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Repent Apr 13, 2011


Zazu Feb 20, 2011

Wow JP. Your fingers bend like crazy!

killah Jul 26, 2010

donald duck hips lookin like a savage animal

Exalt Mar 16, 2010

lookin good jp lookin good!

Primary Feb 25, 2010

no need for explanation anyone doubting me watch this fool sometimes when she doesn't think you're around, what a fucking idiot

Primary Feb 25, 2010

jpmissy is a fucking idiot

TagMor Feb 20, 2010

oh and judging by the pigment of the finger, jpmissy is really somekind of ethnic minority.

TagMor Feb 20, 2010

that kid has odd hair on his arms.

Machine of God Feb 16, 2010

playa why ya hatin

Delectable Feb 13, 2010

Where have you been, haven't seen you in awhile.

Squadless Feb 04, 2010

who u

Primary Feb 01, 2010

lol im glad im not the only one that can see how disgusting fem is. JP Missy > Fat ugly fem. oh and I saw u caught that too fem trying to pull her skirt to reveal more cottage cheese.

Century Jan 29, 2010

you wanna have sex?

bleez Jan 25, 2010

stop killing me!

Dexter Jan 24, 2010

hi! nice pics :)

FemalePersuasion Jan 23, 2010

Being trolled for no other reason than to have a bitch in your midst sucks doesn't it? Disgusted you a little, didn't it? You leave my fatness alone, I'll leave your retarded friend alone. Deal?

FemalePersuasion Jan 22, 2010

Yours is too. So we're even.

Fusionbomb Jan 22, 2010


Delectable Jan 22, 2010

Hello my love. Dont know if im feeling the rainbow colored hair. I liked the blond best :x

Welfare Jan 22, 2010

never seen you in game but ur pretty cute

weed master.. Jan 22, 2010

nice new hair :P lovin it

Jinco Jan 22, 2010

wow so this is the annoying player in tw...

FemalePersuasion Jan 21, 2010

I came on here to troll you back, but then I noticed in your bottom pic you are hugging a retarded kid. It made me want to hurl.

Nanners Jan 09, 2010

Damn Jpmissy..cute!!Be my e-gf? :D

pappa Dec 21, 2009

lol the cat pic is great

plompy Dec 09, 2009

I don't think that cat likes you :s

Fusionbomb Dec 06, 2009

I'd hit it

danyell!! Nov 23, 2009

top 5 wb above ^ =P <3

Product Nov 18, 2009

cute piks, u got pretty eyes

NO <3 Nov 18, 2009

lol missa makes a good point

Zazu Nov 14, 2009

Join Epidemic? Nice pic of you telling Fem.. LOL !

Exalt Nov 03, 2009

the fake ones are the obvious asian modeling girls... the real ones are girls like this.. real pics that aren't modeling shots If you want fake... try for whats her name starlight or something, asian chick with half nude modeling shots...

war_bringer Oct 29, 2009


Growing Oct 22, 2009

why do you have to make it so dam hard me for to tell how hot u r? took me on a roller coaster there

Delectable Oct 20, 2009

Hey good lookin, whats cooking. Where have you been... I've missed you :~(

Missa Oct 19, 2009

I'll chime in since everyone else has. What gets me is the paper is PERFECTLY straight. Like. What are the odds?

Nixi Oct 19, 2009

Well, when it's all said and done anyone with half a brain knows that what we hate most about other people are things we hate about ourselves.

Exalt Oct 18, 2009

I don't see how the finger is fucked up. It's a finger. Are you people retarded? I see fem CRAZY jealous, and prettymadness is too. Fem just typed her life story to explain why she &quot;isn't jealous,&quot; but I'm sure we can all read through her bullshit. As far as prettymadness, I'm guessing you haven't seen what fem is saying, or you would take your own dumbass remarks back and GTFO. And saying a FINGER looks fucked up... that is the saddest attempt I've ever seen. A FINGER? lol Jealous girls really are not flattering each other.

