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Age 30
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Gender Not telling you geeks


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soupero May 21, 2019

Can you fucking reply? Been 2-3 years and more.

soupero Jan 14, 2017

Bro. I'm on mac, Continuum used to work but with the latest software it doesn't. I even tried a workaround but nothing... Doesn't start. I did get your ?lostpasswords.

Stung Nov 05, 2016


Cres Nov 02, 2016


Cres Aug 24, 2016

da globba

soupero Aug 08, 2015

Godzero Feb 09, 2015 yeah, pretty rare std --------------------------------------- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Wtf

soupero Aug 08, 2015

why u spam me lil fella

soupero Jul 04, 2015


Godzero Feb 09, 2015

yeah, pretty rare std

Godzero Feb 05, 2015

kyler, cres usually charges an arm and a leg, this is great birthday discount

Cres Jan 30, 2015

ye ur bday present me naked in big cake

Cres Jan 23, 2015

feb 19

Cres Jan 23, 2015

am banned 4 using alias saggin so cant cum bak am sry

Cres Jan 22, 2015

skyler-chan wat doin

Cres Jan 20, 2015


Godzero Jan 16, 2015

Is that the new drug you're taking now? No, my dealer doesn't have that one

Godzero Jan 14, 2015

You ever switch ISP's and get a working connection? Love you, gonna make a swimming-pool of your blood and go for a dive

Godzero Jan 13, 2015

Thought I told you not to beg for tail on my wall

Missa <ZH> Oct 07, 2014


qpr Mar 05, 2014


qpr Feb 07, 2014

heh nice

pee pee sock Feb 07, 2014

I got the address off the house in the pic, see u soon bud <3

Display Feb 06, 2014

Sup blink182 lemme have ya girl dawg

Frogsk|n Jan 05, 2014

Ma boi! :D

Godzero Jan 05, 2014

yo man, gimme some drum lessons someday

Steep Jun 09, 2013

bum bum