a problem eh?

jesska Sep 26, 2011

aww. thanks <3

jesska Sep 26, 2011

for some reason i think of nicole kidman when i see the third pic from the bottom (red striped shirt) either way, i love your hair. :3

BongHits&BigTits Sep 26, 2011

Very pretty :D

Lollys Sep 26, 2011

Im not new at all XD

Primary Sep 26, 2011

on topic though, you started not too long ago Lollys, why don't you let me show you the ropes? ;) all these juicy female continuum players mm

Primary Sep 25, 2011

@ zyphen if that's natural than you're not dancing topless in front of men anymore. how is work treating you?

ZypheN Sep 25, 2011

So it needs to be asked, natural red?

hanz-poop Sep 25, 2011

I would

Nessy <ZH> Sep 25, 2011

Hubba hubba.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 25, 2011

ty ty

LiL*PiGGy Sep 24, 2011

gorgeous :)