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Age 32
Location Plymouth
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find Hanz-Poop
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Things I Like 
Musics NOFX, Sick of it All, The Cure, The Jam, The Beat, Interpol, T.Rex


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LiL*PiGGy Nov 24, 2011

wut is wut.

Postman Pat! Oct 30, 2011

yeah boy. I'm proper gettin shakey from this climbing deprivation.

Dubstep<3 Oct 29, 2011

More up north actually haha. I'm a scot. I'm into Zeds Dead, Klaypex, Skrillex, Mt Eden of chorse um lots of Dubstep tbh they are just the names that I can think off. I will thanks x

Postman Pat! Oct 23, 2011

yeah. I'm unbeleivably broke this second tooo. I haven't climbed this week :( last time I climbed I was close to flashing that top roped 6c.

Postman Pat! Oct 21, 2011

Come climb pipshit!

LiL*PiGGy Oct 18, 2011

are you sure that it wont be too seductive for you? because you know.. people drowning can be pretty sexy.

Lollys Oct 13, 2011


Lollys Oct 13, 2011

look them up

LiL*PiGGy Oct 13, 2011

that's hot.

LiL*PiGGy Oct 11, 2011

are u da one givin dis birth?

LiL*PiGGy Oct 05, 2011

you know. this is my mentalness kicking in, but our babies are going to turn out like jeffrey dahmer :) most proud parents..<3

Lollys Oct 04, 2011

near Edinburgh

Lollys Oct 04, 2011

Live in the uk?

Lollys Oct 03, 2011

Are u eating Lobstet too? :3

Lollys Oct 03, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Oct 03, 2011

... thought you'd never ask<3

LiL*PiGGy Oct 01, 2011

we can get married in a psycho ward

LiL*PiGGy Sep 28, 2011

retards do anything without regretting it.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 26, 2011

you'll love me.

Primary Sep 26, 2011

close enough to a female continuum player, hit me up <3

LiL*PiGGy Sep 25, 2011

Yes, yes i am :)

Lollys Sep 25, 2011

would what?

Bruno Mars. Sep 12, 2011


Bruno Mars. Aug 31, 2011

oooooo... and i'll take the pictures.... and buy you the hats....

Postman Pat! May 24, 2011

Yeah yeah. In your dreams!!!

Postman Pat! May 24, 2011


Postman Pat! May 23, 2011

I know this one!

Postman Pat! May 23, 2011


Monkaria May 18, 2011

Mine's either a bunkbed or a necklace. GG.

Cojafoji May 17, 2011

It's a steel bowl. A helmet? FUCK YOU I WANTED A BETTER WEAPON.

LiL*PiGGy May 12, 2011

Oh how sweet..

Missa Dec 08, 2010

Awesooooooome :) Not many people know about it. Makes me happy to see someone else that does.

Missa Dec 06, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Dec 04, 2010

That's not much of a Jump. You Fag.

Jill Shortmilk Dec 01, 2010

my.. jumper?

FozzY2K Sep 02, 2010

MEOW! <3 *tail hugs*

MoNo. Aug 30, 2010


FozzY2K Aug 27, 2010


MoNo. Aug 23, 2010

LOL didn't notice the little dude til now on the hooka.

Monkaria Aug 05, 2010

Oh right :3 NAH NO MASSAGE 4 U THEN. Nothing's wrong with shisha, lol, it's funny because I'm Lebanese (arab), and people smoke it in Lebanon all the time :D

Monkaria Aug 03, 2010


Sakura Aug 02, 2010

i like breath :) and dear agony off their new album

Monkaria Aug 02, 2010

What massage?! I don't remember. LOL.

Sakura Aug 01, 2010

agreed ^_^ breaking benjamin is awesome

MoNo. Jul 29, 2010

That's awesome! I love the album suicide notes and butterfly kisses. Their first album tho everything else is great but that one is full of memories!

MoNo. Jul 27, 2010

wait you like atreyu? Fu I got to see them live! like two years ago!

MoNo. Jul 27, 2010


Monkaria Jul 24, 2010

Meow. Yes. xD

Monkaria Jul 23, 2010


Monkaria Jul 23, 2010


Monkaria Jun 13, 2010


MoNo. May 26, 2010


hanz-poop Apr 22, 2010

Shut it kev lol

Postman Pat! Apr 14, 2010

lol at u leeeee

TranceTunes Apr 13, 2010

lol @ danyell!!'s comment

danyell!! Apr 13, 2010

You make a lot of wtf faces. lol