"Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?"

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Age 39
Location Portland, Oregon
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website I can not tell you that! ;)
Where I can be found ?go elim or ?go tourny
More about me Have guns.

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lady starlight Nov 20, 2010

black ops :P

MoNo. Oct 27, 2010

Haha. Cool picture.

lady starlight Nov 29, 2009

2nd pic FTW!! MW2 is AMAZING!!! u play it yet??

Exalt Nov 18, 2009

no myth, you are just the only one to be gay enough to tell another guy he looks good in his mirror pic!

adam Nov 10, 2009

i find my self sexually attracted to your marine photo

adam Nov 10, 2009

haha war_bringer. i thought he was a giant nug of weed as well omg -_-. ghillie suit cod4 ftw

Pandagirl! Nov 09, 2009


MythriL Nov 07, 2009

glad i'm not the only one gay enough to drop a mirror pic. good looks man $$

PWND Nov 07, 2009

oh wow lol....and i thought the same as war..

danyell!! Nov 06, 2009

I laughed so hard at war's comment man... Thats was a good one. and yes ty. I love my shoes. I wear them all the time =)

Indirect-1 Nov 06, 2009

Haha, wow War_bringer...

war_bringer Nov 06, 2009

at first i thought he was dressed up as a giant bud.

Jolly Fat Man Nov 06, 2009

Nice rifle solider.

ZypheN Nov 06, 2009

LOL the gilly suit while play CoD is amazing.

Disengaged Oct 20, 2009

If he can get by round one, he should be able to beat Shields, imo..

Disengaged Oct 19, 2009

Been following him since his Denis Kang fight. Kid is a lot tougher than most people give him credit for.

Disengaged Oct 18, 2009

Oh man... please don't tell me that's a Jason Mayhem Miller haircut. :O!

Goddess Oct 18, 2009

rofl dude... its pretty bad when ur complimenting urself... let us girls take care of that :X Pretty eyes btw

Indirect-1 Oct 13, 2009

your hot!!!