PrettyMadness Oct 18, 2009

I think that you just degraded yourself in my book with the Fem sign. Thats disrespectful. Also, Im not ssying your fake but your finger does look fucked up to death in that one picture... you have to agree... Maybe the camera caught it when it was moving ot somthing. Either way I find it rude that you would post such a sign... Take it down or GTFO.

HAL0 Oct 16, 2009

If you aren't going to show your tits you should stop posting pictures. Your face is ugly, and your personality rivals that of a shit taken but never flushed.

Money Oct 16, 2009

still cant get over the hair on that kids arms

chars! Oct 16, 2009

you and fem have a relationship? lol

FemalePersuasion Oct 16, 2009

No, Fem is just not stupid. This person, be it a man or a woman, or whatever he is, is so much ugly than I could ever imagine to be. This person is not pretty, this person is an angry pseudointellectual that claims that all of her/his bitchiness is due to a mask, a facade, that it isn't the real person behind the screen. It takes a certain level of cowardace and self-hatred to go around and do this kind of thing to people in a game, or in real life. This kind of person bothers me, no matter by what means I encounter that person. So no, I am not jealous. I feel a bit of pity for someone that does not know and love themselves well enough to have no use for facades and unrelenting negativity. So, kthnkx.

Exalt Oct 15, 2009

Apparently Fem can judge the lighting and tell when things are fake. Sounds more like Fem is a very jealous girl that is mad that she is ugly as fuck, and so she is praying that the finger is photoshopped. lol

danyell!! Oct 15, 2009

Man cmon, I like you, have some respect... take that top pic down. -_-

FemalePersuasion Oct 14, 2009

Oh, and, on top of that, the lighting is wrong. So...yeah, it's photoshopped.

Exalt Oct 14, 2009

JPMISSY you are not a real girl! No way! Real girls don't play this game! That finger is photoshopped! lol

Kid Kaos Oct 14, 2009

Why u choken the cat?

FemalePersuasion Oct 14, 2009

You know what, now that Farvs mentioned that, I second that it is a photoshop. The finger in the corner looks wrong. Yep, I'd bet 10 bucks that JPmissy isn't a real girl. There is no way.

Money Oct 14, 2009

y so fat

Mobey Oct 14, 2009

No ph, its the type of girl i go for ;)

PWND Oct 14, 2009

I suggest maybe a size 5 in jeans instead of a 3?

Money Oct 14, 2009

u gonna put some butter on that muffin top?

PH Oct 14, 2009

what the fuck mobey, personal experience?

Repent Oct 14, 2009

such a sweet lookin girl. . .looks can be deceiving tho LoL dont hate me

PWND Oct 13, 2009

muffin top talkin bout fat? LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Farva Oct 13, 2009

its not real. thats a photoshop like whoa.

Exalt Oct 13, 2009


Audrey Oct 13, 2009

hahahaha you a funny one jp &lt;3

JPMissy Oct 13, 2009

Don't take all the credit. If i'd put the right one up, oat's name would have fit in there too. Fatty.

FemalePersuasion Oct 13, 2009

You went through all the trouble of writing my name down on a piece of paper and making a goofy face with it. ....I mean really?

Mobey Oct 10, 2009

can blatently tell this is the kinda chick whos all innocent and then BAMM, she whips out a strap-on..

Audrey Oct 10, 2009

fatty kitty =D

Money Oct 10, 2009

what a scarf, i bet that shit stink

Kid Kaos Oct 10, 2009

Lol the top picture. The guy in the background is cracking me up hahaha.

Tank55 Oct 09, 2009


Radec Oct 08, 2009


war_bringer Oct 08, 2009


MythriL Oct 08, 2009

you are far hotter than pwnd

Petal Oct 06, 2009

I like the glassesss

Swig Oct 04, 2009

is that so????? o.O

Pineapple Express Oct 04, 2009


Keith Oct 02, 2009


Swig Oct 01, 2009

to cute for comfort

Gripe Sep 29, 2009

i lied you're hot. u like seafood?

Qualified Sep 28, 2009

you actually look cute in glasses

Zazu Sep 25, 2009


Gripe Sep 24, 2009

LOL, ok now I get it. Hahah

weed master.. Sep 24, 2009

very beautiful! :)

Jolly Fat Man Sep 19, 2009

You definitely brighten my day.

