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Mossad Mar 01, 2023

Hi. Regards.

soupero Mar 13, 2017


FozzY2K May 11, 2013

Mmrroww meow meeeow mew meow =^.^= ~snugs~

soupero May 10, 2013

u owe me a lot of pub bux don't forget ty

qpr May 10, 2013


MoNo. May 07, 2013

aww such a hottie!

Petal May 06, 2013


glavitik Apr 10, 2013


Channabis Apr 04, 2013

hahahahhaha thank you primary! i love my owl purse! <3

Primary Mar 28, 2013

Channabis owns ALL of you due to that owl purse. That's the coolest fuckin shit ever! :O

Machine of God Mar 28, 2013

show butthole?

ZypheN Mar 28, 2013

Your boobs could kill some one if not careful..

Channabis Mar 25, 2013

shaun, stfu you dont even have pics its clear that youre a fug. and im not fkin greasy

Shaun. Mar 22, 2013

y so GREEEEEAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY????, can honestly use the oil that ur body produces and cook bacon wit it. LOL

Channabis Mar 21, 2013

lol hate on faggots.

Shaun. Mar 20, 2013

you kinda resemble a hippo. and im hungry for one!!, lets just say i got jungle fever for u. let me hakuna your tata.. btw #1 rule i live by if there big.. more cushion for the pushin.

Cres Mar 17, 2013

y rasaq buttcrack on your chest

TaxiToFlag Mar 16, 2013

your last pic pic made me dream of getting a lung full of warm, marijuana enriched air from you as a form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Channabis Mar 12, 2013

LOOOOOL. Kin Killer owned so bad he blacklisted me. <3

LiL*PiGGy Feb 23, 2013

:) haha thanks babe!

Second Shot Feb 19, 2013

why so mean, kin killer?

Kin Killer Feb 19, 2013

If I saw you walking to the elevator I'd be saying AHHH HELL NOOO!! and push the close button fast....

Manco Feb 12, 2013

You're pretty.

pee pee sock Dec 23, 2012


pee pee sock Dec 23, 2012

kinky-girl, stinky-girl, uglybitch-girl, wrinkly-girl, skinnylittleflatchested-girl ect.

Heisman Dec 22, 2012

damn girl lookin good

Channabis Dec 21, 2012

I love how Kinky Girl leaves comments on here, but I'm blacklisted on her profile. ha.

Kin Killer Oct 04, 2012


LiL*PiGGy Sep 29, 2012

Wuddup cuttaay

Kyle Hester Sep 29, 2012

haha i see you've attracted some hate from Kinky-Girl. Pretty standard for any TW player. She's a dumb useless whore though so don't sweat it.

Mani2312 Sep 29, 2012

You appear to be quite the babe. What gives?

SkyMan's Sep 28, 2012

Nice boobies :D

Mossad Sep 27, 2012

Hello ssexy

Kinky-Girl Mar 06, 2012

ew and take that blonde outa you're hair...makes me feel uneasy bitch xD stick to black cock only thing that will fit inside you're fat self..-___-

THecRiPT Feb 26, 2012

ure hot as hell, wanna date some time?

Display Feb 22, 2012


LiL*PiGGy Feb 22, 2012

You're super pretty!

Kinky-Girl Feb 21, 2012

Oh my bad you're still fat and ugly tho xD awe was your silly comment hurt my non one feeling bhahah naw I know I'm clean and everything better then you so either way I'm a bitch and wouldn't have it anyother way you skank

Myollnir Feb 21, 2012

o kewl! lol dident know nice pic <3

Channabis Feb 21, 2012

kinky girl, just a word of advice... just because youre SMALL doesnt mean you're PRETTY nor does it mean you are CLEAN or respected so fuck off you yellow fuck

Channabis Feb 21, 2012

for the nice comments - thanks, to kinky-girl, use your time to visit someone elses page you cunt

Myollnir Aug 21, 2011

dident know u still played

BrickRed Aug 01, 2011


Kinky-Girl Jul 28, 2011

I see how u deleted your ugly pics hahahahahahhahah

Kinky-Girl Jul 28, 2011

Naw you are XD

Zazu Jul 28, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Jul 28, 2011

hi channa :)

Kinky-Girl Jul 26, 2011

You remind me of my old fat ugly friend.......XD

Channabis Jul 23, 2011

hahaha losers, get laid

Primary Apr 27, 2011

@Citrate i don't think snooki has a fucked up rhino nose and like 500lbs of extra weight...

Mossad Apr 20, 2011

Sup I am in rehab peace. Wow I say dumb shit when I am drunk

Citrate Apr 05, 2011

sup snooki

Display Dec 08, 2010

just broke my computer screen u u fuckin whale.. now becuz of u, i will hunt all whales and immediately remove them from world's existence.

pee pee sock Dec 04, 2010

sry, channabis*

pee pee sock Dec 04, 2010


fakiiri Dec 03, 2010

Very beautiful. Like fountain of love.

Channabis Oct 21, 2010

yes, mossad it is. he's amazing.

Mossad Oct 21, 2010

how are you Chanta? so this your boy friend who knows how to treat a lady.

