Ri$e Again$t
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About Me

Age 33
Location Toronto
Gender Male
Where I can be found IM LIKE AIDS, IM EVERYWHERE!
More about me I'm an awsome player wanna know why ? Cause im tight to my squaddies like virgin pussy.

Things I Like 
Books do those even still exist ? O.o
Movies 40 year old virgin ... GFG
Musics Rock/Metal ... tj's music ... LIKE A VIRGIN!!! - Madonna


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bong May 08, 2012

sup u portugese rei!, i miss u son -Newbie S.

Goddess Jun 21, 2011


Zazu Mar 16, 2011

Cute girl on that 2nd pic. Is she seeing anyone?

Monkaria Mar 15, 2011


Goddess Mar 14, 2011

dam baby... put that book down and let me show u a few things :X

Monkaria Mar 13, 2011

noty I don't believe in beastiality <3 Gg.

Monkaria Mar 12, 2011

Reading a book called "Sexy Thrills" with a picture of a guy doing a girl from behind, then having a picture underneath of you hugging a kid from behind is not good. <3

ZypheN Mar 11, 2011

Just wanted to be the first to comment on your new pics. Knew it would mean a lot to you.

Kinky-Girl Mar 07, 2011

She i mean "std it" is a whore cant u smell it XD

Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

Cuz she is and shes "REAL" not some slut who wears too much make-up and has a kid..like you.

Bruno Mars. Mar 07, 2011

O.o.... he's Nasty .. he actually thinks kinky is hotter.

Bruno Mars. Mar 07, 2011

Well, his attitude... thats a bad thing, .. but u got the looks! haha :)

Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

LOL. gay would be you're middle name, plus i smell a whore when i see one. Now stop messaging me thxs.

Kin Killer Mar 06, 2011

I rather be std free. whores aren't my thing.. heh heh

Sandie Mar 06, 2011

lol best comment ever :p

Bruno Mars. Mar 06, 2011

Bruno Mars. Mar 06, 2011

Holy shit, you look like my friend Edwin, Hah

Kinky-Girl Mar 05, 2011

Toronto eh

Jill Shortmilk Oct 12, 2010


Audrey Jul 18, 2009

You sawk.

MissLeesha Jun 20, 2009

LOL, um I suppose it just didn't work :P It's all good tho ;) so what's good?!

infrared Jun 19, 2009

wow hot. this coming from a guy btw no homo dont comment back

Weak Jun 18, 2009

u 2 sexy denny

MissLeesha Jun 16, 2009

You can be :) I'm not with him no more :P So someone's gotta :)

MissLeesha Jun 16, 2009

Lol heck no, :P

Pandagirl! Jun 15, 2009

You definitely win at giving me the weirdest comment yet.

IcY WyteZ Jun 15, 2009

ahahaha, wuddup rise

danyell!! Jun 15, 2009


Ri$e Again$t Jun 15, 2009

Told her i was #1 in subspace continuum and she was all over me.

L3MU3L Jun 15, 2009

What it do rise lol. Hawt bitch u got there son.

Ri$e Again$t Jun 15, 2009

I'm sexxie i know, say no more Audrey. sup ohma

Audrey Jun 15, 2009

You should stop taking crack, thats not good for you! Oh and you changed sooo much wtf!?!

Ohmalee Jun 15, 2009

Yoooo Ri$e Again$t