Jrahen Sep 19, 2009

dam u look hot y would lyk u 24/7

JPMissy Sep 19, 2009

@Lady: Sperm eyebrows? lol ... I took the same angle. Hi Kulen / Mono and everyone else. I r teh baxorz from business trippy. FEAR ME. WAHAHAHAHA

Tasty Sep 15, 2009

way to show your cleavage, now you're going to have all these horny lil pervs and kids go after you

Postman Pat! Sep 06, 2009

you might be the cutest girl on twgallery... ooo

Repent Aug 30, 2009

fkin gorgeous

Scaeva Aug 26, 2009

the glasses pic is very sexy

siaxis Aug 26, 2009

nice eyes

lady starlight Aug 24, 2009

the 4th pic doesnt even look like the other pics.. it doesnt have the sperm-looking eyebrows like the other pics.

Hank! Aug 22, 2009

do you spit or swallow?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 17, 2009

&lt;.&lt; can I get a kiss too?? LOL!

KuleniKs Aug 17, 2009

Indeed idk how she pulled off that thing with her mouth.

Punx Aug 17, 2009

Your ability to do odd things with your mouth catches my attention..

Kid Kaos Aug 16, 2009

WHy you kissing ugly chicks for?

weed master.. Aug 16, 2009

and where do you see a tranny no&lt;3?

weed master.. Aug 16, 2009

:) well, i was just sayin hey! lol &gt;=0)

NO <3 Aug 16, 2009

silly tranny tricks are for kids -_-

weed master.. Aug 13, 2009

hahaaaa whats up girl!!! :P how u doin?

Kid Kaos Aug 13, 2009

Something is a bit off with this chick.... dunno cant quite figure it out. Either way ide say about 16-18 somewhere in there.

PWND Aug 11, 2009

Lol you're blind.

danyell!! Aug 07, 2009

My sista! I hope all is well. peace &amp; &lt;3

PWND Aug 06, 2009


Lenny Aug 06, 2009

Looks like you got hit with a bag of WTF.

Ward Aug 04, 2009

fuck up you hiv infected rag doll

PrettyMadness Aug 04, 2009

haha thanks, but being fat doesn't bother me. i have a boyfriend who adores the fact that i'm chubby and i'm happy, these boys opinions mean nothing to me... they're just nerds and trolls from the internet... The only reason Id lose weight is for my health, and Im working on that. I am happy being the way I am :)

Swig Aug 04, 2009

goodness :D

war_bringer Aug 04, 2009

Simon says... show me yer titties

PrettyMadness Aug 03, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 03, 2009

LOL thats a much better understanding then. Ahhaha Have a dandy day!

ZypheN Aug 03, 2009

If that were true I might actually be good at this game ;)

MEEEp Aug 03, 2009

awwwwww love ur new pix! so cuteeeeeeee ^^

Weak Aug 03, 2009


Swig Aug 02, 2009

i guess i could break my back doing that but hey you only live once :P but thanks about the johnny depp thing...i think haha :D

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 02, 2009

Thankz, btw you seem like a nice person.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 02, 2009

Dig the glasses pic.

NO <3 Aug 02, 2009

less talk more proof

Swig Aug 02, 2009

very pretty :D

KillerGt Aug 02, 2009

Auto-invite to the next squad I make.

ExEcUtIoNa Aug 02, 2009


danyell!! Aug 02, 2009

aww thanks. =) I love your hair!

SnallTrippin Aug 02, 2009

...at least I can beat most of you in the damn game. lol

MEEEp Aug 02, 2009

what are u talking about! UR also sooooo cute!!!! ^^

danyell!! Aug 02, 2009

You look so ez... but looks deceive. =o

war_bringer Aug 01, 2009

Oh so this is the face behind all that big talk . hahaha :D

ZypheN Aug 01, 2009

Nooooooo you gave in to twgallery, not that I'm one to talk.

MEEEp Jul 31, 2009

YAY!! first to comment! hey jpmissy! :)