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About Me

Age 32
Location Utah
Gender Male
Where I can be found TWJD hopefully


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Mani2312 Jun 11, 2020

So... did you ever get to grab that girl by the pussy?

Cadbury Aug 23, 2019

u deserve jail

soupero Jun 30, 2019

Why you hate life? What do you do for work?

soupero Jun 01, 2019

Bro? what you up to now

soupero May 21, 2019

Love you though

soupero May 21, 2019

Mormon fuck

soupero May 21, 2019

Bro, how you get so big, steroids? You even know how to write? Then message me back you fucking idiot.

soupero Sep 25, 2018

How you been?

Shaun Sep 04, 2018

soup u ever gonna log on quit pretending life is good lol

soupero Sep 02, 2018

yo where you at?

ForgottenGhost Jul 24, 2018

Shaun, you ever gonna JD?

Tiger the crab Dec 22, 2017

ur bad at ss and ugly irl, what more does one need? :(

pee pee sock Jul 07, 2017

你好字是大宝贝,先生,我的名好字 � �大宝贝,先大宝贝,你好字是大是 � ��贝,先生,我的名好字字是大宝 , 先生,我的名好字是大 I just toad u to fuk off in north korean

soupero Mar 13, 2017

u big cuz

soupero Jan 14, 2017

I miss you bby

Tiger the crab Jan 08, 2017

ur goodlooking and good at ss, what more does one need? : )

Mani2312 Oct 13, 2016

dude she wasn't fat she was just pregnant all those years

Cres Sep 19, 2016

Hey lol do u wanna join force

Sulla Aug 31, 2016

mad ripped

soupero Aug 28, 2016

You're hot bro. I can't play TW anymore on my mac since I updated IOS. Ugh.

Cres Aug 19, 2016

dat cocaine diet workin gud cuz

i.d. Aug 18, 2016

u lookin swoll af son

Mani2312 Nov 07, 2015

How come you look like Jessie from Breaking Bad?

Mani2312 Oct 08, 2015

Remember that time in WBduel you were last man in our team then you died on your 10th life but I subbed you out when the bullet hit so our team got 51 deaths? Good times. xD

LiL*PiGGy Aug 18, 2015

Thank youuu :*

soupero Jul 21, 2015

you're hot bro <3

soupero Jul 04, 2015

bro I miss u

lag killer Apr 18, 2015

don't listen to godzero

Godzero Apr 17, 2015

don't slip up, i will tip police if you even think an illegal thought

soupero Jan 03, 2015

miss u cuz

PrettyMadness Nov 20, 2014

lol f u. xD

Freq 1 Mar 30, 2014

Hope they release u from jail soon... need you playing these jd's again.

Frightful Mar 16, 2014

I just sent this to the FBI. They are tracing the exif info from your picture. Busted!

soupero Mar 14, 2014

Where you at!?

Kyler Feb 06, 2014


Frightful Feb 04, 2014

Your prison cell looks pretty cozy. They're really lax nowadays.

Cres Jan 18, 2014


qpr Jan 16, 2014


Phamily Jan 12, 2014

Shaun help me! Get someone to look in to fix this problem for me.

Phamily Jan 11, 2014

SAHUN i cant log in! It say you try to login to many times.. Please try again in a few mins. ITS BEEN ABOUT 17 HOURS NOW. WTF?

Beast Nov 18, 2013

you're fuckable, no doubt about that :)

Frightful Nov 15, 2013

That's so crazy...all this time I thought you were a dude. You're not a bad jav for a lesbian.

soupero Oct 23, 2013

I can teach u how to jav bro

soupero Oct 23, 2013

when u coming online?

soupero Oct 23, 2013

u funny bro

soupero Oct 23, 2013

that phone is huge dude

HIV Oct 06, 2013

everyone on your squad better than yojimbo how he asst? Cougars dead finally?

pee pee sock Aug 23, 2013

their faces r stuck like that ahahahaha. p.s. I would rub my penis on ur gfs tit

Sheriff Aug 23, 2013

same fucking grin on your every pic

Godzero Aug 20, 2013

LOL @ steadman

Steadman Aug 15, 2013

ugly ass will smith ears

pee pee sock Aug 13, 2013

LOL I WAS JUST GUNNA COMMENT ON HIS EYES TO ahhaahah. but now I cant cause u just did and that would look gay

soupero Aug 13, 2013

Nice blue eyes bro, I bet u get a lot of mormon girls hot with those 2

pee pee sock Jul 24, 2013

don't be afraid to take a pic with ur shirt off eh?

pee pee sock May 02, 2013

Loool dec 19 comment. Funniest thing i ever red in my life. "U have a big fuckin frecle on ur ear" woooooooo

pee pee sock Apr 14, 2013

that girl is like "wtf u doin? ur fukin disgustin, gimme my $20 u paid me for takin this pic and fuk off"

pee pee sock Dec 19, 2012

u have a big freckle on ur ear

pee pee sock Mar 09, 2012

thought u were full azn. but only looks like u half azn. gg tho eh

soupero Dec 13, 2011

lol bro, is this pic taken in 05 you olddddddddddddd lol joke