"You ain't got no style motha fuckah"
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About Me

Age 41
Location Denver
Gender Male
Personal website letsgodu.blogspot.com
Where I can be found baseelim, elim, wbduel, pub
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Things I Like 
Books Ready Player One
Movies sci-fi
Musics MUSIC!
Songs that one by some band on guitars and electronic sounds


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weed master.. Sep 13, 2013


soupero Feb 21, 2011

you serious? just got off phone with melo he going to lakers

SolidSnake~ Dec 01, 2010

lol, looks like itl come down to us in TWFF cause no one else has a team that can compete like ours, we'll see what happens

24 Nov 04, 2010

Thanks for donating :) I put your medal up! Silver = $50-$99 -24

eelz Oct 05, 2010

sup dude, been a minute, since idk spiritcrushers lol -mosque

a_branch_in_mud Aug 23, 2010

vaped.. haha

Monkaria Aug 21, 2010

I'm so pro :B <3

Harstead Jul 24, 2010

Hello Vapey mate

Boofcat Jun 18, 2010

i drink an inexpensive-yet-pretentiously-working-class domestic austrlaian beer called VB. it is delicious, but not as delicious as some of the do-it-yourself preservative-free homebrews i have had in the past.

Monkaria Jun 17, 2010

You vaguely look like arnold schwarzennegger!!! However it's spelt... :3 HIYA!

REAL*AIIDS May 25, 2010


Hustla Bebe Apr 08, 2010

AAAHHH its vaped lol &lt;33 S@$$Y&lt;3 loves you lol

Ezykun Apr 03, 2010

YOU ARE STALKING MY PAGE and seriously, that hair-cut makes you look like a character off of Doug. ~whistles theme-song~ YOU SHOULD BE BLUE.

hungrywolf Apr 02, 2010

hiya vaped!

Century Mar 31, 2010

that black jersey im wearing is actually a carmelo anthony nuggets jersey haha

Harstead Mar 24, 2010

Evening Vapey!

Channabis Mar 18, 2010

V A P E D &lt;3

Fusionbomb Mar 16, 2010


weed master.. Mar 05, 2010

VAPED!!!!!! whats up man!! haha.. hey, bad company 2 came out. you gotta get it man its badass :D

Jolly Fat Man Mar 04, 2010

Well you aren't what I expected.. &lt;3

vice versa Mar 04, 2010

I told u about that dream I had where I was looking for &quot;vaped&quot; in the dictionary. What i didn't tell u was about the mess I had to clean up when i awoke :( WINK WINK! but seriously.. ur one of the coolest guys in ss :) FEELIN' RATTY! -vice

Missa Mar 02, 2010

Working! Busy busy meeeee. How are you?

danyell!! Mar 02, 2010

ohhh man. i cannot even belieeeeeeeeeve you put a pitcha of you on da interwebz! YOU CAME OUTTA TW GALLERY CLOSET. LMAO. so proud of you vapey. just remember... baby steps.. lol &lt;3

MoNo. Mar 02, 2010

Heya Vaped! looking badass!!! o/

Cojafoji Mar 01, 2010


Zazu Mar 01, 2010


FemalePersuasion Mar 01, 2010

Your hair made me giggle a little. If I saw someone with that hairstyle walk into the room, the only word that would come to mind is &quot;epic.&quot;

Goddess Mar 01, 2010

SUCH a ladies man &lt;3 :D

Celly Mar 01, 2010

wat u vaping?

Channabis Jan 17, 2010

&lt;3 vappped!

Missa Jan 07, 2010

Gonna fk you up!!! Hi vaped :]

PrettyMadness Jan 01, 2010

happy new years vaped &lt;3

FemalePersuasion Dec 11, 2009

Hi vaped. :)

Swig Dec 11, 2009

lol $$$$$$$$ no pictures thats no bueno

danyell!! Aug 22, 2009

vapey =D &lt;3

BobbyLight Aug 04, 2009

i see nothing vapey poo....o_O

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 18, 2009