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Location Sweden
Gender Not telling you geeks


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Hunt Dec 21, 2011

lol u like 30 lbs

Sulla Dec 19, 2011

small as fuk

Audrey Mar 09, 2010

sup valve!

Zazu Jan 07, 2010

LOL the gloves told you or what? =( You are right though.. VERY new : (

wicket666 Jan 03, 2010

you got to pull it down yo!

Zazu Dec 30, 2009

Guy is a beast !

Last Standing Dec 30, 2009

good shit

MythriL Dec 28, 2009

you doing heavy damage son

Audrey Dec 28, 2009

LOOOOL DROPPING BAD PICKUP LINE! how amazing is that! <3 Epidemic is not the same without you man!

Audrey Dec 06, 2009

lol you silly!

Audrey Nov 20, 2009

Zazu is just mad cause Valve arms are bigger than his legs.

Zazu Nov 12, 2009

LOL that is like the gayest picture ever uploaded to this gallery...

Audrey Nov 08, 2009

Hai Valve!

Keith Oct 09, 2009

Lol oh watch out he flexin'

Necro Oct 08, 2009

douche bag alert %coord not safe for attachments

Money Oct 08, 2009

can i touch ur titties

MythriL Oct 08, 2009

mmmm just enough spice hun

Zazu Sep 19, 2009

LOL u gangster!

chars! Sep 14, 2009

im not drugdealer lol

Goddess Sep 13, 2009

Pretty valve ... just enough spice :)

Oat Aug 29, 2009


infrared Aug 29, 2009

eelam that u ?