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Age 34
Location NJ
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.TWL.TrenchWars.org
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Things I Like 
Books Machiavelli
Movies Requiem For A Dream
Musics Genetically form grade A pedigree, born to carve rhymes a swift tongue help to set it free.


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Cojafoji Feb 22, 2011

NJ? Crotch rocket? Well at least you're not from Camden...

Nanners Feb 22, 2011

i feel calmer already.

Mossad Feb 22, 2011

hey, can i get a ride?

LiL*PiGGy Aug 10, 2010

Ye dawg,

soupero Aug 09, 2010

why you making such noise with your bike at fking 4 am, I know its you

Goddess Apr 14, 2010

sexy pic... looks like u cherish her well :) NOW... i want you to put on a white skimpy outfit and a long white skarf and get on that crotch rocket and take LOTS of pics. And pm me the links please :P

Zazu Apr 14, 2010

Are you raping that girl? :X

ZypheN Apr 14, 2010

Acura's are pimp

Zazu Mar 31, 2010

Nice GSX-R btw ! A good friend of mine just bought the blue one. But I'd prefer the red/orange like yours. Nice nice! Time for me to graduate so I can get one too...

Tigron-X Mar 23, 2010

I'd hit it! :P

Zhou Feb 25, 2010

nice TLs bro.

Mossad Feb 24, 2010

Exodia. Jealous? Exodia can you even afford an American car? Dominant, i think i know them blocks, i don't know why but i have been there before, cant be sure.

Missa Feb 17, 2010

Hi! :)

Exodia Feb 15, 2010

Also all those material things you have don't mean anything in the long run. You could've inherited it from your parents for all we know. Only to someone shallow they make you "better". To a smart person though morality, sobriety, and chastity are what make people better than others.

Exodia Feb 15, 2010

I'd rather drive a quality American made automobile over those rice burners.

GoldDustWoman Feb 02, 2010

how do I make this last pic my wall paper??

Dexter Jan 24, 2010


Squadless Jan 15, 2010

umm, in front of a house like that those should be maseratis or bentleys...

Kid Kaos Jan 14, 2010

Looool someones mad that they lost.

Kid Kaos Jan 14, 2010

why are you deleting my shit pussy? You must already know you lost toad face.

Kid Kaos Jan 13, 2010

Hes trying hard atleast.

Last Standing Jan 12, 2010

wtf? is that Kamelia??

chars! Aug 30, 2009

the front of these cars are alike honda civic one

Narutiz Jul 29, 2009


Mhz Jul 29, 2009


TranceTunes Jul 29, 2009

fffs my bmw is so much better..check it out. ;P

Hunt Jul 29, 2009

kewl pics, take off the flex pic though, don't know what you're trying to prove there

BobbyLight Jul 29, 2009

nice gsx-r

ZypheN Jul 29, 2009

lol kahlan if you knew shit you'd know acura tl's are badass cars, I'm with killer though, smoked-black would of looked amazing.

KillerGt Jul 29, 2009

I wish those wheels were black-smoked rather than chrome, man it would look really nice...I think chrome kills wheels. To each his own though! ^_^

Kahlan Jul 29, 2009

Who posts pictures of their Acura?

Halo Divine Jul 28, 2009

pee pee on my side,we like twin brotha's so we kick ur ass

Missa Jul 27, 2009

cute hat :]

pee pee sock Jul 14, 2009

no 1 in tw can take me in a fight. u wouldnt have a chance against me kid. gg tho bud