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Frightful Dec 21, 2013

So I just found out from the comments below that you are black. Who knew?

Catatstrophe Dec 16, 2013

thanks pps

pee pee sock Dec 15, 2013

even tho u r black, i still like u. so happy honika or whatever the fuk u ppl celebrate

Catatstrophe Apr 11, 2013

lol waddup

Display Mar 22, 2013

dis nigggga doooooee

Rocket Soldier May 09, 2012

*Pokes* :D

pee pee sock May 02, 2012

u a redneck? oh no... ur just black. gangstaaaa

LiL*PiGGy May 01, 2012

Haha whatta cutie

spantiq Jul 28, 2010

hey there, nolf is a new squad. searching for players. i will like to see u play. nick is game spantiq

Exalt Jul 20, 2010

yo, you're black? WHAAAAT! the things i never knew! lookin good playa

Jill Shortmilk Jul 15, 2010


h2o60 Jul 14, 2010


Catatstrophe Jul 11, 2010


Display Jul 10, 2010

this nigggga gotta get the tape up goin on

danyell!! Jul 08, 2010

o/ =)

MythriL Jul 03, 2010

fresh shape up

Petal Jun 30, 2010