"hate me cause u wish you were me."

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Cres Oct 24, 2017


Wookiee's Cookies Oct 22, 2017

What the fuck? I just seen your picture, how the fuck do you all tell each other apart?

Fork Oct 19, 2017

Jesus you have alot of brothers and sisters. Your parents ever leave the bedroom?

soupero Sep 10, 2017

invite me 2 ur family

Cres Aug 16, 2017

dis niga clean up gud doe

pee pee sock Aug 05, 2017

i a pow a gize for my a june tent 2013 comment

THecRiPT Aug 04, 2017


THecRiPT Aug 04, 2017

pee pee sock Jul 10, 2013

ohhhh konichewa, fry rye, swee a sawa chiken bowl

pee pee sock Jun 26, 2013

no f`in white ppl in ur pix? u some kinda racist?

Rocket Soldier Oct 04, 2011

Oooo, I didn't know you were Asian, too.

LiL*PiGGy Oct 02, 2011

y u so asian <3

MythriL Jan 21, 2011

guy is insanely attractive

lz Jun 25, 2010

LOL gary??

MITB Apr 26, 2010

azn pride! haha at pharrell's comment...yea light weight foshoz

pharrell Apr 21, 2010

I remember my first shot of vodka. ended up on the floor just like you....that was when i was 11! YA FUCKIN LIGHT WEIGHT

Shigeno Apr 15, 2010

what up gary

Refer Feb 27, 2010

pimping them underaged girls kentaro $

Zazu Feb 26, 2010

LOL she's really urs? And not ur sister? How much did you pay?! She's mad sexy for an asian..

Zazu Feb 26, 2010

Sup Kentaro! I'd do that girl in the 2nd pic. Your sister?

TagMor Feb 25, 2010

racist asians are funny.

Refer Feb 16, 2010

haha kentaro. diu lei lo mo!!

Draft Feb 16, 2010

im 10x more goo wak jai, dynasty. yo kent hook me up with that

Necromotic Feb 15, 2010

id smash kent

Zhou Feb 15, 2010

wow fuck you refer, stole my shit

Refer Feb 15, 2010

how old's ur sister?

lady starlight Aug 17, 2009

lol nah, it was for hallowen. &quot;eskimo schoolgirl&quot;

Legerity Aug 01, 2009


Aerin Jul 28, 2009

Does piggy from lord of the flies in the 3rd pic play subspace with u?

MEEEp Jul 27, 2009

hi hamtaro!!!!!

Dark*Star360 Jul 23, 2009


Dynasty Jun 23, 2009

Oh you Goo Wak Jai!

Dynasty Jun 23, 2009

Oh a fellow Asian pimp! I'm with Refer on this one we gotta rep!

Quart Jun 14, 2009


Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

Yeah Ignite, that's funny....so funny...if you're easily amused. O hi Kentaro! :)

Goddess Jun 10, 2009

Ohhh SNAP its Kentaro

Ignite Jun 10, 2009

It's funny how someone can be cliquey with asians both in and outside the game.

Ohmalee Jun 09, 2009

omfg, i gotta say it before democrat does.. Why try if 2azn? LOL

Rasaq Jun 09, 2009

What's good?

Axeproject Jun 09, 2009


L3MU3L Jun 09, 2009


Refer Jun 09, 2009

Kentaro we gotas unite against all the ugly Azns on this game seriously. Can't let them represent us