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Rati Feb 01, 2010

haha were on a deck...

Raazi Jan 27, 2010

She trying to push you off that cliff?

Kid Kaos Jan 17, 2010

Cute girl Rati!

ABustedCondom Jan 06, 2010

<--- that's who. nerd.

Rati Jan 05, 2010

Lol refer, get a haircut herb? Who the fuck says that?

ABustedCondom Jan 05, 2010

Get a haircut herb

Refer Jan 03, 2010

we already got the natural slit eyes; what's not good to picture about? :)

Welfare Jan 03, 2010

dirty sanchez my middle name

Rati Jan 03, 2010

Congratulations. I'm still sober :)

Nixi Jan 03, 2010

youre not the first, drunk or sober, to come to that shocking realization :P Im well taken care of, though

Rati Jan 03, 2010

I was aroused for a moment. I was thinking hmmm, i'm way drunk. and she would be a great piece of ass to fuck. Then I sobered up :(

Nixi Jan 03, 2010

haha, I take it youre aroused and its making you question your sexuality? well, you were right the first time silly :P

Nixi Jan 02, 2010

ew bigot

Rasaq Dec 27, 2009

No, apparently ppl assume I work at a gas station.