Harstead Oct 20, 2010

Boo, boo x

danyell!! Oct 15, 2010

Why yes it is.

Channabis Oct 14, 2010


Harstead Aug 19, 2010

bit late, & I'm pretty drunk but....love you girl in a care about you sooo much - you take it easy <3 <3

Harstead Aug 13, 2010

that's my girl!! glad to hear you are good ty for putting my mind at rest. Take care xxxxxx

LiL*PiGGy Aug 13, 2010

I love your hair . :) Very Pretty.

Harstead Aug 12, 2010

hey You - even if you dont $$ anymore, just drop a comment on my wall when you get a chance to say you are doing fine & are happy - and how's that car of yours missus? xxx

Fem. Aug 11, 2010

Your hair is gorgeous in that pic.

Harstead Jul 20, 2010

:) go Chan!!!!! :) .. just watch them pedestrians yikes! xx

Harstead Jul 14, 2010

You are ok that's all that matters.Spk soon :)

Catatstrophe Jul 08, 2010

hey miss :>

Harstead May 18, 2010

You'd better be looking after yourself missus. Drop me comment want to make sure you ok.

Harstead Apr 13, 2010

hi, and keep smiling Chan. you rock mate :)

JediCraft Apr 04, 2010

LOL some of the comments are hilarious but they aren't true :)

Zazu Apr 03, 2010

Cute new pics! And primary, you're gay or what..?

MoNo. Apr 02, 2010

Very Cute.

Display Apr 02, 2010

you gained weight..

FemalePersuasion Apr 02, 2010

You have the kind of smile that shows itself through your eyes. Very pretty.

Fooly Cooly Mar 30, 2010

it looks like i'd get cancer if i kissed you

Shan Mar 29, 2010

Eek :X

Primary Mar 26, 2010

usually a female's cleavage in a pic is a bonus, this time i just threw up a little :/

Zazu Mar 23, 2010

Even cuter!

Mobey Mar 23, 2010


Zazu Mar 22, 2010

Still cute!

Harstead Mar 21, 2010

Alright Chan? Hope you are good.xx

Spoiled Mar 19, 2010

u into lesbo?

Spoiled Mar 18, 2010

aloe lotion will help with those stretchmarks girlfriend- trust me, i know!!

Display Mar 11, 2010

oh my lord WTF

Petal Mar 09, 2010

Haha so cute in the pit.

Harstead Mar 05, 2010

Oi - it is 3:10am London time, just got in - get online soon Pretty - and ignore the twats who are jealous beacause you are gorgeous AND have a personality - pm me quick Chan-Chan xxxxx

danyell!! Feb 16, 2010

wow...i have the drunk eye so bad... lol

TagMor Feb 14, 2010

you are a wonderful person.

FemalePersuasion Feb 12, 2010

I dig it. :)

absurd99 Feb 11, 2010

Were you ever a Marilyn Manson fan?

Zazu Feb 11, 2010

Sup Channabis! Looks like you have a Hitler moustache in that first pic.. Love the last pic. So cute! &lt;3

Nanners Feb 07, 2010

Hai Channabis :D

Jinco Feb 05, 2010

ah! so this is channabis

Mobey Feb 04, 2010

Ignore Primary. Dumb faggot is just jealous you have friends. You and danyell really fucking cute when high hahaha!

Harstead Feb 02, 2010

Kid below looks like he takes a lot of punches from passers by. How are you Chan? &lt;3 Missing you.

Mage+ Jan 31, 2010

How Mad? 1-10

Mage+ Jan 29, 2010

so where do circus freaks like your self get your neat cloths?

Primary Jan 24, 2010


Pandagirl! Jan 24, 2010

Haha what does it remind you of? It's the classic O-H-I-O!

TABARNAK!!! Jan 17, 2010

i know you!

Zazu Jan 17, 2010

Sup Channabis !

Airship Jan 17, 2010


inaphyt Jan 17, 2010

Cheekprod : )

miskrit Jan 17, 2010

Yes, your name is another word for &quot;weed&quot;, so I just called you another variation of it :p

adam Jan 15, 2010

@JaneDoe: Considering that your profile pictures show you have a fucking pet spider NO WONDER OU GOT BIT. Thats like saying &quot;yeah i was pissing on an electrical outlet and i got a shock!!! OMG!!!!&quot; :P

miskrit Jan 14, 2010

Hello, mary jane.

danyell!! Jan 13, 2010

You are WONDEROUS! =D Ily Channie &lt;3

Zazu Jan 13, 2010

A beauty! I love the 3rd pic !

wicket666 Jan 09, 2010


Zazu Jan 09, 2010

Suppppp ? Looking good =)

JaneDoe Jan 09, 2010

guys fuck off and leave her alone. yeah, the used hahaha. :) and i recently was bitten by a spider (not my own) and wasnt able to walk for a week :S hahaha.

Devest Jan 08, 2010


danyell!! Jan 08, 2010

Where are devest's pics? I bet he is a REAL looker...

Zazu Jan 07, 2010

You changed your name? Why?!